It Happens Here – Mayor of Maceió, JHC, Launches the Largest São João on Brazil’s Coast

May 19, 2022 – 08:31

Sun, sea and lots of forró. These are the elements that Maceio residents and tourists will have during São João de Maceió. On the night of this Wednesday (18) in Espaço Pierre Chalita, in Pajuçara, with a lot of music and together with local artists, Mayor JHC launched the official program of the largest São João on the coast of the country, which houses the capital Alagoas with national attractions, cultural appreciation of local artists and decentralized stages in Benedito Bentes, Tabuleiro do Martins and Jaraguá.

According to Mayor JHC, Maceió has organized itself in such a way that the residents and visitors of Maceió can enjoy a multicultural June program in June, linked to the natural beauties of the city. Check out the full program at the end of the article.

“São João is democratic and has the face, the history and our roots. And now let’s get the economy moving with 15 days of celebration. As we hold these great events, we will create more opportunities for our people. In June, our water remains warm despite the colder weather. Therefore, the party will not stop, the joy will infect everyone who visits us. Let’s make São João the size our city deserves,” said the mayor.

JHC announced the festival program for June together with businessman and digital influencer Carlinhos Maia, who was awarded the title ‘Ambassador for Tourism in Maceió’ from the mayor. Carlinhos has over 45 million followers on Instagram, making it one of the largest bloggers in the world.

“I am sure that with this program we will have the largest São João in Brazil. And I, who always enjoy the June festivals in the village, will honor the Maceió festival this time. We are all looking forward to the São João program and we are all excited to promote even more Maceió, which has the largest June festival on the coast,” said the influencer, reiterating that the capital of Alagoas is one of the treasures of the country.

For the Municipal Secretary of Communications, Lininho Novais, the June programming is also a great incentive and appreciation for local artists. He said it is impossible not to be moved by the return of one of the most anticipated feasts by the people of Maceió.

“Today we brought together the productive sector, including the tourism industry, and the press from Alagoas to present what the event will look like in 2022. São João in the capital should boost the local economy by more than R$100 million. JHC followed the whole process of preparing the program and we were very happy with this moment, which brings back the joy of the June festivities to our people,” emphasizes the secretary.

He announced that the party, in Benedito Bentes, will take place from June 15 to 19, in a large arena yet to be set up. Between 23 and 29 June, the program is multicultural in the parking lot of Jaraguá, with national and even international attractions. It doesn’t stop there. On the 23rd and 30th, Arena Forró & Folia, in collaboration with the Arnon de Mello Organization, will entertain the public with presentations of quadrilhas juninas, bumba-meu-boi and coco de roda.

The president of the Municipal Foundation for Cultural Action (FMAC), João Hugo Lyra, emphasized that the management is committed to making the biggest and best São João the city has ever experienced.

“We have spent two years at home and the expectation is the best possible. We will host local and foreign artists to give Maceió the dimension of greatness it deserves. The festival Abril pra Cultura, last month, showed that we have resumed our programming with everything and São João could not be left behind. Today we are launching what will be the biggest June event in Brazil,” emphasized João Hugo Lyra.

Since the inception of Mayor JHC’s administration in Maceió, 15 public announcements have already been made, benefiting nearly 3,200 performers. The musicians and local groups that are part of the São João de Maceió program were selected through the ‘Toca Tudo MCZ’ and ‘Vem praça’ calls for proposals.

The month of June, in the tourist calendar in Maceió, is always a complicated period for the hotel sector. Thanks to São João in the capital, the prospect is that hotel occupancy will reach 90%. The Municipal Secretary for Tourism, Sport and Leisure, Patrícia Mourão, believes that the June programming is essential to extend the reach of the season.

“The main attraction of Maceió remains the sun and the sea. However, this cultural difference that only the capital has is super important to add even more value to our attractions. As we see in other states, major events are strategically important to warm up tourism and get the local economy moving, generating employment and income for the population. Here in Maceió, the town hall innovates again with a program with the face of fate, for all tastes and with the hospitality that Maceioenses already knows,” emphasizes Patrícia Mourão.

In the capital, it is estimated that more than 23,000 beds are lined up between hotels, inns and through the Airbnb platform, with prices to suit all pockets. The more than R$200 million invested in revitalizing tourist attractions, boosting economic sectors and installing creative spaces across the city enabled nearly 1,500 beds to be opened last year, with more expected to come. .

Maceió has been huge since its origin

The idea of ​​the June festival reinforces a context of saving the culture and history of Maceió, which has been popular since the beginning. The town’s first name refers to the Riacho Salgadinho, which today is undergoing a process of historical environmental requalification.

It was the Riacho Salgadinho that the first inhabitants – the indigenous people – called Massayó or Massai-ó-k, meaning “what covers the swamp”. Later this name was given to the mill that was built for what is now the Metropolitan Cathedral and later it was chosen to baptize the capital of Alagoas.



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