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One of the most iconic images of Dubai are the skyscrapers. The most famous is the Burj Khalifa, but others are no less important and adrenaline. Yes, adrenaline. Those with a fear of heights or dizziness may not like the Edge Walk at Sky Views Dubai, which is a walk on the 53rd floor of one of the buildings with panoramic views of Dubai. But this is a very brief summary of what Edge Walk really was, so expect a real description.

However, Dubai today has gone through several phases, and one of them is explained in the Etihad Museum, a word meaning union referring to the seven emirates that signed the agreement in 1971 to form the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The whole story is told in a large museum (too much for what it takes), opened in 2016, and interactive enough to make it easier and more interesting to understand how it all happened and what it entailed.

Of the seven emirates, Dubai is the most populous, and Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, occupies 80% of the territory. Sharjah is the most conservative emirate of all. We learned about all this under the guidance of Carheren, until we reached the place where the agreement signed by the seven emirates, presented in a special way, is exhibited. The document itself sits on a wooden pole inside the display case, but is surrounded by a gilded wall – a word very present in this museum and a symbol of the UAE’s power, like oil, which has become the main source of wealth. into the economy since the 1930s.

Etihad Museum

Etihad Museum

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After a brief historical background on the constitution of the United Arab Emirates, it’s time to turn our attention to one of them: Dubai and our day three inflight magazine.

We saw a palm tree over the sea and a toy town on Edge Walk



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” data-title=”View – If Dubai is made from above, then we go there (and always above the 50th floor) – MAGG”> View

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It may seem that we are hallucinating, but everything we have just announced has happened. We even saw a palm tree, or rather Palm Jumeirah from the 52nd floor of The View at The Palm. This is another work by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who in 1997 began thinking about how to double Dubai’s coastline. Since some of the symbols of Dubai are the hawk, the camel and the palm tree, the easiest thing to do was to choose the date tree (which now even exists in milk chocolate, white or dark). However, in this self-defying country, an animal-shaped island would be another impressive feature that would make it stand out.

After several surveys, in 2001 the project moved forward and the bank began to form, with the rejection of high technology, GPS and satellite imagery, giving rise to a trunk and 17 branches. Residences and beachfront villas were built here, and in 2008 the first resort opened, the five-star Atlantis, The Palm. Today, the project includes 1,500 villas scattered across offshoots and two marinas, which, in addition to being visible from The View at The Palm (from €45 per adult), can be observed from space, given that the Palm Jumeirah is one of the few islands in the world that can be seen from space with the naked eye – lucky aliens and billionaire Jeff Bezos. Or no. A trip to The View at The Palm is always an opportunity to learn more about Dubai, just like we did.

Explore or challenge. Because that’s the edge walk at Sky Views Dubai.

It is like representing everything that is done in Dubai: always bigger, better, with more luxury and more uniqueness. As we mentioned earlier, the idea behind the Burj Al Arab was to build something that has never been done and will never be done again. The same idea applies to our experience at Edge Walk, which opened in November 2021.

We never walked around the building on the 53rd floor. And there is some possibility that we won’t be doing it again, at least not anytime soon. Which now makes us think we should have taken the issue more seriously when we were at the top. The idea is to walk on a minimally wide platform held by a rope while enjoying the view. The difference between this place and the panoramic balcony, as, for example, in the Burj Khalifa, is that there are no fences around it.

If we want to go to the 53rd floor, we can. We can and wanted to do it, but we couldn’t. For one simple reason: we thought too much. You can’t think about these adventures, you have to rush with your head, or rather with your body. We did this part anyway.

Edge Walk ” data-title=”Edge Walk – If Dubai is made up of heights, then we go there (and always above the 50th floor) – MAGG”> Walk on the edge

With the help of the Edge Walk instructor, we first sat facing the view, then turned our backs and in this position moved our bodies to the edge of the cliff. I just remember, the butterflies in my stomach returned, trembling legs, adrenaline in the depths of my soul. What is the purpose of this experience: to feel the adrenaline. To see the views, we go to Burj Khalifa, The View at The Palm, Dubai Frame. Here to feel. And in the middle of the trip, we realized that we did not allow ourselves to feel. Then follows: “How dare we rise a little further to these heights?”

Salam Alaikum, bustling city, from here MAGG is finally open arms to feel this experience. At this point, we allowed ourselves to enjoy the view more, and in a sense, the height became negligible. It looked like a toy town down there, and what we were doing was like a dream.

Returning to base and taking off the spacesuit, there was a feeling that what we had done was not enough. The last exercise was missing: arm and leg outside. Stay for the next trip on the edge. The experience costs over 180 euros per adult.

