“Let’s not leave the people of Forlì alone. We want to highlight the beauty that already exists.”

“Culture never goes on vacation.” Cultural Adviser Valerio Melandri celebrates the escalation of summer in Forlì by presenting the San Domenico Arena season in his weekly blog with a rich program of events starting June 10th and ending September 2nd. But there is also confirmation of another such popular destination: on Saturday 3 September, to close the summer festival and open the autumn festival in Saffi Square, the return of Cara Forlì, a show dedicated to Smooth, Romagna and Secondo Casadei. “In fact, we can say that we can not leave the inhabitants of Forli alone in the summer months, offering them a “show every evening”, which also became the motto of the review,” Melandri begins. The third release, the programming of the San Domenico Summer Arena, always makes me very happy because it simply expresses the key elements of my vision of culture.”

Manor in the arena

Melandri details the planned events: “The seventy planned evenings will be presented on stage by about forty cultural and artistic associations and realities in the area. The variety of topics covered and the different artistic methods with which they will be tackled will offer the public of Romagna the opportunity to choose from a wide range of different shows. their own and personal cultural awareness, without any imposition from the administration.”

Melandri aims to highlight “the synergy between the Arena’s public and private summers. What we do is a choral and collective work with local realities, inspired by the principle of subsidiarity and complementarity. The municipality provides containers – in this case even more beautiful thanks to the new Museum Garden – and local associations fill them with their content, without competition. We want to enhance the beauty that already exists in the city, giving the right tools and opportunities to those who want to make it happen. creating the ideal conditions for experience and talent to shine to the best of their ability and for the benefit of citizenship.”

“As an administration,” he notes, “we have always been guided by the desire to concretely pursue a cultural policy in which municipalities and individuals work in cooperation and mutual support, guaranteeing a cultural offer of great value to the public mission. An example of the one just mentioned is the provision by the municipality of a highly efficient technical installation to support participating entities. For a total amount of 50,000 euros, the service includes technical equipment with an audio lighting system and a roof structure inside. and a dedicated technician for every evening. In this way, the participants will be able to give the public a quality event, having more time to rehearse and save money on staging the show.”

Cultural theme of the Summer Arena

“A fundamental ally of the municipality in the field of culture in the summer is again the Accademia Perduta / Romagna Teatri, which I love very much,” recalls the cultural adviser. its character as a private company, bringing to the city a sense of community out of season and a theatrical offer of excellent quality 16 performances on the stage of the Arena, including comic theater, modern circus, music, operetta, family shows, artistic views, modern, contemporary, neoclassical and acrobatic dance.
With a fresh and careful eye, these artistic proposals will satisfy the curiosity and attention of the public, whose changes will be interpreted by world-famous, established and emerging talents. The various realities of the area are also important for the realization of the exhibition, to which I would like to make a special mention: above all, thanks to the Cassa dei Risparmi Foundation in Forlì and the City Chamber of Commerce, this year the ChiaraMilla Association will contribute. to the Summer Arena., ForlìMusica, Angelo Masini Musical Institute, Wilma Vernocchi, Association of Friends of the Museums of Forlì, AUSL, Maurizio Tassani and Men in Black, Forlì for Giuseppe Verdi, Associazione Amando, In Arte Academy, La Compagnia dell’ Anello, Seismic Zone, Qaos Group, Orto del Brogliaccio Association, Emilia-Romagna Festival, Don Francesco Ricci-La Bottega del Orefice Cultural Center, Ortica Cultural Center, Entroterre Foundation, Forlì City Choir, Big Ben APS, Giuseppe Verdi – Carpinello Group, European Orchestra of Young Musicians , Compagnia Bella – Productions, Cosascuola Academy, Association of Friends of Don Dario – Sadurano, Magically Mozart Association, Avis Comunale, Sweet Mama Singers, Teatro delle Forchette, City Band of Forlì, Art No.Vi. Forlì-Cesena, La Cumpagni dla Zercia, Forlì Suona Committee, Cla Bela Cumpagnì. I would like to give special credit to ForlìSuona, an important network of music schools in the city, who created the official theme music for the event, directed and edited by video by Andrea Fari. It’s great to see some of the thousands and more young people involved in this reality’s music courses come together and make a commitment to give Forli such a job well done. In addition, we will reserve part of Arena Mondays for companies: we will make Arena spaces available for congresses and initiatives, thereby bringing together the commercial, non-profit and public sectors into a single team in the service of culture.”

Summer Arena for the cultural future of Forlì

Melandri concludes: “One of our main goals is to encourage a new image of the cultural subjects and inhabitants of Forlì, to rediscover the cultural value of the city and to take care of its creative vitality. Through the Arena, we guarantee the continuity of citizenship in cultural heritage programming. cities: without excluding any public or target audience, we offer theater for twelve months of the year, emphasizing that for us culture must be a structured and permanent element of Forlì Choice or impossibility, he decides to stay in Forlì during the hottest months of the year; as Ruggiero Sintoni said a few days ago during the presentation of the summer program, “the city is emptying, but we remain and we are here.” to close the summer festival and open the autumn festival on Saffi Square will be adorned with “Cara Forlì”, a show dedicated to smoothness, Romagna and Secondo Casadei. In the long term, events like this contribute to building the path that Forlì intends to add to the national map of “cities of culture” on a daily basis and across multiple fronts, offering content, activities, initiatives and events with a wide reach. Variety and high quality.

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