Exhibitions in Rome, 5, to be seen absolutely from October 2022.

From October 2022, Rome offers a host of exhibitions, from Pasolini to Van Gogh, here are the ones not to be missed in the capital’s most exclusive locations.

With the advent of autumn, the season dedicated to museums begins again, and the attention of the public to art symbolic places of culture are organized.

But with a city as big as Romayou may lose the compass as it is full cultural activities and events that bring it to life every day.

Who is interested in exhibitions that have been held in the capital since October in the following months of the autumn-winter season, you will be interested to know which 5 the most important exhibitions in Rome and its fine artistic and architectural monuments.

A way to deepen artistic movements and their protagonists, as well as visit the symbolic monuments of Rome.

Exhibitions at the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome

“Madness, Madness in Contemporary Art”

going on until January 8, 2023 Exhibition “Madness, madness in contemporary art“In the spaces of the Monastery of Bramante (near Piazza Navona), which for the first time are filled with works of art by 21 international artists.

To add to the charm, over 11 unpublished site-specific installations. Madness, like art, rejects established patterns, breaks free of any rigid boundaries, rebels against limitations, and thus leaves canonical spaces to flood whatever it finds.

Thus, not the usual and classical way, but a creative explosion capable of expanding, like Ian Davenport’s pigment streams on the stairs, and modifying spatial perception, like the environment of Gianni Colombo.

Inside the Renaissance architecture designed by Donato Bramante in 1500, the viewer can admire large exhibitions, Italian and foreign artists, projects conceived and realized, and then a bookstore, cafes and a series of welcoming spaces.

Exhibition at the Capitoline Museums in Rome

“The Emperor Domitian. I hate and love

The new exhibition hall of the Capitoline Museums, Villa Caffarelli, returns to host a major exhibition of Roman archeology.

ExhibitionEmperor Domitian. hate and love” open to the public until January 29, 2023, is the result of a cultural agreement with an international dimension. Along the exhibition route, divided into 15 rooms, the exhibition tells the story of the controversial prince and tyrant Domitian.

A journey through the events of Domitian’s life is entrusted with 58 works from the Leiden exhibition and 36 additions to the Roman edition: in particular, marble and bronze portraits of imperial characters and deities, elements of architectural decoration made of white and colored marble, and small objects made of gold and bronze.

  • Open every day 9.30-19.30. Last entry one hour before closing.

Exhibition at the Borghese Gallery in Rome

“A timeless wonder. Stone Painting in Rome in the Seventeenth Century.

October 25, 2022 to January 29, 2023Borghese Gallery dedicates an exhibition “A timeless wonder. Stone Painting in Rome in the Seventeenth Century. to stone painting, its development and its historical significance in the seventeenth century.

The penchant for stone painting in the museum, which still mainly contains works collected by Scipio Borghese in the first three decades of the seventeenth century, and their original location, offers many factors of interest.

A change of context regarding the “invention” of Sebastiano del Piombo and the Florentine painting of the second half of the sixteenth century is indeed capable of evoking a strong sense of surprise in the viewer.

Exhibition at the Palazzo Bonaparte in Rome

“Van Gogh great exhibition”

Until March 26, 2023in Bonaparte Palace in Romethe story of the most famous Dutch artist in the world is told through his major works.

The exhibition features 60 masterpieces and a wealth of biographical evidence reconstructing Van Gogh’s human and artistic history to highlight his artistic greatness, though his life was not too short due to a tragic epilogue.

Despite a life steeped in tragedy, Van Gogh creates a large number of masterpieces, accompanying them with sublime works and inventing a unique style that has made him one of the most famous artists in the history of art.

Exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome

“The Pasolini Painter”

October 14, 2022 to April 16, 2023, “The Pasolini Painter” is a completely new and exclusive exhibition project of its kind, conceived for the centenary of the birth of Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-2022), designed to draw attention to the current artistic aspect, often ignored by critics, in the overall creative context of the screenwriter and director.

On display 200 approximately the works coming for the most part from the G.P. Vieusseux Science and Literature Office in Florence, the custodian of the most important collection of works of the writer and director, starting with the pictorial beginnings of Pasolini, which go hand in hand with the first poetic attempts in Friuli.

Paintings and drawings that reconstruct the creative path of an intellectual are never forgotten.

  • The gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.30. Last entrance half an hour before closing.

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