Meet ajvar, the vegan caviar from the Balkans, the subject of controversy also with the singer Dua Lipa

Credit, Getty Images

Just a decade ago, Melisa Hasanspahić from the eastern Bosnian city of Goražde could not have imagined that today she would run a food production company based on a recipe inherited from her mother.

But his life changed when he started selling pots of homemade ajvar, a very popular vegan delicacy, which until then he only gave away to friends and family.

“I love ajvar; I always have,” says Hasanspahić, now a food entrepreneur, whom family, friends and clients jokingly refer to as “Lady Ajvar”.

The orange-colored paste made from roasted red peppers is not only adored by Hasanspahić, but also throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina – and the entire Balkan region – where other “Lady Ajvar” like her distribute or sell homemade ajvar in the their community.

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