LATAM plans nearly 3,000 additional flights for Brazil’s July peak season

credit: LATAM disclosure

LATAM has nearly 3,000 domestic and international flights scheduled for Brazil’s July peak season. The increase in departures compared to June 2022 is intended to meet the growing demand for domestic and international travel in Brazil at a time of resumption of leisure tourism and during the month traditionally marked by school holidays in the country.

The main increases in the domestic market are flights to the Brazilian northeast from São Paulo (Guarulhos and Congonhas), Rio de Janeiro (Santos Dumont); Brazil and Fortaleza. In the international market from Brazil, the company will increase the number of flights to Santiago, Buenos Aires, Miami and Orlando.

In addition to increasing the frequency of weekly flights on some routes during the month of July, LATAM will also resume routes that were temporarily suspended and continue scheduled and serviced debuts for 2022. This is because the company will debut on July 5. new destinations abroad and in Brazil: Rome, Montes Claros, Cascavel, Caxias do Sul and Juiz de Fora. Flight tickets to all new destinations are available for purchase on and other sales channels.

“For this peak season, we have prepared the best options for flights and connections to the most popular Brazilian and international destinations on vacation. We have alternatives for all types of passengers, whether a tourist or a business traveler. There are good options even for those who are now looking to integrate the two needs, work and leisure, in the same journey,” explains Aline Mafra, Director of Sales and Marketing at LATAM Brazil.


The start of LATAM operations in another 5 new destinations in July 2022 is a new chapter in the continued growth of its air network, especially in Brazil. Since mid-2021, the company has started investing in new destinations in the country after becoming more efficient and competitive in its restructuring process. It recently opened its operations in Sinop (with daily flights from Brasília).

With this, LATAM already flies to more Brazilian airports than before the Covid-19 pandemic – there are currently 50 national destinations against 44 in 2019. After its debut in July 2022, operations to Rome, Montes Claros, Cascavel, Caxias do Sul and Juiz de Fora, the company will reach the markers of 54 national destinations and 20 abroad on flights from Brazil.


For the peak season, LATAM has prepared some recommendations for passengers returning in July to travel by plane, so that everyone can travel in a calm, easy, safe and punctual way, avoiding setbacks and delays:

Check all documents and regulations of the travel destination – the passenger must check the validity of all necessary documentation and other requirements for the trip, such as RG, passport and visa. On domestic trips it is necessary to show at least one photo ID and unaccompanied minors up to the age of 15 must present a judicial authorization. When traveling internationally, the federal police need more time to analyze the documentation of minors under 18 and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, LATAM advises customers to consult the rules of their destination country in advance. Another important source of traveler information is the information center of IATA, the International Air Transport Association. For example, countries like the United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom created new rules for international travelers in early December 2021;

Check all services and items included in the trip – in Prepare your Trip, LATAM customers can consult all the necessary details about luggage, boarding with children and babies, traveling with animals, rules for anticipating and delaying the flight, documentation and vaccinations , special needs, availability of buses between airports, information about the onboard experience and access to VIP lounges;

Book the correct mask before boarding – the use of a mask during the journey is not only mandatory, but only customers with the permitted types of masks are allowed on board. LATAM continues to strengthen all safety and hygiene measures during its activities and complies with the protocols of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the health authorities of the countries where it operates;

Pre-purchase additional services – It is possible to pre-purchase additional services. To speed up travel and make it even safer, LATAM already offers Express Baggage Dispatch at the airports of Brasília, Rio de Janeiro/Galeão, São Paulo/Guarulhos, Salvador, Belo Horizonte/Confins, Fortaleza, Natal, Porto Alegre, Florianópolis and Victory. Breakthrough technology gives passengers more autonomy and helps reduce baggage check-in time by up to 50%;

Check flight status before going to the airport – before going to the airport, LATAM recommends passengers to confirm the status of their flight in Minhas Viagens, especially on days and airports with unfavorable weather conditions;

Check-in before arriving at the airport and on the way to boarding – more than 65% of LATAM customers in Brazil have already bought tickets on the company’s new website and no longer need to check in, saving up to 20% of their time at the airport. However, there are customers who bought their ticket on the old website or on other sales channels. In these cases, LATAM recommends customers avoid queues and check in online directly on the website or app, available 72 hours before the flight. If passengers do this in advance, they can board earlier at the airport, speeding up the journey for everyone and preventing accidents due to changes in airport gates, for example;

In high season, arrive at the airport even earlier – in the case of international travel from São Paulo/Guarulhos and Rio de Janeiro/Galeão, LATAM recommends that passengers arrive at the airport 4 hours before the flight time. On domestic trips it is recommended to be present at least 2 hours in advance. These recommendations are exclusive to the 2021/2022 peak season and have already been communicated to customers across all company channels;

Download an application to access the best in-flight entertainment in Brazil – for a better travel experience on domestic flights, it is important that passengers download the LATAM application in advance on their mobile device, available in the Apple Store or Play Store. This gives the customer access to various features, including LATAM Play, the entertainment platform that offers the largest in-flight entertainment catalog in Brazil for free. There are more than 100 movies, 300 episodes of series, games, music and other connectivity resources. A total of 700 hours of content delivered straight to mobile, plus access to the HBO Max streaming platform. In the case of international flights, LATAM Play can be accessed directly from the individual screens of each aircraft seat;

Pay attention to company notifications – LATAM constantly keeps all its communication channels (website, social networks and app) up-to-date. In addition, customers who purchase on the company’s new platform are already receiving various information and guidance from LATAM directly via email, SMS and WhatsApp as their flight date and time approaches. If the customer still has questions, he/she can contact the LATAM Sales and Services Center on 0300 570 5700 (all over Brazil), 4002 5700 (capital letters) or +55 11 4002 5700 (calls from abroad).

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