Florent Pagny with cancer: here are the latest news from the singer

On January 25, 2022, Florent Pagny announced that he was suffering from inoperable lung cancer.. This sad news forced the singer to postpone his 60th birthday anniversary tour. It is with great humility that he wanted to apologize to his fans. He spoke in this short video posted on his Instagram account, titled “Sorry! »,

“I have to make a bit of a special announcement, I won’t be able to finish my 60th anniversary tour. I have just been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in the lung, which cannot be operated on. I have to go into a six-month protocol of chemotherapy and X-rays., revealed. Since then, Florent Pagny has suffered a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy et These few words were quite reassuring, but weird

The Battle of Florent Pagny

The year 2022 started very badly for Florence Pagny. When he was going to resume his 60th anniversary tour the father of Aël and Inca had to cancel his performances because he suffered frominoperable lung cancer. The coach of La Voz has decided to fight against the disease. He began chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions.

After the announcement of his cancer, Florent Pagny spoke at 8:00 p.m. on TF1. The opportunity for the singer to downplay his illness. ” I think that all these messages, this synchronicity, contribute to everything going quite well at a somewhat critical moment.he said.

The beginning of a treatment, a fight.

On Tuesday, May 10, when the last phase of his treatment began, Florent Pagny communicated on Instagram. Precisely, through a video uploaded to Instagram, the singer wanted to be reassuring: “I didn’t want to impose a Netflix series on you about my treatment and my story. But since this disease soon passed, I can tell you that I am very well”, he began by announcing to his community, referring to a effective treatment. The French singing star also mentioned the very strict treatment protocol for six months, combining chemotherapy et radiotherapy by X-rays.

And follow “The protocol worked quite well in that as soon as immunotherapy my tumor that was the size of a kiwi turned into a hazelnut« , before explaining that the second stage of his intensive radiotherapy treatment had also worked. Florent Pagny then told his followers that the doctors had a lot of confidence in his remission. “When everything is a little resolved we will be able to know a little more but we have a lot of confidence.”

“This cancer woke me up”

Smiling and optimistic, Florent Pagny insisted on the messages of support received so far. “If everything went so well it is also because they supported me very well. For the medical team, for my half and my children and for the thousands of messages of love. That you write to me every day. Then, the singer shared what will happen in the coming weeks. ” I’m going to finish this chemo. Finish La Voz, get stronger and if everything goes well I could resume my tour. Then it will be the 61st birthday tour! ».

About ten days later, a few days before the end of The voiceMay 21, 2022, Florent Pagny gave an interview to the magazine Gala. There too, the husband ofAzucena Caamaño wanted a lot reassuring about his state of health: “Now I’m coming out of the tunnel. I have some answers that allow me to better assess the situation. And it revives certain things in me that I lost a little when I got to my age (…) This cancer kind of woke me up, and redefined the meaning of my priorities As soon as I finish my protocol, I will move on to something else very soon! », we could read in Gala’s columns.

your hard times

Florent Pagny had spoken openly about the difficult moments of this chemotherapy treatment. : “Yes, I knew this period where you don’t want anything, you don’t have the energy. Your heart is on your lips, but pass. jI passed pure chemo, the one that fights : heartache for twelve days, no longer a joke! You know, the seasickness you get when you’ve been on dry land for a week,” she said, sincerely.

And to the coach of La Voz to add: “I assume my head even if I wear glasses (during the La Voz awards) because of the fall of my eyelashes. Which really makes me look sick, but the rest I handle. What do you want, I’ve always worked on all looks, here I go to the extreme! He is the cleanest! “.

Florent Pagny declares that ” everything is going well “

Thus, after fighting the disease, Florent Pagny took a vacation that he did not deserve. Thus, from Greece, the voice coach updated her 386,000 followers on Instagram. In fact, on Sunday, August 14, 2022, she posted a photo, looking peaceful, which was a joy to see. ” Everything’s fine !! I am collecting colors in the Aegean Sea, magnificent”shared in the caption of him, on a boat, eyes out to the open sea.

Later on Wednesday, August 31, Florence Pagny again he took the time to reassure his fans. In fact, he made an appearance and directly at the show the original band, on France Inter. While Kendji Girac was the guest of NagiFlorent Pagny joined the conversation on the phone. And the news could not be more pleasant to hear! ” Everything is going well ! I’m just in control. I still look good and cut my way. And I come from Portugal and I’m going to Argentina. »entrusted to the radio waves.

Florent Pagny leaves The Voice

Florent Pagny announced in May that he will not be part of the next season of La Voz. “I had a great few years. And I’m glad I spent all that time with all those people.”He had declared then at the end of the final of La Voz, last May, assuring his “It is a pleasure to end on a high note. »

The new jury will be made up of Bigflo and Oli. New trainers for The Voice along with Vianney and Amel Bent, Marc Lavoine having also announced his departure. Zazie will also make her big comeback in the red seats. Which of these judges will be up to Florent Pagny and his nine victories?

Your relatives want to be reassuring.

In recent weeks, the relatives of Florent Pagny have not stopped giving their news. This was also shared by Marghe, a young student of Florent Pagny in La Voz. ” We write messages from time to time. He hurt me to know that she had cancer. But, every time we’ve been in touch since then, she’s been in a determined mood, always with this desire to improve. For me he is a warrior! », said the young singer.

Recently, Florent Pagny also met Patrick Bruel. for registration of corsican land, for the album patrick fiore Middle Middle Course 2. At the end of August, the interpreter of who has the right He had given news of his friend. ” It had been great finding it. The latest news, I think it is much better. I think things are running their course. But rather in a good way. We are all very happy. », Patrick Bruel shared on the RTL microphone.

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