here is Eliza, future doctor, very popular on TikTok

ROVEDERO – Eliza Altamuratwenty-year-old boy from Puglia, living in Roveredo at the pianomany things: TikToker, video maker, artist, medical student. She has recently taken up streetwear and has studied singing and piano in the past. Perhaps it was her refusal to lock herself into a single identity — in addition to her unmistakable style of video editing and interacting with her audience — that led to her gaining a huge following: more than 800 thousand subscribers on TikTok, the number one social network in the world.

Eliza’s love for video production was born by accident. “I discovered the world of editing thanks to a physics teacher: I had to film an experiment.” We were seen for a long time at Majorana High School: “The art teacher got me involved in the project, letting me take care of directing and editing: the school held a seminar for me with CinemaZero, and there I learned the basics.” Eliza started sharing her videos in fourth grade, starting with Instagram TV and YouTube. “My father, military doctorwas on a business trip. Mom and I were at home and one evening, while we were preparing the piadina, I decided to take a picture of us: #incucinaconelis was born there. Cooking is not my big passion, but just an occasion to talk about something. It became a regular date: every Thursday I cooked dinner and filmed a video. But the deadlines for completion were very long, and between the fifth grade and the piano exams, I stopped.”

The pandemic was a turning point in the life of Eliza, who was about to graduate. “TikTok went empty in Italy in March 2020: I spent a month trying to figure out how it works. I felt like I needed to communicate something and I had potential that I couldn’t use. TikTok is a very fast platform and I got there at the right time.” “When the first summer exam session came, after I got 100,000 subscribers, I was in a creative crisis: I had no more ideas. I stopped making comedy videos with captions and started talking: there was much more loyalty among the public, which became attached to the character. We all live the same life, but some of us have the opportunity to tell it differently.” “On social media, you grow up connected to something,” Elisa explains. – Initially it was medicine, but I did not want the studio to be the only thing they would recognize me for. So I started experimenting: I returned to the world of cooking and started a trend based on Me gustas tu by Manu Chao. I had a dormant passion for art and video editing that I wanted to rekindle, and that was the turning point. I used the montage principle, that is, the connection: I shot the same scene from several angles, continuing the movement started in the previous sequence. I made videos like this for a few songs: when Fedez shared the video I made for his Mille, I got huge exposure. After him, many other singers did the same.

For Eliza, studying is a way to disconnect from work and vice versa. “When I think about my life, I don’t think I’m studying medicine and besides doing videography. Those are two things that are equally important to me. Doing only art and video would be too much stress on a creative level, while studying, in addition to giving me security and a degree, shackles me and calms me down. I have a great thirst for knowledge.” “Because I can hardly find meaning in our existence – what are we doing here on Earth? – I want to at least understand how we work. At the heart of my path is the desire for knowledge: for me, the most important thing concerns a person and his body. Since childhood, I have always studied this aspect: I studied anatomy in order to draw bodies realistically. I’m also interested in the ways people communicate and the various forms that communication takes, such as art and advertising. Neuroscience could be the perfect fit for me.”

Being a Tiktoker or influencer is a full-fledged profession, but many find it difficult to understand: it seems almost taboo. In Elise’s case, most of the work is done remotely. “I’m on a lot of calls, but I never meet anyone,” he says. Today, for example, I shot a video for a world-class clothing brand: shoes for advertising came by mail. Because everything is virtual, it’s even harder to comprehend the greatness of the brands I work with and my fame. I only go to Milan for work and it’s just another dimension. Living between Pordenone and Udine makes me very down to earth, these are small realities and I lead a very normal life. Here I live in a kind of bubble: it was only on vacation with friends this summer that I realized how many people recognized me.”

Eliza is an independent talent: “I don’t have an agency of my choice. I want maximum freedom in my content and don’t want to be pressured from outside. I don’t have a fixed income, but I feel lucky and privileged to be able to do this job. But it didn’t come out of nowhere: I got involved.” As she herself admits, she does “nothing that no one else could do.” If she thinks about her future, Eliza does not believe that this is just a phase. “I have always communicated since childhood, and I will continue to do so: only the modalities have changed. I feel it as a need: I am stimulated by the reality that surrounds me, and I like the idea of ​​showing the world as I perceive it through the lens. I am very fascinated by the fact that everyone sees things with their own unique look.

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