Sambar in Dubai: why not?

Sushisamba Dubai

Sushisamba Dubai

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” data-title=”Sushisamba Dubai – If Dubai is made from above, we go there (and always above the 50th floor) – MAGG”> Sushisamba Dubai

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We leave gastronomy to the end, and each is better than the other. On November 15, 2021, the Sushisamba brand, which already exists in London and Las Vegas, moved to the 51st floor of the St Regis Hotel in Dubai. Since we were walking there, we obviously went for a samba in the new space. Or better. The food of the restaurant is what brought the samba in the mouth.

What a feast of flavors was eggplant right after the first bite in appetizers? A throwback to childhood mix in what looked like estrelitas (but it was crispy rice) on top of grilled eggplant that still had white miso cream on top. If only for a simple eggplant we already have such a description, imagine how much the rest costs, especially with this kind.

The menu is varied, with an executive menu for lunch (about 36 euros, with soup, two starters and a main course) and à la carte for dinner. When we went for lunch, we started with miso soup – no wonder so did the others – and then two appetizers.

We advise you to go with a group, because this way you will be able to dance the samba better because of the wide offer of this restaurant. Just between salmon ceviche with passion fruit sauce, namely summer (summer with a good mood, not the scorching Dubai heat), fish from the garden, with a touch of black truffle aioli, and bahia samba roll, slightly spicy, if not divided, then don’t get to the main ones. And just like in samba you can never break the rhythm, in sushi samba you can’t stop at the entrance.

As a main course, we can choose Peruvian, Brazilian or Japanese cuisine. After much hesitation, here…we still couldn’t make a choice because there were so many curious dishes. The chef’s sushi samba nigiri then suggested it to us, which ultimately made sense to try what gave the restaurant its name: sushi.

The choice was four nigiri with immaculately cut fish without any special decorations to preserve the authenticity and show the freshness of the pieces, and two more rolls, futomaki samba, with pearls that melt in your mouth, as if pouring over a piece. consists of tuna, avocado, cucumber and shrimp in tempura.

Also on the table was rice chaufa, made from wild rice and a low-temperature boiled egg, a dish that finishes at the table. This is similar to the Peruvian version of our açorda, which uses an egg only as a serving dish to create even more mouth-watering dishes and currently allows new content for the digital generation.

There was no place for desserts, except perhaps after the samba. But time was running out, because it was a boost of energy to go for a walk along the edge.

Truffles and lobsters in Dubai. Do I need to say more?

Ocean Terrace & Bar

Ocean Terrace & Bar

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After visiting the Burj Al Arab on our second day in Dubai, it was time to admire it at night, this time from one of the seven restaurants at Jumeirah Al Naseem, Rockfish. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to fish and every day new flavors appear on the tasting menu (over 115 euros per person).

Among the many served, there are two that made us close our eyes in delight: tuna tartare with a piece of truffle and ponzu sauce and lobster risotto.

Lagosta risotto

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” data-title=”Lobster Risotto – If Dubai is made up of heights, we go there (and always above the 50th floor) – MAGG”> Lagosta risotto

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A glass of wine pairs well with haute cuisine and waves as a soundtrack, but in Dubai it’s best (and healthiest) to order water because alcohol isn’t on every budget and you can only drink one glass at this restaurant. cost more than 27 €.

We went to relax from luxury in the jungle at Monkey Bar

After dinner with lobsters it would have been a waste of the night if we had gone straight to bed. We then changed the sheets for Monkey Bar at the wild 25hours Hotel Dubai to take a break from the metallic tones inside Dubai buildings and the gold on the outside, and the Lamborghini and Porsche cars at the entrance to Jumeirah Al Naseem. hotel.

“The first Monkey Bar opened in Berlin. Since this 25 hour hotel is very close to the zoo, when you go to this roof top bar you can see the zoo monkeys. That’s what’s behind the concept.” Joshua, Tourism Marketing Specialist at 25hours Hotel Dubai, explained the reason for the name and the design of the space. From Monkey Bar in Dubai, you can see the illuminated Museum of the Future and the skyscrapers in front of the hotel, creating an unusual contrast.

Again, alcohol doesn’t count, but a beer over 10€ is worth it just to be in the mood for a fun and relaxed atmosphere, where Beyoncé, Shakira, or Red Hot Chili Peppers play somewhere. In addition, there are always non-alcoholic cocktails (served with biodegradable straws, as with all drinks), good to accompany a conversation between friends.

Other times there is less talking and more dancing, especially in the evenings with DJs.

*MAGG travels under the invitation of Dubai Tourism.

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