Details of Documents Flight made with money embezzled by the former president of the fund that supports Unincor | south of Minas

Documents received EPTVbranch Rede Globodetail at least nine helicopter flights made with money embezzled by the former president of the Tricordiana Foundation for Public Education (FCTE), which supports the University of Vale do Rio Verde (Unincor) in Tres Corações (Mingguin).

Leandro Rodríguez de Souza was arrested last week and put in charge of a fraudulent scheme investigated in “Operation J’Adobe”, which investigates the embezzlement and money laundering of Unincor and its sponsor. According to the civilian police, the trips were financed by funds received from monthly student fees.

The trips took place, according to the documents, from October 2019 to January 2021. The first flight took place on October 16, 2019 between Angra dos Reis and Marica, tourist towns on the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Report EPTV consulted with the company that made the trip and was told that the cost of this type of trip was about 45,000 reais.

On another flight, on April 15, 2020, on the route between Varginha and Belo Horizonte, Leandro was accompanied by Tres Corações advisor Giuliana Prudencio. From the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, the helicopter went to the Santos Dumont airport in Rio de Janeiro, taking with him instead of Juliana state deputy Noraldino Junior.

Documents detail air travel by ex-president of fund supporting Unincor with embezzled money – Photo: Reproduction / EPTV

Both Julian’s adviser and Noraldino’s deputy belong to the same political party that Leandro ran for mayor of Tres Corações in 2020: the PSC.

Tulio Marco Romano, the former chief executive of a fund associated with Unincor, was also on those flights between Minas and Rio, according to the document. He is also under investigation by the Federal Police.

In agreement with the air transport company, the trip today costs about 72 thousand reais.

“During the investigation, it was found that the then director made several trips to Rio de Janeiro and Espirito Santo, and payment for this trip was made through one of the monthly payment collection companies, which credited the taxi company with the cost related to this movement. . ” said police chief Joao Carlos Girotto after the filmmaker’s arrest.

BUT EPTV contacted Leandro Rodríguez de Souza’s lawyer, but there was no response until this report was last updated. The report was also passed on to Tulio Marcos Romano and has not received a response at the time of publication.

Council member Giuliana Prudencio revealed that the trip she made to Belo Horizonte with Leandro Rodríguez de Sousa was for personal reasons. She stated that she had nothing to do with those under investigation, except for those mentioned in the political campaign of the same party.

Noraldino Junior’s press office said that at the time, Leandro Rodríguez requested a meeting with the national executive director of the Rio de Janeiro-based PSC, and the MP, as party president in Minas, accompanied him to the meeting. The deputy noted that the state president usually accompanies meetings with the national executive.

In March, the Federal Police launched an operation to combat embezzlement and money laundering at the university and its sponsor. Under investigation in the PF case are the University of Vale do Rio Verde (Unincor) and the Tricordiana Community Educational Foundation (FCTE).

The operation was named “J’Adoube”. According to the PF, during the investigation it was found that the fund has a large amount of tax and social insurance debts to the Union, which have already expired. The cost was about 92 million reais. In addition, there were also labor debts from legal proceedings with a final and non-appealable decision that were not paid.

Also, according to PF, FCTE directors and owners of companies set up for illegal activities could deduct amounts from the monthly fees for the courses offered for more than three years. These amounts must be included in the FCTE accounts to pay current payments and debts.

Headquarters of the Federal Police in Varginje – Photo: EPTV reproduction

After the operation, the Federal Police asked the Ministry of Public Affairs to remove the people on the board of the Tricordiana Foundation for Public Education (FCTE), which supports the University of Vale do Rio Verde (Unincor).

Varguigny’s Minister of Education (MG) Glecione Aparecida Diaz was also suspended indefinitely from her duties. She is suspected of being involved in a scheme being investigated by the OP.

In early April, university professors went on strike and protested against non-payment of labor rights, some of which were more than 10 years overdue.

What does the institution say?

In a note, the Tricordiana Foundation for Public Education (FCTE), a sponsor of Unincor, revealed that Prof. Leandro Rodriguez has not been involved in his activities at the institution since the 1st week of April.

The institution also said that, upon request, other managers resigned from their activities and that, as approved at the meeting of the Advisory Board of the Foundation, Professor Dones Nunez and Professor Leonardo Annecino are the defendant and leader of Unincor.

Unincor management also said that all of its academic and administrative activities are going on as usual, with in-person and online classes, and that current salaries are up to date and other issues are already being addressed by the new management.

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