EXCLUSIVE. Ary Abittan, accused of rape, was confronted with his accuser

11:55, October 14, 2022

The face to face lasted more than five hours. According to our information, the actor Ary Abittan, accused of acts of “rape”, on November 2, was confronted with his accuser, this Wednesday afternoon, in the office of a Parisian investigating judge. The two parties were put to talk on this afternoon of October 30, 2021 during which the accuser claims to have been the victim of a rape by the 48-year-old actor. Ary Abittan and this young woman had been dating since September. Still according to our information, the alleged victim indicated that during the night of October 30 he had a first sexual relationship with his partner, then a second during which he allegedly imposed an act of sodomy on her. According to his statements, he would have clearly expressed his disagreement at the time of the events. He then went to take refuge, in tears, with a friend of hers before confiding in her. The young woman also had several bodily injuries in her private parts, verified by a doctor from a Judicial Medical Unit (UMJ), a few hours after the events that she denounced. She also suffers serious post-traumatic repercussions.

The actor has always denied having abused his partner before the investigators of the first judicial police district, where he had been taken into police custody. As in front of the magistrate-instructor who prosecuted him. He explained that he had consensual sexual relations with the complainant. “ I have always been considerate of women, attentive. I’ve always been a generous guy with women. Consumption, but always in an authentic and true way. “He said in his defense.

He told me that he had obsessive-compulsive disorder and that his life was complicated.

According to our information, the policemen of the 1st DPJ also collected two testimonies from women during the summer. This is how an actress appeared at the end of August. but not her I absolutely do not want to make a complaint “nor commit” in any legal proceeding “. The latter reported that on the set of a movie, she would have found herself behind a screen, in her underwear, before seeing Ary Abittan arrive. ” He had laughing eyes. She touched me everywhere, it seemed that she had a thousand hands, obviously her breasts, her arms, she gave me the effect of a centipede. “, he confided to the investigators, before specifying that he had “ he pushed back hard, telling her to get out. » « His look has completely changed, he squirmed: “yeah, ok zero humor, we’re going to have fun with you, bitch.” »

In his statement, he referred to another incident when the actor allegedly slipped his foot into his crotch while they were sitting across from each other for a scene. ” I exploded, I got up suddenly, I pushed the table, I told him it was disgusting (…) They all lowered their eyes or looked the other way. Ary Abittan called me crazy, that I took my wishes for realities. He said that he was hot and just took off his shoes. It is true that he saw me crazy because he was totally disgusted and indignant. “The actress also reported that the producer of the film would later come looking for her to ask her” calm down “, that Ary Abittan was” the star “, before they told him what it was” the new bourvil ».

The other testimony that works in the file is that of a young woman who met the actor for the first time, in February 2017, on the occasion of his birthday at home. She would have indicated in particular that she was found at the entrance of the actor’s apartment, before being kissed “ immediately in the mouth ». « I was surprised because it had been sudden and furtive (…) I didn’t take it badly because the atmosphere was good-natured (…) For me it was a non-event “, She explained. She would then have indicated that she had found him again”, in a party “, in 2018 where she would have agreed to leave her phone number.

I wanted this young woman to know that she was not the only one who had suffered from Ary Abittan’s behavior.

Ary Abittan quickly contacted her again and then would have offered to see her at her home. ” I hesitated a bit but I am not a child, going to a man’s house for coffee was not a problem for me. “, he said again. Once there, the young woman highlighted having “ found different ». « I like what I see “The actor would have slipped then. He also described a scene of caresses on his legs and belly: ” His attitude was too abrupt for me (…) I didn’t know what to do (…) I didn’t feel in danger, but I found his attitude strange. »

Ary Abittan would then have kissed him on the mouth. ” And at the same time he put his hand in my pants (…) I moved away from him and told him that he was going too fast for me, that it was not what I wanted “He assured the police and then described an amazing scene in which the actor would have gone to look for dirty clothes and would have started to fold them in front of her. ” He told me that he had obsessive-compulsive disorder and that his life was complicated. He had a behavior that is not that of someone normal, of a man who tries to seduce a woman; he was too much of an animal and now he was behaving like a child who couldn’t handle his frustration. »

After leaving the actor’s house, the young woman sought explanations from him during a telephone conversation: ” What had happened disturbed me. I felt stupid, dirty and humiliated. He told me that he didn’t have time, that he had his job, a busy life, (…) that he didn’t just have that to think about, so he cut off the conversation. » « It is his totally unromantic way of behaving that completely blocked me, it was too bestial, she told investigators. The impression of being only expendable (…) I would like to clarify that he did not force me to do anything, nor was he violent with me ».

Regarding the reason for his testimony, several years after the events, he explained that he had decided after having “ seen the news ». « I told myself that he finally made himself known. I saw that it was a girl, that it must have been hard for her. I don’t know her at all. I have no personal interest in testifying today; she can cause me problems. But I told myself that if she had been younger when I met Ary Abittan, the same thing would have happened to me. I wanted this young woman to know that she was not the only one who had suffered from Ary Abittan’s behavior (…) I think she does not realize the damage she can do ».

When asked, Ary Abittan’s attorney, Me Caroline Toby, did not respond. Contacted, the complainant’s lawyer, Me Arash Derambarsh, did not ” he did not want to talk about this case while the investigation is still ongoing ».

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