Find out how to properly prepare cod loin in the oven

Chefs share tricks that transform the way we cook. Discover the tips for perfectly preparing cod loin in the oven.

Cod is a particularly valuable food. Its versatility is mythical. It’s such a versatile ingredient that people say there are 1001 cod recipes. Therefore, no one is surprised that this very special product is called a “faithful friend”. Cod is treated with affection as it is one of the most popular ingredients in Portuguese cuisine.

Not being a national product, it is not found in Portuguese waters, but in icy waters (from Nordic countries, such as Norway, Iceland, and can still be found in Canadian waters). Cod can be prepared in several ways (fried, roasted, boiled, among others), but in the oven it is especially tasty.

Cod loin in the oven

There are a few tricks that are indispensable for preparing a perfect, juicy and delicious baked cod loin. The loin of cod can be the protagonist of the Easter lunch or the Christmas lunch.

This meal can also be served as a special Sunday family lunch. Baked cod loin may seem like a simple meal, but to have an irresistible meal it is essential to know a few tricks. We will share with you some tips that make a difference.

Find out how to properly prepare cod loin in the oven

tip 1

The passage of cod desalination is important. There is the possibility of buying cod loin already desalted. This option is perfect for practical recipes, namely baked cod. Before using the loins, you must defrost the cod (some do it in the microwave), follow the procedure indicated on the package.

loin of cod in the oven
Find out how to properly prepare cod loin in the oven

tip 2

The center spine and skin of the cod loin must be removed after the cod has been baked. It is important to learn how to properly remove cod loin bones.

Although the purchased desalinated loin arrives practically ready for preparation, it is very important to preserve the central spine of the fish during its cooking, as it serves to ensure more juiciness and flavor to the cod. Therefore, do not remove the backbone and skin from the cod loin before cooking it. Remove the central spine and the skin of the fish when the cod is already cooked and tender.

* If not indicated in a specific recipe.

loin of cod in the oven
Find out how to properly prepare cod loin in the oven

tip 3

So, in order not to be mistaken when preparing cod in the oven, you need to follow the step by step recipe of cod loin in the oven. A very tasty meal.

Step 1:

Grease a baking sheet with plenty of oil.

Put the loin of cod.

Then add 200 g of raw cherry tomatoes.

Add 2 red onions cut in quarters.

Then add 6 cloves of garlic and 1/2 cup of black olives.

Finally, add a few bay leaves.

Optional: you can add half-cooked potatoes and cut into smaller pieces.

Step 2:

First, season with salt and pepper.

Then sprinkle everything with olive oil.

Meanwhile, preheat the oven, set it to a temperature of 220 ° C;

Step 3:

First, it should cook for about 25 minutes.

During this process, sprinkle with olive oil from time to time.

Step 4:

Once you have the golden cod loin, remove it from the oven.

Then serve the cod with side dishes to your liking!

Tips: Roasted potatoes, roasted vegetables.

loin of cod in the oven
Find out how to properly prepare cod loin in the oven

tip 4

The tasty side dishes make the baked cod loin even better. After browning the cod fillets in the oven, all that remains is to serve. The side dishes make the meal more complete and tasty. Accompany it with a salad of your choice.

It can also be served with a warm salad of sliced ​​potatoes, carrots and hard boiled eggs. In this solution you can serve the loin of cod with a portion of white rice, very loose. You can also serve a portion of grilled asparagus and candied tomatoes.

For the tomatoes, just put 250 g of cherry tomatoes in a pan with the bottom covered with olive oil. Add 2 sliced ​​garlic cloves around it. Next, season with salt, oregano and pepper. Then sprinkle the tomatoes with ½ cup of olive oil and cook them in the oven for 20 minutes. During the process, stir occasionally to prevent them from burning.

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loin of cod in the oven
Find out how to properly prepare cod loin in the oven


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