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Over the last few inflight magazines, we’ve talked about a lot of the bragging that’s been going on since the agreement was signed to form the United Arab Emirates (UAE), an Emirati woman who proudly declares her independence, and we’ve also made a note about the way the Bedouin traditions are preserved. , desert experience.

The past will always be present in Dubai – including the still conservative mentality (although this is no longer the case for tourists who can walk around in shorts, tops and bare midriffs, with the exception of the entrances to the mosques) – but these people have a characteristic very own, which does not make him stagnate: you always want to do more, more and better.

An example of this is the Museum of the Future, which opened on February 22, 2022, but, unlike other projects in Dubai, the emphasis here is not so much on show. (although the building is majestic), but the stability of the planet.

The idea is to repair years of heavy damage caused by Man himself, and in order to find out how this is possible, we are sent to a spacecraft that is 600 kilometers from Earth – a distance corresponding to the time required for megalomaniac ideas developed by technologists. and artists all over the world come to life.

Museum of the Future: a space that promises the healing of the planet and the human soul

Museum of the Future

Museum of the Future

credits: dubaitourism

” data-title=”Museum of the Future – Dubai. We flew into space twice in one day before gravity pulled us towards the Burj Khalifa – MAGG”>

Museum of the Future credits: dubaitourism

Aya, in virtual form and avatar, was our guide at the Museum of the Future. He began by directing us to a spacecraft that, once discovered, showed how moonlight would be converted by satellites into lasers to power the Earth in the future. It was there that we returned a few minutes later, back to reality (or part of it).

That’s because on a floor called the Heal Institute (Instituto da Cura, in Portuguese), the Museum of the Future promises to heal nature and solve problems like deforestation in the Amazon.

You can also save the fauna and the word extinction will cease to exist. How strange does that sound? A lot, but that’s what the Museum of the Future predicts, and for that, it keeps the genetic code of thousands of species in what’s called a healing DNA vault, as shown in the library section, and fire-resistant wood, as seen from the observatory.

refractory wood

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” data-title=”Fireproof wood – Dubai. We flew into space twice in one day before gravity pulled us towards the Burj Khalifa – MAGG”> refractory wood

credits: MAGG

Although people are cruel to the environment, our health is also not very good. By 2030, the Museum of the Future predicts that depression will surpass obesity as the biggest health risk factor worldwide.

No time, past or future, can be avoided but corrected. Thus, the floor of Alwaha (an oasis in Portuguese) offers ways to relax and get rid of feelings of loneliness in the future. In addition to emphasizing the importance of meditation – but this is something we’ve already tried and it’s not new – we’ve tried hands-on therapy.

The stimuli are very different from what we have ever felt, and perhaps the only thing we can explain is a kind of relaxing tingle. We would have stayed there until the end of the visit, but the future did not slow down and we needed to move on.

Feeling Therapy

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” data-title=”Sensual Therapy – Dubai. We flew into space twice in one day before gravity pulled us towards the Burj Khalifa – MAGG”> Feeling Therapy

credits: MAGG

On Tomorrow Today (tomorrow today in Portuguese), another floor of the museum, we have reached perhaps the closest space we know to modern reality, although unrealistic at first glance.

It’s not that the Museum of the Future shows that sometime in the next few years we’ll be paying bills with a chip in our hand, pouring salads with olive oil packed in notpla (short for non-plastic, in English) , made from biodegradable material, and that Uber Eats of the future will be called Roboat and will also serve to rid cities and historical areas of pollution and congestion?

olive oil of the future

olive oil of the future

credits: MAGG

” data-title=”Olive oil of the future – Dubai. We flew into space twice in one day before gravity pulled us towards the Burj Khalifa – MAGG”> olive oil of the future

olive oil of the future credits: MAGG

Given the past and present affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the museum still gave us some hope that the new virus would not force us to sit indoors for weeks. In this context, he introduces Poppy, the world’s first system for detecting infectious airborne viruses such as COVID-19, and in relation to other diseases, he shows Paro, a seal who, who knows, treats diseases of the elderly.

In a word, there is only one contradiction in the Museum of the Future: you cannot postpone until tomorrow the visit that needs to be made today (or at least immediately).

Second Space Flight: Time Out Market

We are already familiar with the Time Out Market concept, because the first one appeared in Lisbon in 2014. In April 2021, it arrived in Dubai and became the brand’s 7th market where we can’t eat Rockfish’s lobster risotto, but we have BB Social’s eye-catching crab bao and much more that characterizes Dubai’s gastronomy (which is not nothing but a mixture of flavors from all over the world).

