Creative crochet, Samantha’s story: “I would make dolls for work!”

Samantha Luciani it was Samantha until she got her hands on the crochet needles. Then, precisely in the year of the pandemic, it became Weather in Unsinucci for all intents and purposes: a stage name that resembles him, the ogre from Tom Thumb (“Ucci ucci, I can smell Christianucci!”). The thirty-nine-year-old, from Bologna, currently works in a store and is frankly projected onto other horizons, clearly more creative: “From comics to knitting, my dexterity and imagination have always manifested themselves with great energy. Then here, in my house, my mother appears an encyclopedia. on hook”. And the omelet is ready. 2019 has arrived, a year that we will all remember well and that has turned into a crossroads for many. Thus, Samatha/Uncinucci meets the Japanese technique of amigurumi, which can give the craftsmanship a three-dimensionality in terms of a “cute” object.

How did you get started crocheting?

“I start from the very beginning. My parents were always creative about bringing home a loaf, I think that practical spirit influenced me in that I always wanted to turn my artistic ambitions into something that wasn’t very abstract and applied on a professional level. I’m lost in abstraction! I took classes in drawing and various crafts until I found one that helps me feel better about crochet. I learned from old crochet encyclopedias and watched online tutorials. The great thing about the Internet is that for every technical question, there is an exact answer on the web!”.

Passion turned profession?

“Not yet, but I’m working on it. Until 2020, I had a b&b that I had to close due to the pandemic, then I immediately got a job as a saleswoman and have been doing this since then to earn a living. although my nature, of course , leads me more in the direction of autonomous, creative and handmade.I think that is why crochet came into my life in this semi-professional form from a simple passion.It should also be said that I like to be guided by the eye and make decisions step by step, I don’t have a clear design vision, but if I ever have to make a quantum leap, I will be guided and advised by those who may be clearer than I am on these things; I just want to make a lot of dolls at the moment!”.

Why do you love crocheting so much?

“The crochet process appeals to me for several reasons, one of the main ones is that you need very few and cheap tools, which also attracted me to the practice of drawing. The fact that anyone, anywhere, and even with small means, can apply in one discipline or another fascinates me; this is probably due to an allergy to some snobbish circles and the class aspect of many artistic disciplines, in which, let’s say, almost only those who have money appear. I like to take myself too seriously so there is always irony in the things I do so in the past drawing has led me to comics which have a lot of ironic potential and now crochet to make severed horse heads and pop characters When I learning to crochet, I was often worried only by the images. kaiwaii of this practice, it did not belong to me at all, it was very natural to desecrate it with objects that contrasted with the softness and tenderness of the finished object.

How long does it take to create one of your characters?

“Making a doll takes a long time, from 5 to even 20 hours depending on the theme and size. When I talk about it, people are surprised, it’s not cheap at all in terms of time and instead of being distant, this is what attracts me: the fact that I spend so much time with the things that I create allows me to establish relationships, ask yourself a lot of questions, find new solutions to problems… basically think! First of all, think about technical problems, which distract me for a good length of time from my natural tendency to plunge into dark mental abstractions.

You have real portraits of more or less famous people: do you make them to order?

“Yes, I call them my puppets, and today I have reproduced with cotton wool Karl Marx, Alessandro Barbero, Ornella Vanoni, Maradona. Just name a few famous names. There is no limit to the imagination!”.

What will be your future creations? Any expectation?

“I have a lot of puppets in the works, one of which I can’t wait to dedicate myself to is Michael Pollan, an American investigative writer and journalist whose books have been such a little bible to me. I’ve been thinking about this for some time. time and, finally, I may have found someone who ordered me! Then Marina Abramovich is immortalized in the performance The artist is presentor a series of ugly animals to make puccioso, then Antonio Gramsci, Amanda Lear, Marie Curie… in short, I just need to find more time, I already know how to fill it!”.

What is your favorite character from the ones you’ve created so far?

“Of course, Karl Marx! Which, by the way, I made in black and white, which, frankly, is a little funny…”.

How big are they?

“The average size is about 25 centimeters, but I also make smaller ones, for example, key rings”

Let’s face it, crochet is considered a grandma’s job! How do you respond to this prejudice?

“Yes, very true. But only a few years ago! Thanks to the amigurumi technique, which can be applied to many things, this crochet bias was cleared through customs. Proof that my doilies turned into deconstructed messages!” .

How are you doing?

“They are on social media, in the markets of Bologna and in some marketplaces.”

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