Meet 8 names of impact in the 8th edition of the Empreende Brazil conference taking place this Saturday (28/5)

Largest entrepreneurship immersion in Latin America brings together 6 thousand participants for more than 100 simultaneous lectures and tracks and content

The Empreende Brazil Conference, the largest immersion in entrepreneurship in Latin America, this Saturday, May 28, will bring together an audience of approximately 6,000 people for a full day of concurrent programming with more than 100 speakers and content tracks. The event kicks off at 8 a.m. at the Hard Rock Live Florianópolis arena, will bring together more than 50 business institutions and class entities, and will feature a Business Fair featuring more than 80 companies from across Brazil.

With the central theme “Get out of your bubble”, the event will promote training for the generation of new businesses and opportunities, as well as for the growth of entrepreneurs who are already active, contributing to the economic recovery. The theme spans multiple facets, which has been the essence of the event since its first edition, in 2014. One of the most important is to share disruptive ideas of successful entrepreneurs and show that entrepreneurship is essentially not a conventional practice, on the contrary.

“We bring the vision of different sectors and entrepreneurs with different profiles, regardless of the size of their company or career. We want to give the event even more diversity and show that it is also possible to undertake activities that are beyond the ordinary course of business in the business world,” emphasizes Lucas Schweitzer, creator of Empreende and CEO of Lusch Agência 360°. Another important point in the history of the event is to debunk the myth that learning about entrepreneurship is only for entrepreneurs. “Liberal professionals, civil servants, administrators and administrators of institutions and non-governmental organisations, for example, also have an entrepreneurial trajectory and must be trained for this,” Lucas illustrates.

To cater to such a wide audience, the event will program content throughout the day, from 8am to midnight, ending with a show from Frejat. The speakers were “mined” in the most different segments of the market. Eight of them, who will talk about different areas of entrepreneurship, are featured in the program of this 8th edition of the event. Checking out:

Flavio Augusto
Content to educate entrepreneurs is up to him. Author of the channel @geracaodevalor, he is an entrepreneur, writer, CEO and founder of WiseUp, a leader in teaching English to adults. It will be in Santa Catarina for the first time, in response to the public appeal of previous editions of Empreende. Among other things, he was the owner of Orlando City Soccer Club, founder of

john kepler
Representing a different segment, technology and startups, he was awarded four times as the best investor angel in Brazil by the Startup Awards, made more than 900 investments in startups in the last six years and will talk about the relationship between entrepreneur and investor and how to prepare the company and strategies for attracting investment, a subject in which he specializes.

Thank you Mandela
An increasingly well-known area that has fostered major transformations around the world, social entrepreneurship gives the event an international name and sets foot in Brazil for the first time. The great-grandson of Nelson Mandela, the leader of the African Nobel Peace Prize, is director in South Africa of the NGO Journalists for Human Rights, and will speak on social impact entrepreneurship, drawing on his experience leading the NGO with the audience, which focuses on press training and also has a strong presence in conflict zones around the world.

Joao Branco
McDonald’s Marketing Vice President is one of the top 10 marketing professionals in Brazil, according to Forbes. He was voted “Marketing Professional of the Year” by Propmark in 2021 and nominated for Caboré. He is one of the most influential executives in Brazil and is a columnist for Forbes, UOL, Meio&Mensagem and MIT Tech Review, with texts read by more than 2 million people each month.

rodrigo cow
General Manager of Zoho Brasil, he is responsible for sales, marketing, customer support and business channels. He creates an innovative system to accelerate the productivity of companies and provides a solution for the complete management of the company. He has over 12 years of cumulative experience at Zoho, where he also served as Vice President of Marketing for Zoho and also as Head of Sales for the Americas. He also worked at Google, Microsoft and SAP.

Oak Icarus
Founder and CEO of the O Novo Mercado platform, considered the most complete digital marketing and business school in the country. He is an expert in topics such as digital marketing, copywriting, traffic management, sales, social media and Instagram for business. Author of the book “Turning Words into Money”, he is also a businessman, publicist and copywriter.

Eliane Dias
Mother, entrepreneur, coordinator of the NGO SOS Racismo, cultural producer and businesswoman of the largest rap group in the country, Racionais MCs. Female entrepreneurship stands by her, voted Best Music Entrepreneur in 2017 by the “Womens’ Music Event Awards” and on a journey that inspires other women to pursue their dreams in the business world.

Ronaldo Pereira Junior
CEO of Grupo Ri Happy, he is the main speaker who will deal with business management. A mentor to Endeavor and YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization), he led Óticas Carol for 11 years and transformed the franchise network from 160 stores to more than 1,400. He led the retail operations of Oakley, SunglassHut and Ray-Ban. and is also a member of the board of directors of companies Acqio and Petland, the institution IDV (Instituto de Desenvolvimento do Varejo) and the NGO Amigos do Bem.

May 28, from 8 a.m
True: Arena Hard Rock Live Florianópolis – Grande Florianópolis, Sao Jose

Meet 8 names of impact in the 8th edition of the Empreende Brazil conference taking place this Saturday (28/5)

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