Hannover serves fondue in a small castle which is a hybrid between Beto Carrero and Paris 6 – 28/07/2022 – Restaurants

A majestic castle stood on top of the highest hill of the Pernici.

The old address of a bank branch on Rua Cardoso de Almeida was given a faux granite cladding, a tower and a collection of arches, with colored LED lighting. What could such an imaginative facade hide? An amusement park? A prison of unspeakable pleasures?

A little of all this: it is the Hannover fondue restaurant, which was born in Moema in the 80s with the air of an alpine chalet and since then aspires to the aesthetics of excess, during which it expands to Tatuapé.

The newly opened Perdizes unit, according to the restaurant’s website, is inspired by Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany – this, in turn, was the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty Castle, at Disneyland in California, United States. . They targeted Disney and hit home in a hybrid between Beto Carrero and Paris 6.

The interior environment follows the theme of princesses and princesses. The lounge is very spacious, but with no visible windows. On the walls, burgundy velvet curtains. In the foyer near the entrance, a wallpaper that emulates the spines of books, the library of Rapunzel.

The noblest tables are set against the walls, with fully padded seats for two, all facing the same direction and in a row, like a ghost train. The center of the room has more common tables to accommodate groups.

There is a throne – yes, a throne – in a spot all tables can see, and the house lends a gold crown to anyone who wants to immortalize the medieval night in photography.

There are people who carry the date to the small Hanoverian castle, which is even encouraged. It seems to me a less inappropriate program to do in the company of a child, who will have fun with these fairytale parades. That’s why I dragged my assistant and nine-year-old son Pedro.

At least two other tables had a stroller propped to the side. Families with teenagers also occupied the room. But there were also lovebirds.

I arrived at 7:30 pm on a Wednesday expecting to find the deserted restaurant. I found customers at six or seven other tables. An hour later, when I left, about 70% of the room was occupied. The once rebellious and alternative neighborhood of Perdizes has surrendered to Cinderella’s fondue, who lives in a castle two blocks from the PUC.

Fondue? Calm. The Hanover site refers to the female as the steaming pot that arrives on a stove at the table. “The fondue”. So it is in French, the original language of food. But “creme” is also a feminine word in French, but nobody says “a creme” in Brazil. It continues to be “the fondue”, and the pedants who fight with swords in the castle.

Fondue is all there is on the Hanover menu. It comes in cheese, beef, chicken, pork loin, chocolate, dulce de leche versions, as well as a sweet, white fondue with two centimeters of powdered milk on top.

The dish is served in some all-you-can-eat options with replacement: if the customer can manage it, endless. The full course costs R $ 168 per person. Those between the ages of 9 and 12 pay half this amount. Here’s another benefit of a children’s company. The downside is that he will never split the bill with you.

I ordered the so-called classic sequence, which costs R $ 136, with cheese fondue and pots full of candy.

Indiscreet as I am, I watched the group at an adjacent table feast on their meat. In this, a rotating disc, around the oil pan, carries jars with sauces and side dishes: curry, banana chutney and even farofa, with identification numbers – the caption is in the menu accessed by the customer , from a QR code.

The kind waiter Paulo brought the cheese fondue accompaniments. In addition to the traditional stale bread (it should be, or it will melt into melted cheese), there are smoked sausages, guava slices and boiled vegetables: potatoes, carrots and broccoli, Pedro’s favorites.

According to Paulo, the cheeses used in the fondue are gruyere, emmenthal and mozzarella. The texture is a bit grainy, chiseled. The cheese does not form elastic threads, which denotes a higher than desirable proportion of starch. The taste is more salty than it should and does not refer to products from the Swiss Alps.

Pedrão was more interested in broccoli than fondue and the music program kept us entertained.

A violinist passed from table to table playing the classics of the mela-cueca, with mechanical accompaniment. There were A-Ha’s “Take on Me”, Creedence’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” and Burt Bacharach’s “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”. The cost of the artistic cover is R $ 23 per person.

When the instrumentalist played John Denver and Placido Domingo’s “Maybe Love”, Pedro innocently asked, “Why do they play Christmas music?” I almost choked on cheese.

The boy’s face changed when Paulo brought the three pots of sweet fondue. They came with the usual fruits (green grapes, strawberries, bananas and pineapples), brownies, marshmallows and churros. Pedrão finished with dessert, while I was afraid that maybe he wouldn’t sleep tonight.

After two mineral waters to wash the candy, we paid the bill and said goodbye to the Shreks and Fiona from the little castle. I went home with my little dragon flying down the slope to Cardoso in the sugary breeze.

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