Circus and street performers for Ballarò Buskers, sauerkraut and beer with Oktoberfest: things to do on the weekend

Circus and street performers, sauerkraut and draft beer, laughter, excursions, musicals. It’s all there this weekend in mid-October. The Ballarò Buskers Festival, an international circus event in the square, returns to one of Palermo’s historic markets. On the other hand, in Sanlorenzo Oktoberfest will bring a bit of Munich to Palermo. There will also be tourism related events such as Le Vie dei Tesori or Fai Autumn Days which offer guided tours from above (from Porta Nuova to Loggiato San Bartolomeo). Space also for comic theater with a show dedicated to Toto and musicals from Chicago at the Al Massimo Theatre.

All events on the calendar

Circus and street performers in Ballaro

Take, for example, one of the most famous historical markets in the world with fruit and vegetable stalls among noble palaces, telling of a glorious past, hinting at one of the most beautiful and lively historical centers, a close-knit and multi-ethnic community that interweaves everyday relationships and supports you. Add to all this the magic and charm of street art shows and you have “Ballaro Street Music Festival“. The international street art festival in the city of Palermo, which this year is taking place for the sixth time and returns to the streets and among the people without restrictions – after two years of the pandemic – with a large number of international artists, a large number of spaces involved and a great desire to be together.

Oktoberfest arrives in Palermo

Palermo like MunichSicilian Oktoberfest: Friday, 14, Saturday, 15 and Sunday, October 16, starting at 18:00, in Sanlorenzo, October is celebrated with five unusual draft beer stations, which will be specially installed in the outer arcade of the Market. Each of them will be attended by so many producers to explain and present their craft beer. Prickly pear beer flavored with orange or tangerine zest, with Sicilian black bee honey, with ancient Sicilian grains: these are just some of the strictly Sicilian craft beers that can be tasted throughout the weekend.

Visits and discoveries with Le Vie dei Tesori

It will be a weekend of scientific collections, the opening of shelves, artifacts, volumes and documents, where only researchers and university professors stick their noses. The collections of the University of Palermo are an amazing universe to discover: this new weekend Treasure Paths – the third part of the review, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – you can afford to submit to tricks: here are the propellers and pistons of the aircraft of the two wars in the Historical Museum of Engines and Mechanisms, inside the Polytechnic School or not far away to understand that there is a model in the Gipsothek in building 8 Mole Antonelliana to scale.

Palermo from above with Fai Days

“Palermo told from above”: this is the theme chosen by the young people of the Palermo delegation to celebrate the eleventh edition “Faye Autumn Days“. Porta Nuova, first opened to the public by Fai Palermo in the 2016 edition and again for appointment this year in collaboration with the military command of the Sicilian army; Loggiato San Bartolomeo with panoramic terrace in collaboration with the Sant’Elia Foundation and the Carmine monumental complex in Ballaro with a majolica dome.In the province, on the other hand, naturalistic and historical-cultural routes in the Madonite villages of Castelbuono and Isnello.

Show dedicated to the legendary Toto

Palazzo Riso in Palermo takes “Toto in Sicily – Toto Neapolitan and Sicilian Part”, a show featuring stories and sketches by a Neapolitan comedian, but mostly dealing with Sicily, starting with Anna Clemente, Toto’s mother, who was actually a Sicilian. But Toto has always been associated with Sicilian actors and writers, he played Luigi Pirandello in films in two films, the very famous “This is Life” (with the episode “La patche” taken from the novel of the same name) and the lesser known “Man, Beast and Virtue” , in which Toto played with Hollywood stars such as Orson Welles and Vivian Romans.

Musical at Al Massimo Theater

Noir, comedy and musical. “Chicago”, one of the most presented musical theater productions in the world, on Broadway for 35 years, arrives in Palermo for the first time under the direction of Saverio Marconi, king of the Italian musical. Cult dances, mesmerizing jazz music, a very poignant satire about how changeable public opinion is under the influence of the media and how spectacularly a crime can be portrayed. The musical with lyrics by Frank Ebb, music by John Kander, screenplay by Frank Ebb and Bob Fosse will be staged at the Al Massimo Theatre. On stage is the cast of the School of Performing Arts, which in 11 years brought the Broadway cast to Italy.

Migrant Literature Festival

“City of the Future” – the theme of the eighth issue Migrant Literature Festival, conceived by Davide Camarrone and managed by a committee that, along with him, includes Dario Oliveri, Simone Arcagni, Giuseppe Cutino, Domenica Perrone, Agata Polizzi, Eva Valvo. A publication that doubles the dates of the Festival at the Palermo Cultural Laboratory: Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, which, together with the numerous cultural operators who work there and with whom FLM works closely, will make the exhibition an expression of the entire city in motion. and I listen.

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