Researchers reveal the benefits of plant-based eating

posted on 06/26/2022 07:00 Compounds found in vegetables help the human body produce substances that prevent chronic disease – (Credit: Shutterstock / University of Barcelona / Disclosure) Much associated with religions and philosophies advocating animal liberation, vegetarianism has come to attract the attention of science in recent years. The diet that excludes this type of … Read more

Festa Junina continues to deliver also in the month of July – 25/06/2022 – Restaurants

With the end of June, the fairs of São Paulo enter the final stretch and begin to dismantle the stalls with quentão, cured corn, rice pudding and other foods typical of this time of year. But, despite this, you can still enjoy the classic June party treats in delivery. Several restaurants, bakeries and patisseries have … Read more

The healing powers of my grandmother’s macaroni salad

It’s just a bowl of noodles. A pot, in my case, because I don’t have the basketball-sized Tupperware bowl my grandmother uses, but it’s still just a bowl of noodles, topped with the most stereotypical American ingredient: miraculous whisk, mayonnaise, a little ‘of seasoning with pickles. It’s a bowl of noodles, but now it’s more. … Read more

Profile of the experimental agricultural network

You can grow your way. Throughout the spring and summer we play in the garden; join us for step-by-step guides, highly recommended tools, backyard tours, juicy and ripe recipes, and more. Let’s get our hands dirty. Kandahar “Badenjan Sesame” aubergines; Hungarian black pepper from Kiskenfelegyhaza, Hungary; tomato from Isfahan, Iran, browsing the seed catalog on … Read more

See Recipes and menus for losing weight

Preparing meals at home – or at least most of them – offers numerous health benefits and even weight loss. If you already do, continue; if you haven’t started yet, it’s time to get your hands dirty to take better care of your food. From a health point of view, as explained in a VivaBem … Read more