List of menus for a healthy diet and weight loss foods

Choosing a menu for healthy eating and weight loss is very important. There are many types of food or drink that we need to choose from while on a diet.

A healthy diet in addition to leaving the The fitter body is also helpful in losing weight. We must follow a good diet, adjust the diet and a healthier lifestyle.

Well, if you want to be successful with the diet, you should be aware of some of the underlying foods that contain high calories.

Excess calories can cause obesity, but calories are also needed as an energy source for various activities. Well, here is a list of diet menus of the highest calorie foods you can choose from. Of course, you need to be able to adjust your consumption level so you don’t overdo the calories or frustrate your diet plan.

Foods with animal oil

All foods that contain animal oils or are processed with oils usually contain very high calories. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to limit consumption so that the planned diet plan does not fall apart.

Some examples are mutton fat, beef, chicken skin, and fish oil.

Each 100 grams of food contains 902 calories. So, if you eat it, it will be able to meet around 45% of your calorie needs for one day.

Foods with vegetable oil

Vegetable oil or vegetable oil is not very different from animal oil and contains around 884 calories. This quantity is able to satisfy about 44% of the caloric needs in one day. For this you need to limit the processed foods fried in oil and reduce the amount in the menu list for your diet.

Eat nuts and seeds

Nuts or seeds contain 719 calories per 100 grams. This quantity is also able to satisfy about 36% of the daily caloric requirement.

This type of food contains many nutrients which are very useful for the body. Like vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy fats, you need to be careful when consuming them.

Snacks with French fries

French fries contain a lot of salt and oil. These foods you should avoid from the diet menu. This is because every 15 pieces of chips contain around 160 calories.

Although what is called a snack, of course, you often don’t feel like when you’ve spent a lot of chips. So if a healthy way to lose weight is to avoid it.

diet drinks

Eating a good diet, of course, doesn’t just pay attention to food intake. The type of drink that enters the stomach also needs attention. This is important for optimizing results.

Therefore, it is important to choose the type of drink to include in the diet menu. There are a number of good types of drinks to support a weight loss diet plan. Below is a list of diet menu options.

Drinking tea

To achieve the ideal body shape, it is very important to lose weight gradually. For this it is necessary to add tea-based drinks to the daily menu.

Tea is a type of drink that has long been known to be beneficial for maintaining health. But several researchers have also discovered the benefits of drinking tea, which is also effective for weight loss.

Citing research findings from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it turns out that tea has useful content to support a diet program. The content is an antioxidant substance catechins and caffeine.

Combining the contents of the two menu lists for this diet has been shown to burn body fat while increasing energy.

According to the study results, people who drank green tea and caffeine in their diet lost much more weight than people who didn’t drink tea on their daily menu.

Choose green tea

Another 2011 study also found that drinking tea on a diet plan can increase calorie expenditure by up to 100 calories in 24 hours. The most effective type of tea drink is green tea.

According to research, drinking a cup of green tea can burn between 25 and 30 calories. This amount is equivalent if we run for about 10 minutes.

But by consuming the menu list for this diet you do not add sugar or milk. The maximum recommended amount of this tea intake should not exceed three cups per day.

This is because tea is a diuretic that can cause frequent urination. Tea also contains caffeine, which can affect and disrupt sleep cycles.

Drink water

Another drink that is also important for the body is, of course, water or mineral water. In addition to carrying oxygen which is important for the body, water is also helpful in preventing dehydration in our body.

Also include this drink in your diet. But drinking shouldn’t be arbitrary. The best advice for drinking water is when you wake up, during the day or in the afternoon.

Avoid drinking lots of water after eating or before going to bed. In addition to not being good for digestion, nighttime sleep can also be disturbed, as you often wake up to urinate.

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