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Laughter in Dialect for “La Ricerca”: Saturday Night Comedy at Corpus Domini Tri pisson…co’ una fäva. Admission to offer. POSTPONED TO A DATE TO BE DESIGNATED

The Dialect Review, promoted by the Piasinteina family, ends on Saturday evening at the President Theatre. On the stage of the Ancaranese Filodrammatica Company, which presents Nwood from Americadialect comedy in three acts, written by Valerio Fiorini and translated by Giorgio Tosi, directed by Lucia Molasky.

Sunday at 17:30 at Palazzo Anguissola-Cimafava Closing of the Bibiena Art Festival with Comparison of two musical styles: the art of Fanny and Claraa concert in which Enrico Contini (cello) and Fabiana Ciampi (piano) will perform works by Fanny K. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Clara J. Schumann.

Dance and solidarity for Ukraine on Sunday at 16:00 at the Municipal Theatre, with the arrival of the Ukrainian Classical Ballet, which will stage the famous ballet Don Quisciotte.

Then at the Sala dei Teatini – at 18 instead of 17, so that the public can follow both events – a show concert is scheduled. Allegro with Brio,

She again, Marilena Massarini, “Voice of Piacenza” par excellence, again at Amici dell’Arte to start the second edition Duet…Piasenza, screening of songs, dialect poems and films from past years about Piacenza in the “Ferdinando Arisi” hall of the association in Via San Siro, Sunday at 16:00.


After two years of forced shutdown, he returns on Friday and Saturday. Culture and motorsthe event, which reaches its eighteenth edition this year, aims to offer the campus of the Polytechnic Institute in Piacenza also as a center of cultural aggregation, as well as for university studies in engineering and architecture.

After being suspended for the past two years due to a health emergency, he returns on Saturday. in Night of European Museumswhich the Alberoni Gallery adheres to with an intensive cultural offer that will accompany visitors from 18.30 to 24. A program consisting of art, literature, memory, reading, jazz, soul and the beauty of nature, accompanied in the shade of the evening.

Exhibition areas and the city’s cultural heritage are ready to shine under the stars for Night of European Museumswhich on Saturday evening will allow you to visit all the museum sections of the Palazzo Farnese for the symbolic cost of one euro, while reserving free admission to the Civic Museum of Natural History, where it will be possible – from 21 and 22.15 – to follow the visits to the collections and to the exhibition “Piacenza Calls Mars”.

Saturday evening Night of European Museums also at Castell’Arquato, which offers a suggestive tour of Borgo at night.

The seventh edition of the comic book festival called Archeology and comics. The exhibition, consisting of original drawings and exhibition panels, will take place on the loggia and in the Ducal Chapel of the Palazzo Farnese.

In the garden: On Sunday in Germoglio we celebrate the opening of the summer garden! Finally free and open-air, surrounded by greenery, with many tempting offers!

Walking with the dogs of the municipal kennel:, will take place on Sunday, with a meeting at 10 o’clock in the structure at via Bubba 40, an event dedicated to the four-legged friends of the guests of the same. This will be an opportunity to take a walk in their company around the headquarters of the nursery and, hopefully, also adopt a heart.

Domenica Borgonovo prepares to become the capital of vintage motorcycles for a day thanks to the first release Moto Expo Val Tidone, scheduled at Piazza Garibaldi from 9 am to 6 pm.


Voices from the past over 900 years of history this is the name of the guided tour that starts on Friday at 20:45 from St. Anthony’s Square and sets off on a complete journey to discover the city’s Christian foothold with its thousand-year history full of images, sentences and characters.

Sunday from 16 Piacenza through the eyes of children tour of the historical center for families, interspersed with games in which adults and children will participate

Every Saturday, students of the Bruno Cassinari School of Art lead visitors to Discovery of Santa Maria in Cortina from 15.45 to 18.45..

Tours every Sunday to the castle Castelnovo Val Tidoneat 15 and at 16.

Available there Climbing the Gverchino dome. The escort service operates from Tuesday to Sunday. Until Friday by reservation on 331 4606435 or email Cattedralepiacenza @ gmail, com. Saturday and Sunday even without an appointment at 15:00 | 16:00 | 17:00

At the Basilica of Santa Maria di Campagna, it is open free of charge from 3 May to 15 May. Climbing Pordenone from 15:00 to 19:00 (Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00).

Sunday hiking trail Val Tidon Slowly and a cultural and literary project on Sentiero del Tidone. Sentiero d’Autore: stories for the valley they will stop in the municipality of Pianello Val Tidone with Photo huntingfor a day entirely dedicated to those who love flowers and photography.

On Sunday Pro Loco of Montechino offers March 1 Alta Val Rillo.

Pilgrims on bicycles. Cyclo tour along the Via Francigena in the city Sunday morning from the courtyard of Palazzo Farnese (departure and arrival) through the streets of the city.


As part of the review Piacenza who writeswill be presented in the library of Besuritsa on Friday at 17:30. from the train (L’Erudita, 2022), a collection of poems written by Maria Chiara Razzini in conversation with writer Ben Pastor.

seed awakening Sunday in Monte Moria Provincial Park for an unforgettable experience based on the NatureTherapy methodology.

The Giralaluna Association offers on Saturdays from 16:00 to 18:00 in San Nicolò Il. The magical park of Villa Borghesecreative workshops for children up to 8-9 years old


Photo exhibitionpromising failure – Ferrari 75 – installed in Palazzo Farne – which, 75 years later, reconstructs the stages of the first race held by the company’s car from Maranello, 125 S, driven by Franco Cortese, who led until a few laps to go, and then retired for a banal breakdown. This event marked the history of the automotive industry and the birth of a myth.

Adriano Cecco’s solo exhibition titled Unofficial hyperuran.

The exhibition is located in Libreria Postumia. Art and powerprepared in collaboration with the Gazzola Institute.

Exhibition Remix Alessandra Rota is in the Jelmoni Studio Gallery.

The photographs of the exhibition are exhibited in the atrium of the municipality of Cadeo. A trip to …. KyivGiuseppe Napoli.

lart for healingexhibition by Sara Solenga at Offcina del’Arte.


Exhibition created Piacenza Calls Mars at the Natural History Museum.

The exhibition is open to the public at the XNL Piacenza Contemporanea. Klimt. Man, artist, his world, an account of one of the most exciting periods in the history of art in the early 1900s through the life, work and collaboration of the father of the Vienna Secession: Gustav Klimt. More than 160 works, including paintings, sculptures, graphics, arts and crafts from twenty prestigious collections, public and private.

Living in dreams this is the name of the exhibition by Emilio Sgorbati, which can be visited at the Spazio Rosso Tiziano.

Digital Archaeological Exhibition Carmine introduced: antique placenta, sacred remains it is located in the Piacenza Open Laboratory, in the complex of the former Carmine church in Piazza Casali.


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