The exhibition “Disney, the art of telling timeless stories” arrives at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa.

Genoa. Telling timeless stories that have managed to captivate the audience is considered true art, but behind the immediacy inherent in the perfect artistic result lies – as is often the case in the art world – a work of creative search, lasting years, usually unknown to those who listen. to these stories. After success … Read more

Music, Culture and Film Weekend: Venus in Latteria, Capital of Culture and Tognazzi

Do you want to advertise on this site? Autumn is the perfect time for festivals, conferences, and informal conversations. about books, movies, works of art: so this weekend I’m right cultural initiatives be the owner. The presentation of (part of) the program opens the dance. Bergamo and Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023, during which … Read more

Von Gogh, oil and the imminent end of the world

What is the influence that is being translated into today that comes from the planet on which we live, from which a person drives a car, say, into what we conditionally call the Anthropocene? Let me explain, besides global warming, climate change, pandemics and so on, is there an impact on daily life that we … Read more

“Dedication to bees”. The first multimedia eco-painting is born in Carrara

CARRARA – Italy’s first multimedia eco mural, Impollinèmesi, born in Carrara, on the steps of Monterosso, October 14, 2022: a completely new work created by Zed1 with sound interventions by sound engineer Alessio Mosti and sculptural interventions by Silvia. Scaringella, which, while paying tribute to the importance and function of bees in the ecosystem, transforms … Read more

Lauro Rossi has 14 shows for every taste and three Sundays with the Pier Luigi Pizzi family returns

MACERATA – The new season was presented by adviser Katusha Cassetta and director Amat Gilberto Santini. Scheduled for February 14th and 15th is “Pour un oui ou pour un non” by the former Artistic Director of Sferisterio. October 14, 2022 – 05:03 PM – loading testimony Commissioner Katusha Cassetta and Director Amata Gilberto Santini at … Read more

Circus and street performers for Ballarò Buskers, sauerkraut and beer with Oktoberfest: things to do on the weekend

Circus and street performers, sauerkraut and draft beer, laughter, excursions, musicals. It’s all there this weekend in mid-October. The Ballarò Buskers Festival, an international circus event in the square, returns to one of Palermo’s historic markets. On the other hand, in Sanlorenzo Oktoberfest will bring a bit of Munich to Palermo. There will also be … Read more

Weekend with CiocoPaese, truffle fair, chestnut festival, Fellini, Oh what a beautiful castle, markets and exhibitions

Weekends are full of events not to be missed. It starts (or rather continues) with the National Fair of Expensive White Truffle in Sant’Agata Feltria, the Chestnut Festival in Montefiore Conca, and for dessert, CiocoPaese in Riccione. Rimini “dresses up” to celebrate the patron saint of San Gaudenzo and further enrich the city’s festive offer, … Read more

weekend events in Milan

Another weekend has come in Milan and events, as always, did not take long! Last days Wine Week in Milan, which, with its six districts, accompanies the Milanese to discover the great Italian and international labels. Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October arrive FAI autumn daysto celebrate the beauty of the Italian artistic heritage, with … Read more

Rebecca Zlotowski, Alien Children

In Venice 79’s crowded competition of 23 entries, even artistic director Alberto Barbera was forced to admit that some films may have been too many while defending their quality. Each of the spectators present at the Lido, in accordance with their personal tastes, played in search of uninvited guests: after all, in the notorious “Pagellon” … Read more