European Night of Museums, places of culture open in the name of dance Events in Modena

A special evening that makes the museums and cultures of Modena dance: this Night of European Museums that Saturday 14 May from noon until late in the evening it returns with an extensive program curated by the dance training centers in the area, which have created suggestive choreographies especially for the museum spaces of Modena, a UNESCO monument in Piazza Grande, with the historic halls of the town hall. and the Civic Museum, Estensi Galleries, San Paolo, Statuette Museum and San Carlo. And along with dance, also music, meetings, discoveries, exhibitions, theater and activities for children, in an event that opens museums and cultural institutions to share art, history and creativity with all participants.

meetings I for free (unless otherwise stated) until all available seats are exhausted and in accordance with anti-covid rules. The event is hosted by the Municipality of Modena with the support of the Modena Foundation; the detailed program can be found on the dedicated page of the website of the Municipality of Modena (

twelve schools in danzawith eleven professionals, many of them artistically born in Modena, and three national companies that will bring European Night of Museums to life with performances, many of them specially created, in 14 urban spaces.

The dance program will open at 16:30 with a spectacular flash mob in Piazza Grande in the rhythm of Afro-percussion, hip-hop and capoeira. From now on, the public will be able to attend traveling performances in the historic halls of the town hall (from 20:00, copies until 23:15), as well as in the Roman Lapidarium and in the Graziosi Gipsoteca of the Civic Museum. (from 17.15) with performances of modern and neoclassical dance, accompanied by live music. A special performance tells the history of the Municipal Historical Archives, while Afro and hip-hop dancers will perform in the historic setting of the Poletti Library (from 8:30 pm) and the Estensi Galleries, Library and Lapidary (from 7:30 pm), where the final gala concert will take place. also takes place at 23. Classical and modern dance, animation of the Palazzo Santa Margherita, with the Museum of Statuettes and the Delfini Library, as well as the Colleggio San Carlo; hip-hop and urban will fill the Rectorate’s courtyard in Via Universitat (from 20:30), while modern dance will again be the main character of the show in the Leccio courtyard, inside the San Paolo complex (from 18:00).

Dance groups and schools participating in the Museum Night: Apad, Arabesque ballet studio, Equilibra, Kinesfera Asd, Korovodarte, LaCapriola, La Fenice, La Trottola, Movimento unico, Officina danza studio, Talentho art school, Sted, Black soulz dance company, dance Atzewi company, modern identity. Professional dancers: Francesca Castellari, Matteo Fiorani, Carlos Camisele, Chiara Malavasi, Nunzio Perricone.

The dance program is a traditional Night program, characterized by extraordinary openings of the UNESCO site, cultural institutes and exhibitions, as well as special meetings and events, concerts and excursions.

On Saturday, May 14, the Ghirlandina, the Duomo Museums and the municipal Azetaia will be open until late in the evening, while the Ago Modena-Cultural Factories offer a special route between the historic pharmacy and the church of Sant’Agostino. Modenese theaters participate in visits to places normally not accessible to the public, such as the backstage trail at Pavarotti Freni, and shows such as Storchi, which offers “I figli della frettolosa”. And historical residences such as the palaces of Scedoni and the Principe Foresto, the residence of the prefecture and the church of San Vincenzo are reopening to show public spaces rich in history. Excursion also to the building of the eighteenth century rectorate of the University of Modena with the presentation of the Lapidaria and the Bust Gallery.

The Fmav exhibitions at Palazzo Santa Margherita also open with a fun and creative work by Aldo Spoldi in dialogue with the Museo della Figurina collections and a large site-specific installation by Salvatore Vitali that reflects social monitoring. An exhibition of the Modesian artist Gianni Valbonesi, a master of collage, opens at the San Paolo complex at 17:00. To discover the mechanisms of sensory deception, you can stop at the interactive exhibition “Illusion” al Nuovo Diurno in Piazza Mazzini and, again, discover the secrets of bookbinders and restorers of ancient books in the Diocesan Historical Archive and explore the relationship between machines, mechanics and mathematics, starting from Euclid at the Laboratory of Mathematical Machines on the Via Camatta. Historic machine tools are the protagonists of the Itis Corni exhibition in Aldo Moro’s largo, while the creative consortium in Via dello Zono offers a photographic exhibition.

Music enlivens the Church of the Vow with the concert “Suoni d’ancia” and the National Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts with an initiative that combines a concert of the Piano String Ensemble of the Sigonio Music High School with a visit to an exhibition of old books.

And then there are special encounters and experiences, such as free painting at the Estense Gallery under the guidance of the “masters of art” of the Venturi art school; in the convent of the Delfini library, Tasnim Ali presents his book “VeLo spiego”, in the church of Santa Maria della Pomposa the story of the building is told in two lectures, and in the Planetarium you can watch the spring sky through a telescope with stories taken from classical myths.

No shortage of initiatives children: in the Civic Museum they can play a question and answer game based on the book Why are we related to chickens by Telmo Pivani and Federico Taddia to discover the oddities and wonders of evolution; at the Momo Children’s Center in Piazza Matteotti, they can go on a wonderful sound journey, accompanied by musical instruments from all over the world.

A detailed program is also available on the website of the Municipality of Modena (, offers two routes to facilitate travel: both start from Piazza Grande, where the introductory flash mob takes place; from there one goes to the east and the other to the west.

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