Time out market

BB Social crab Bao.

credits: MAGG

” data-title=”Time Out Market – Dubai. We flew into space twice in one day before gravity pulled us towards the Burj Khalifa – MAGG”> Time out market

BB Social crab Bao. credits: MAGG

The truth is, food doesn’t have to be fancy (and far from it) to make you salivate. All it took was the arrival of garky Pitfire nodes to make us want more and more. But we had to have room for Slab Cocina corn fritters, 21grams spinach phyllo pie, and Masti’s chipotle paneer tikka, “probably the best breaded chicken you’ve ever had,” says Nazila Shafi, marketing manager for Time. Out Market Dubai.

Not to mention Masti’s pani puri ceviche, available in avocado or tuna versions that are reminiscent of flying into space at the speed of sound. The same speed would have been helpful to avoid the confusion that arose on the plate in the first experience with this ceviche served inside a crispy sphere that serves as a glass with a fresh and green sauce that ends up falling all over the place. But only on the first test. And since ceviche pani puri is impossible not to repeat, practice trains. In the mouth (and all at once), the ball bursts, and the flavors explode. Silence follows pleasure (and also with a full mouth).

After this phase, the Scoopi ice cream landed on our table and the ship finally arrived at its destination, a moment typified by the hydrogen placed on top of the popcorn ice cream which left it smoking. Also surprising is the rose and chili ice cream, a combination worth trying following our Dubai tips.

From the description it is clear that there are cuisines of the world, because this is the concept of Time Out Market and also the cuisine of Dubai, with different influences, in particular Indian. And to make sure there’s no shortage of representation, the Dubai market has the Portuguese space Lana Lusa, with offerings ranging from cod à brás (over €20) to pastel de nata (about €3.30).

Every day of the week, music is played on the roof and on the stage. Inside the Time Out Market, a new cultural and local offer is held every Thursday. Each moment can be accompanied by a drink from one of the last three bars serving cocktails with and without alcohol.

New Time Out Market locations will open soon in Prague, Czech Republic, The Pipeline, London, UK, and Porto, Portugal.

Back to earth but close to heaven

Leaving Time Out Market Dubai, we immediately headed to The Dubai Mall gym. Dubai’s iconic mall with a gallery dedicated to luxury stores like Prada and Vercace, a frequented aquarium called Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Five Guys for fans of the American concept and McDonald’s for the curious you can find here if McArabia Chicken (less than 5 euros) and chocolate date cake (about 1.80 euros) like nowhere else.

We didn’t buy anything, but those who shop at this mall can walk many miles to get what they need. Another reason to go to the Dubai Mall is to get to the emblematic Burj Khalifa, which is part of the Armani Hotel we left on our last day.

From the outside, this is the most difficult building to photograph, because its 163 floors, which began construction in 2004 and finished in 2009 (yes, only six years), make it almost impossible to do so. From the inside, it makes life easier for us, allowing us to take home a Dubai landscape that will never be the same again. At the top of the 125th floor accessible to tourists, we noticed that new skyscrapers are being built and new floors are being added to most of the existing ones, which indicates the constant discontent of those who build in Dubai.

From the Burj Khalifa, we saw Edge Walk – where we immediately wanted to return to complete the mission of the last day – and The Dubai Fountain, between Souk Al Bahar (where Time Out Market is located) and Dubai Mall.

dubai fountain

dubai fountain

credits: instagram

“data-title=”Dubai Fountain – Dubai. We flew into space twice in one day before gravity pulled us towards the Burj Khalifa – MAGG”> dubai fountain

dubai fountain credits: instagram

It was there that we went to watch the fountain show, which takes place every day from 19:00 to 22:00, every 30 minutes. The best time to view this time of year is 7:30 pm when you can catch the serene lights of dusk as the water in the fountain dances to classical music. We saw the show at the top of the bridge and again on the esplanade of the Abd El Wahab restaurant, also inside Souk Al Bahar. Hearty meals were served, including baba ghanoush, hummus, pita bread, lamb sausage and muhallabiye, an Arabic milk pudding with a strong and unusual taste of rose water.

In fact, we said goodbye, full of food, full of beauty shows at the Dubai Fountain with the great Burj Khalifa in the background, and a full trip during which we learned a lot about the UAE and the planet itself, because, according to the museum of the future, there is hope.

*MAGG traveled at the invitation of Dubai Tourism.

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