Lula’s ostentatious marriage implodes the poor fetish of gourmet militancy

Lula and Janja got married on Wednesday evening (18) in a ceremony in Sao Paulo.| Photo: Ricardo Stuckert.

“People love luxury, those who like poverty are intellectuals”, featured the unforgettable carnival artist Joãosinho Trinta, famous for his ostentatious parades. In this difference lies a great drama of the PT. While the workers who make up the party want to improve their lives and enjoy luxury and comfort, the party intellectuals idolize poverty and cultivate bourgeois guilt internally.

The ostentation of Lula’s marriage has upset these two worlds. He is a millionaire man who likes luxury and he has never hidden it from anyone. Thus it happens that the militancy of the PT has vanished. Disappeared workers, trade unionists, basic ecclesiastical communities. The loudest are the gourmet militants, who have the fetish of pauperism. For these, the ostentatious marriage became a tragedy and the press had to be blamed.

Intellectual contortion to address bourgeois guilt while allowing Lula’s right taste for luxury has even tainted the press. A very interesting thesis revolved around R $ 90 wine. It is expensive and impossible for most Brazilians. But the poor fetish can’t admit that Lula is Lula, that he likes expensive things, and that’s okay. It must be said that the press wanted a marriage with “poor”, such as Itaipava brass.

As the daughter of a 1980s ABC union member, I love luxury just like Lula. If I can, I really want it. If I were 76 years marrying someone 20 years younger, I would have parachuted in diamonds already drunk on the Cristal champagne. He would have been the most expensive scoundrel the country had ever seen. The difference is that I don’t call a spendthrift who has two televisions in his house.

The late Hélio Bicudo touches on a point that intrigues many people: the origin of Lula’s fortune. Luloaffectivos claims to have earned this money from classes, he says that he only stays in the minds of those who have their bills paid by dad. It is a fortune that was not built even by politicians like Paulo Maluf, who started his life by going to college in his Mercedes Benz and then had all the problems we know.

Lula probably has a logical explanation for the origin of her fortune. Unfortunately, despite so much carnival, no one had the competence to scrutinize it. I’ve heard all the tacky excuses from people with lifelong stability and ridiculous salaries about politicians’ maneuvers to get away with it. It is a task that does not admit mistakes or vanity, so simple. Doing an interview condemning corruption and making up an excuse is much easier than giving a result. There are those who accept.

The truth is, the rich Lula with elite habits has been around for over 20 years and has never encountered any problems with that. In fact, I doubt any poor roots see a problem with this. Anyone who sees a problem and is ashamed of Lula’s taste for luxury is luloaffective gourmet militancy. She projects her bourgeois guilt onto him. They are the people who pay a fortune to dress up as beggars and live by preaching social justice in Santa Cecília.

In the documentary Entreatos, made during Lula’s first successful presidential campaign, the man with refined taste and elite habits was already visible. This was before he came to power, not after and with the lessons. In an iconic scene where he tries on a wonderful bespoke suit with Ricardo Almeida, he learns from Vicentinho that he has missed his metallurgical days.

Lula is disgusted. And rightly so. It’s hypocritical to say that you miss wearing a jumpsuit that dried behind the fridge when wearing a custom made super 180 Ricardo Almeida wool. Another scene from the film shows that Lula knows how to choose food very well. She’s on a jet eating the catering service and sending it back because it’s bad. Palocci didn’t notice and eats.

Since I am the daughter of a poor man, I have done everything. In the marketing department of the CCR holding I was in charge of events. It was a company owned by construction companies during the Dilma and Sérgio Cabral governments. I know what these people eat and drink. I didn’t understand Lula’s buffet choice until they announced the live broadcast. Let me explain: it is not food and drink in the standard of luxury these people are used to, but it has the sensational structure of the life of Faria Lima.

The buffet is luxurious, make no mistake. They cater to large corporations there and also to Club Med, for weddings held at Lake Paradise and Trancoso. Thus it happens that the standard of luxury of our politicians is far above the luxury of our businessmen. You always have to bring something from outside or order something special and much more expensive. It was like that with Lula’s list, it would have been no different.

I laughed at the contortion of the staff talking about the R $ 90 wine and saying that it is not expensive because in such a market you buy a much more expensive wine. Thing of a poor well-off who is to blame for the bourgeoisie. Damn, cheese, it also gives me allergies. There is no wine market in these places and the price of the best things is lower because it comes in bulk. Lula and Janja wanted an upgrade to the already luxurious service.

What’s wrong with Lula wanting to spend R $ 100,000 on drinks, thinking one of Brazil’s most luxurious amenities isn’t enough and asking for an upgrade? For me nobody, I have no fault of the bourgeoisie, I am a liberal and I love luxury. But the poor lover wants to die of chickenpox. He needs to imagine a poor Lula who never existed. The campaign without a project is this: you stimulate the imagination of the fanatic. Anyone who wants a blank check must be a blank canvas.

An old biography of Lula by Denise Paraná tells the story of her second marriage to Marisa Leticia. This was sort of worth seeing again. Again it was a lot less luxurious than she wanted, but done in a context where people think it’s super luxurious because no one has any money.

We are in an economic crisis, with very high fuel prices, the highest level of default on the electricity bill in the country, more expectations of increases, a war that mobilizes Europe. Paying 90 BRL for a bottle of wine in a country where you are already rich with a salary of 5,000 BRL is ostentatious. And here we are not talking about a bottle, but an average bottle price higher than the average price of a luxury buffet at Faria Lima. So far, rich stuff.

It so happens that Lula meets her new gourmet militancy. You gave a speech the other day talking about “structural racism”. And of course she put her finger on the wound that moves billions in advertising with identity, bourgeois guilt. She was there to simplify Marilena Chauí’s “I hate the middle class” in a version that vetoes more than one TV per family:

What was the bug in the head of the gourmet militant who has a pobrista fetish? He was very happy until yesterday saying that the Brazilian elite are slaveholders and that the middle class spends too much because they have two televisions. Condemning the other is a way to pretend not to be part of this elite and to appease bourgeois guilt. Then he has to defend the luxuries of Lula, who just yesterday ordered him to be poor. If you’re a fanatic, you’ll be doormat enough to do both and still feel virtuous.

Now, the gourmet militancy will have to decide whether to become liberal or continue with the poor fetish. Either the middle class does the luxury and ostentation or the R $ 90 wine is cheap and everyone buys what they want with their money. I’ve always been in second class, where everyone does what they want with their money. But I understand the difficulty of those who, until yesterday, claimed that Elon Musk put an end to hunger in the world.

Honestly, I’d rather people get liberal and start spending money on food and clothes that don’t come from the poor fetish. No one can stand anymore that these people pay fortunes for dirty things to appease the guilt of the bourgeoisie. Clothes nobody understands, soda can seal pouches, weird hair and those natural deodorants that – let’s be honest – don’t deodorize your armpits. I have no more patience.

Finally, I leave here complete proof that people of poor origin enjoy blameless ostentation and still share it with their siblings. My favorite wedding guest was the sensational Paulo Vieira. He made friends with the waiter and took away an entire box of candy. Distributed to the press. I confess that I have identified myself. I was just surprised that he didn’t set the table to put at home. I would have taken at least a couple.

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