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Fondue and cold are the perfect combination! In addition to bringing that delicious warmth to the heart, this fantastic duo is ideal for enjoying cuddles with the one you love, to share the table with friends or even to enjoy a tender moment with your family. đź’š

Needless to say, this mix is ​​still complete with a good chat, some good stories, and that little bit of wine. Hmmmmmm

To make your cold days a little more pleasant, we have prepared a very friendly list of places to eat. fondue in SP taking into account prices. Come with us!


One of SP’s most traditional fondue, la Hanover works according to the “eat to heart” scheme. Choose one of the combinations, pay per person and you can repeat as many times as you want.

Credit: Reproduction – home websiteHannover is one of the more traditional places to eat fondue in SP

The great thing about the place is that you can just ask traditional cheese fondue for R $ 88 / person, only the sweet fondues (milk chocolate, dulce de leche and Leite Ninho) for R $ 68 / person, one combination of the two for R $ 136 / person or other more complete combinations (with meat, pork loin and chicken fondues, sauces and more side dishes) at higher prices.

In addition, the restaurant, with units in Moema and Tatuapé, has a very romantic decor, inspired by European classics. Often, live music fills your dinner.

Where is it? Hanover – Avenida Cotovia, 445, Moema | Rua Itapura, 880, Tatuape
When? on Thursdays, from 18:00 to 23:30, and on Fridays and Saturdays, from 18:00 to 00:30

With a very pleasant atmosphere and an open space, the restaurant Piazza San Lorenzoin Vila Olimpia, he serves his usual fondue menu, available until 30 September, to celebrate the arrival of the cold.

Credit: Reproduction – @ pracasaolourenco / InstagramEat fondue in SP in this very special setting

The house serves several sweet and savory fondue options. Among these are the classic cheese fondue (R $ 128 for two people), based on Emmental, Gruyère and Steppe and chardonnay wine, accompanied by Italian bread, Ticino ham, bresaola and cured sausage, pickled cucumber and pear – or with a selection of vegetables: mushrooms, broccoli, baked carrots, potatoes and zucchini.

Among the meat fondue options there are Mixed Angus (R $ 138 for two people), from Angus Mignon (R $ 147 for two people) and from Chorizo ​​and Cheese (R $ 147 for two people). All this is accompanied by croutons, toast with herbs and house sauces, mayonnaise and herbs, fennel fondue, Dijon mustard, smoked tomato and chipotle.

Credit: Disclosure – Notice of Communication from Orantes. C.Praça SĂŁo Lourenço has several options for fondue to enjoy.

And, for the ants on duty, there is the Selection (R $ 95), based on semi-sweet and milk chocolate with Amaretto dell’Orso (R $ 95); The Thankswith Danke chocolate, caramel and flowers of salt (R $ 95) or Sweet milk from Viçosa (R $ 86), served with churros. All accompany strawberries, bananas, grapes, coconut, waffles and mini choux.

Where is it? SĂŁo Lourenço Square – Rua Casa do Ator, 608, Vila Olimpia
When? From Tuesday to Friday, from 12:00 to 15:00 and from 19:00 to 22:00; on Saturdays, from 12:00 to 16:00 and from 19:00 to 22:00; and on Sundays, from 12:00 to 16:00

With over 11 years of experience, the Bistrot Faria Lima is led by chef JoĂŁo Neto and has already been elected by the gastronomy media as the owner of one of the top three fondue festivals in SP. The advice is to book and arrive early, because the place gets full!

Credit: Reproduction – @ bistrofarialima / InstagramBistrĂ´ Faria Lima has already been voted one of the three best places to eat fondue in SP

The festival includes sweet and savory fondues. The first is a filling of the cheese, accompanied by bread, grilled meats, sauteed vegetables, potatoes, sauces (gruyère, cream cheese, garlic and Dijon mustard) and diced cheese. already on sweet is a semi-sweet chocolate filling, accompanied by dulce de leche, marshmallow, brownie, meringue, waffle and seasonal fruit.

The price of roast meat for two people, from Sunday to Thursday, is R $ 299.80; on Fridays, R $ 339.80; and on Saturdays and public holidays, R $ 359.80. However, the house always makes very affordable promotions. For example, until May 31, you can submit one of the coupons from this site here to get a discount coupon.

To find out about the promotions, stay tuned to the Instagram home page.

Inspired by the figure of King Louis XV of France, also known as “the beloved”, coffee Palazzo XV It has truly instagrammable food and drink. The house has a savory fondue, but specializes in sweet versions of this delicacy.

fondue in SP

Credit: Playback – @ mansionxvcafe / InstagramMansion XV specializes in making sweet versions of fondues

To give you an idea, there are nine fondue flavors, including a choice Other (with milk chocolate, burnt marshmallow and cookie crumbs), served with six side dishes, which costs R $ 139.90 and serves up to three people.

The combination of chocolate fondue and cheese costs R $ 229.90 and has several delicious side dishes. Other sweet options are the chocolate ones. more kind (R $ 159.90) and up to Milk nest with Nutella (R $ 149).

Where is it? Mansio XV – Rua Itapeti, 258, TatuapĂ© | Avenida dos Carinas, 180, Moema
When? From Tuesday to Thursday, from 2pm to 10pm, and from Friday to Sunday, from 2pm to 11pm

or Pe de Manga It is located in a lovely little courtyard in Vila Madalena. There are several outdoor tables in an area with an artificial lake and two huge ancient mango trees.

fondue in SP

Credit: Reproduction – @ pedemanga / InstagramEat fondue at this delightful farm in PĂ© de Manga

And, to warm the crowd, the house turns on gas stoves even in the outdoor spaces. Fondue is part of the property’s winter menu and is only served from 17:00.

There are options Cheese fondue (accompanied by cherry tomatoes, herb-flavored potato balls, grilled broccoli and a basket of assorted bread), which costs R $ 140; is that of meat (diced filet mignon, cherry tomatoes, herb-flavored potato patties, grilled broccoli, assorted bread basket), sold for R $ 140.

A For instancewith cubes of filet mignon, cubes of sausage, buffalo mozzarella, grilled broccoli, potato balls flavored with aromatic herbs, cherry tomatoes and a basket of assorted bread, sells for R $ 195. chocolate costs R $ 60 and is served with strawberry, mango, banana, grape, marshmallow and biscuit wafer.

Where is it? Rua Arapiraca, 152, Vila Madalena, in Sao Paulo
When? Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 1:00 and Sunday from 12:00 to 22:00

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