“Festival Intervalli” returns to Portello

A new edition of the Intervalli festival starts. From Tuesday 17 to Saturday 21 May 2022, the Paduan Multidisciplinary Arts Festival will bring five days of music, dance and art to the city in the impressive Piazza Portello, which has always been a meeting place and exchange between merchants and travelers. past, among the youth and students of today.

Festival Intervals

The Intervalli festival combines the experience and professionalism of many new artistic entities, including ten musical groups in the genres of jazz, rock, pop and folk, a dance school, four cultural and artistic associations, a total of more than seventy artists. Intervalli prides itself on putting quality at the forefront of its selection of artists, thus giving space to those formations that do not find a place on the big stages of the city, but who have something to say in terms of avant-garde, experimentation, research and study of their artistic product. The inauguration, which will take place on Tuesday, May 17 at 19:15, will be marked by a moment of triumph with the salutes of the authorities and the performance of the Psycodrummers, who, with the help of industrial percussion, will bring a performance with a strong emotional impact to the stage. “We supported this initiative,” says Antonio Bressa, Adviser for Trade and Industrial Activities of the Municipality of Padua, “because it aims to convey a multidisciplinary artistic content aimed at a young audience, and not only in the context of Piazza Portello. Involving commercial activities in the square was interesting as they enthusiastically embraced the initiative to turn the place into a vibrant space for socializing and gathering, as well as learning and cultural stimulation.”


For the duration of the Festival, the square will become an open-air exhibition space: near the central stage, an art installation by the famous sculptor Nelli Cordioli, organized by the ArtiTalenti association, will be installed. To crown the value of the exhibition and give value to the historical and cultural context of the square, the artist will demonstrate his own vision of the nature and art of meeting through the wise use of material, understood and etymologically rendered as “matter”. world matrix. With the assistance of the Sponsor Media Partner Other works of sculptural and pictorial nature will be exhibited by Atelier 1bis, a group of emerging Paduan artists, students and graduates of the Academies of Fine Arts of Veneto, in the same door. Portello, under the niches and in the exhibition room above thanks to the collaboration with the Padua Walls Committee and the Progetto Portello association.


The Intervalli festival will also span the passages of Piazza Portello, with eight clubs participating to contribute to the festival with small concerts and warm-up art exhibitions before the spotlight hits the stage. Finally, there will be a moment dedicated to the little ones, Friday 20 from 2 to 4 pm, with two workshops for children organized by the Research Group on Children’s Literature of the FISPPA Faculty of the University of Padua, the first of which was dedicated to the construction of an autobiography, the second on the creation of a self-portrait. “The Intervalli Festival,” emphasized Vincenzo Gottardo, Vice-President of the Province of Padua, “will be a riot of art, beauty and music, which for five days will offer a great variety of shows and will provide an opportunity to present established artists as well as young and emerging ones. This is the merit of such an artistically rich exhibition, combining experience and professionalism, but bringing celebration and entertainment to one of the most beloved places of young people. The peculiarity also lies in the enthusiasm gathered by associations close and sensitive to the area of ​​Portello, because again culture and art will be the protagonists, they will be able to approach the public of all ages on a participatory basis and will offer the opportunity to visit even lesser known places, such as the interior of the Porta Portello “.


The festival will start every day at 17:30 with art exhibitions. Tuesday, May 17 at 7:30 pm Intervalli Festival will open with the Psycodrummers, who will bring a powerful emotional performance to the stage using industrial percussion. The evening will then continue at 21:30 Vertical, a band whose sound is mixed with funk, soul, progressive jazz and made using complex electronic and non-electronic instruments that provide an extraordinary and impressive result. On Wednesday, May 18 at 7:30 pm, Sarah Fattoretto and the Zhu Quartet will take the stage with a jazz songwriting program. At 9:30 pm, Planet Opal, a duo specializing in electronic music enriched with drums, percussion and synths, will perform. Thursday, May 19 The festival will start with PCKT and their R’n’B sound always at 19:30, at 21:00 Alberto Pauletto will take the stage with electronic music. At 22:00 the evening will end with a concert by Leonardo Sebastiani. Friday 20 May, after a workshop for children proposed by the Children’s Literature Research Group of the University of Padua, rock will continue from 19:30 with Riff Green first and then with Il Fulcro, which will offer a psychedelic prog-rock trip with a strong acoustic impact

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