In Florence, two authentic works by Banksy are on display and then put up for auction.

Banksy in the city, or rather two of his original works. It may not seem like much, but Banksy’s art is a very complex world, especially when it comes to his authentic work. To receive them, first at an exhibition and then at an auction, was the new headquarters of the Gonnelli antique bookshop in Florence. The historic bookstore has recently entered the world of graphics because it is known to evolve, keep up with the times, and innovation has always gone hand in hand with the Gonnelli family, who founded the bookstore at Via Ricasoli, 6 in 1875. Quella dei Gonnelli is one of the oldest and most historic antique bookstores in Italy, owned by the same family for four generations.

This place exudes history, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Giovanni Papini, Ferdinando Martini, Benedetto Croce, Tamaro de Marinis, Umberto Saba have gathered here. For Macchiaioli, a group of artists who lived mainly in Tuscany and were born in Florence in the second half of the 19th century, it became a meeting place and Saletta Gonnelli there were exhibitions of paintings by artists such as Giorgio De Chirico, Primo Conti and Ottone Rosai.

Therefore, exhibitions are nothing new for a bookstore, auctions have a somewhat shorter history, but since 2000, after a gap of about 50 years, Gonnelli has reinvented itself as an auction house specializing in books, manuscripts, engravings. ancient, drawings, and more recently graphics.

From the auction exhibition: “From street art and luxury art to the living room”

From Wednesday, May 18th, at the new location at 49 via Fra’ Giovanni Angelico, the exhibition will be open to showcase two original works by Banksy, which will then be put up for auction. The exhibition is intended to be a paradoxical story about how art can be both accessible and inaccessible. Steet art clashes with luxory art and vice versa.

The exhibition features world-class street artists such as the aforementioned Banksy, or national ones such as Blub, as well as artists main stream like Jeff Koons, who exhibited at the Palazzo Strozzi until January 30th. Such as the? Through unauthorized circulation, i.e. works created by art galleries on the basis of the corresponding millions and iconic works of world-famous artists. In fact, the air bunny featured by the Gonnelli Bookstore is only 25 centimeters tall compared to the original’s 13 meters. The purpose of the exhibition is precisely to bring art, both “street” and “luxury” into living rooms, to make “domestic inaccessible”, to quote the subtext of the exhibition. In addition to the two already mentioned artists, there will be works by Indiana Robert, photos by Lazaridis Steve and others.

“At the exhibition you will be able to see a selection from the catalog of the next Gonnelli auction dedicated to graphics, which will be held from 8 to 10 June. The main collector of Bansky’s work is Florentine, but everything was bought by some London galleries, the Blub collector, on the other hand, is a Tuscan, we can’t say anything,” explained curator Cecilia Iervolino.

“The two most expensive works are the two authentic works for which we have a letter of authenticity, Banksy or Road sign e Wrong War – adds Iervolino, – the base auction price of which starts from 1800 and 1500 euros, respectively. Another Bansko road sign was sold at the auction, even if it was not accompanied by the letter of authenticity we have, and it was sold for more than 6000 euros. We hope the price rises and the chances are good.”Other lots start at a minimum auction price of 100 to 500 euros.

“Comparing with other auctions, we settled on Florence Square, because it makes no sense to compare with New York or London, the works of a famous street artist even reached 10 thousand euros, and those with a certificate are rarer, we don’t know what will be the reaction of the Florentines,” concluded the curator.

As we have already mentioned, not all works are genuine, some of them are unauthorized editions, others are remakes, others are Dismaland gadgets (a performance-exhibition event conceived by Banksy and held on the abandoned Tropicana Beach, in Somerset, near Bristol, with August 22 to September 27, 2015; many internationally renowned artists, including Damien Hirst) have participated in the project, which are sold with the corresponding entrance tickets of those who participated in the exhibition-performance, for the purpose of guarantee of origin. Another work is that of The Real Not Banksy – this is an artist aged between 16 and 20 from Bristol, officially recognized by Banksy and taken under his wing – in this case, the engraving is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. and Pest Control (the only body authorized to authenticate Bansky’s art). It remains only to visit the exhibition and, perhaps, try to win one of street or luxury art put in the living room.

List of exhibited works

  • Banksy, road sign, traffic sign.
  • Banksy, Wrong War, DiPinto.
  • [da] Banksy, Rocket, silkscreen.
  • Real, not Banksy, Is it possible to milk a dead rat?, silk-screen printing.
  • [tiratura non autorizzata] Banksy, helicopter, serigraphy.
  • Unauthorized exhibition. Banksy: genius or vandal?, manifesto.
  • Banksy, Balloon Girl, Dismaland gadget.
  • Banksy, Rude Cooper, Dismaland gadget.
  • Banksy, flower thrower, Dismaland gadget.
  • Banksy, Gloomy Dollar with Balloon Girl, Dismaland Gadget.
  • Lazarides Steve, Brandalism, test.
  • Cooper Martha, Listen to the sounds of the folk disco, serigraphy.
  • Blub, Galileo, offset.
  • Blub, Virgin of Petrus Christus.
  • Editions Studio [tiratura non autorizzata da Jeff Koons]Air Bunny (purple), multiplo.
  • Editions Studio [tiratura non autorizzata da Jeff Koons]Air Bunny (Gold), multiple.
  • Editions Studio [tiratura non autorizzata da Robert Indiana]Love Blue, multipl.
  • Indiana Robert, Fall-Love. Exclusive edition for galerie-f, multiplo.
  • Indiana Robert, Winter Love. Exclusive edition for galerie-f, multiplo.
  • Indiana Robert, Spring Love. Exclusive edition for galerie-f, multiplo.
  • Indiana Robert, Summer Love. Exclusive edition for galerie-f, multiplo.
  • Indiana Robert, love love. Exclusive edition for Gallery-f, multiplo.
  • Indiana Robert, Love, Manifesto.
  • Indiana Robert, Love, Manifesto.
  • Kash Art by Kastellan, tribute to Robert Indiana, $3, serigraphy.

Legend to understand which works are authentic and which are not:

  • The real one, not Banksy: she is an artist, officially recognized by Banksy, the most reliable sources identify her with a girl from 16 to 20 years old from Bristol. This engraving comes with a certificate of authenticity and pest control.
  • Dismaland gadgets are sold with the corresponding entrance tickets of those who participated in the exhibition-performance, in order to guarantee their origin.
  • Unauthorized print runs are works that have been removed from art galleries based on the respective millionaire and iconic works of world-famous artists.
  • [da] Banksy or other artists is to rework one of his works, which makes it possible to obtain a work, the museum examination of which is worth thousands or millions of euros.
  • Steve Lazarides was the official photographer of Banksy, thanks to reports about which the artist became known throughout the world.

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