Charges for using children’s spaces in BH restaurants divide opinions; comprehend

In addition to fresh beer and snacks, Belo Horizonte’s restaurants and bars are betting on an old but unconventional service to attract more customers: spaces for children. But if attractions are a reason to celebrate for children, they end up becoming an extra expense for parents who want to enjoy a moment of leisure while the little ones have fun in the playgrounds.

Some establishments have outsourced entertainment areas to children’s entertainment companies or have hired their own employees to perform the service. The result is a charge ranging from R $ 10 to R $ 60, in BH, to cover the additional costs necessary to establish the children’s fun. The values, however, are far from unanimous.

Dr Fábio de Souza Neto, 45, was taken by surprise on the 9th when he received the news of the indictment so that his two daughters, aged 7 and 2, could use the recreation area of ​​a traditional steakhouse in the northeast region from BH. The price was R $ 15 for each. “I see the children’s space as an extra attraction and I see it as a courtesy to attract families. I disagree with the charge, I think the amount charged for the meal should already include expenses like these, ”he complained.

Disagreeing, Fábio prioritizes establishments where the game is free. , he reflects. “It seems that we customers and consumers are always the ones paying the most expensive bill. Soon they will charge you for the use of the bathroom, if you use a special car seat for children. They always find ways to explore more,” criticized Neto. With a different vision, Carol Monteiro shares the values, which guarantee a moment of relaxation for parents.

“I think it’s fantastic when the entrepreneur remembers that we parents also want to have fun and having a safe, clean and well-kept space for children does not interfere with other customers and the whole family has fun”, she commented in a post made in a facebook group on restaurants in Belo Horizonte.

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Al Paladino, in Pampulha, is one of the paid places. The offer of attractions ranges from rustic toys to walks in the woods in the area. The little ones also participate in activities to feed the animals living in the restaurant, which has a farm concept, as well as interactions in the garden.

“We have already gone through several stages such as the magic theater, the painting monitor, the zip line. And in this resumption of the pandemic, we have returned our activities to the recreational and agricultural side. Our restaurant is for Minas regional food and other businesses have to talk about it, ”said Marcelo Haddad, owner chef of Paladino.

The work in the garden and with the animals involves observers, biologists and agronomists, guarantees the chef. Vets must also be part of the team, which still has the support of a recreational company. Prices for participation vary: R $ 30 for those who will only do one of the activities (forest trail, pony riding, planting seedlings, painting, etc.) or R $ 60 to participate in all the attractions.

“It is a way to generate income, but also to have an extra attraction in the restaurant and add value for those who come here,” reiterates Haddad. Another space with a similar service is Mercado da Boca. Of the five units in BH, three have spaces for children, also paying extra for the service: Castelo, Buritis and Cidade Nova.

Owner of the brand, Lucas Vereza, pointed out that the work was also outsourced to a company specializing in the sector. In addition to the monitors, some special actions are occasionally scheduled such as shows and gadgets of movie and cartoon characters. The price varies from R $ 22 to R $ 38 reais and there is no limitation of presence in the space.

“Space for children is a big influence on people’s decision to go to a place. We really appreciate quality and that’s the big difference, ”he details. Unlike Paladin, children have access to ball pools, slides, and traditional toys there.

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Located on Rua Pium-i, in the bohemian street of the Sion district, the Almanaque pub varies its price based on the day. From Monday to Friday, the value is R $ 9.90. On Saturdays and Sundays the fee is R $ 15.90.

In addition to monitors to accompany children in toys, the differential is video monitoring. “We have cameras that project images of children playing and the father can follow the children at the table through scattered televisions,” points out the owner partner, Felipe Aguiar.

On weekends, when demand increases, the administration also hires characters to make animations. “We have unlimited use and it ends up costing up to the cost of a beer. It’s a cheap service for what we offer ”, he justifies himself.

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Unlike other restaurants, Tudo na Brasa, in Castelo, is one of those with a fee for children’s entertainment. Space marketing coordinator Beatriz Gomes remembers that the toys are similar to those in a playground, but there is a limit of 15 to 20 children playing at the same time.

“We have a monitor that takes care of children, because some ages require more care. And we also put on bracelets and do groups of classes to delimit the time ”, she reiterates. Other examples where there is no charge are Amarelin, in Santo Antônio, Xapuri, in Pampulha, as well as Boi Werneck, in Buritis.

The billing is not irregular

Despite differences of opinion, the allegation made by some restaurants for the use of the children’s space is not uneven, according to David Guedes, a relationship lawyer at the Brazilian Institute for Consumer Protection (Idec).

“When there are a variety of attractions for children, it is an extra service and the facility has a responsibility to maintain these toys and attractions with quality and safety. But this generates costs and will likely be passed on, ”he explains.

However, it warns of the care that parents must pay when they go to a bar or restaurant that practices charging. “These values ​​must be communicated to parents in all possible ways. If he wants to take the child to play, he cannot be taken by surprise at the time of the bill. It constitutes a violation of the right to information of the Consumer Defense Code ”, she warns.

Another point of attention concerns the balance between what is charged and what services are offered; “If it’s a simple space, with few attractions, there’s no reason to charge R $ 100, R $ 80. There has to be reason to avoid a disproportionate charge,” he adds.


The president of the Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants (Abrasel) in Minas, Matheus Daniel, says the service is a differential for the houses that invest in the branch. He states that there is no guidance or recommendation from the institution on how recreation should be offered.

“It is something very special, if the restaurant offers a good quality of service, it is a fair rate. When there is live music, which is also an ancillary activity, people pay the cover charge, ”she compared.

According to him, investment is already common in many factories, including to expand capacity. “It’s a trend for restaurants that serve families, understanding what the market needs and what the customer wants,” he says.

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