Canela: discover one of the best destinations in the Serra Gaúcha . region

Considered one of the best destinations in the region of Hortênsias, in Serra Gaúcha, it brings together dozens of theme and natural parks, Germanic architecture, culture and many gastronomic and beer options.

Located 115 kilometers from Porto Alegre, Canela has an excellent hotel structure, with inns and hotels that leave nothing to be desired in terms of comfort and sophistication. Access is via the RS 235 highway, one of the most beautiful in the country, amid charming beds of hydrangeas and araucaria forests.

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July is the busiest month

The city started to take on tourism in 1944, when a casino was opened in the Palace Hotel. The game attracted many visitors from Brazil and also from neighboring countries. The high season is winter, especially July, and the end of the year, from November to the first half of January, with many events related to Christmas. It’s no wonder that the destination attracts thousands of visitors from different parts of Brazil. It is also worth visiting the region between February and May or September and October.

best time to visit

Winter, between May and August, is the most popular time for tourists to visit to travel Cinnamon. During these months it is quite cold in the region, with negative temperatures and even snow. Summer, on the other hand, is very hot with an average of 35 degrees.

How do you get

There are flights from São Paulo to Porto Alegre with Gol, Azul and Latam. From the airport of the capital Rio Grande do Sul it is possible to travel by rental car, bus or transport from a tourist company.

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Canela . Tourism

snail waterfall

Canela is surrounded by greenery and has 25 nature and theme parks. It is an invitation for romantic couples, families seeking outdoor leisure and those who enjoy adventure tourism.

The landscapes are breathtaking and unforgettable, with numerous valleys, hills, trails and waterfalls, the most important of which is the Cascata do Caracol, one of the most famous postcards of Rio Grande do Sul.

Located in the Caracol State Park, the waterfall can be seen from a vantage point right at the entrance to the site. It is also possible to observe it via the funiculars next to the park, on the RS 466 highway. The attraction falls over a stone wall in Vale da Lageana. It is one of the highlights of ecotourism in the region.

extreme attractions

Another natural attraction is the Parque da Ferradura, which has several trails and a large 420-meter-deep canyon with the Caí River. It is possible to see many species of wildlife in space, such as coatis. For those who love adrenaline, Canela offers places for extreme sports.

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There are activities for all ages and with varying degrees of difficulty. Visitors can choose to hike, quad, horseback ride, and bike, in addition to rafting on the Paranhana River and abseiling on the Três Forquilhas stream. There are 50 meters of wall, 47 meters of negative slope, a challenge that intimidates many beginners.

Family fun

For those traveling with the family, the city offers many opportunities for fun in the theme parks. Among them Terra Mágica Florybal, with a circuit of trails with folkloric and mythical characters, on the Caracol road. It’s also worth a visit to Alpen Park, which has activities such as zip lines and rollercoaster sledding, on the Arnaldo Oppitz highway.

Another interesting attraction is the Mundo Frozen do Capitão, the first ice amusement park in Latin America. The space is a cave with 30 tons of ice and 140 m2 and 40 meters long.

The temperature is minus 10 degrees Celsius all year round. Visitors are given a thick coat to withstand the cold and can enjoy about 16 ice sculptures and the Ice Bar, as well as furniture and fixtures.

stone cathedral

From major urban and economic development, especially to the agro-industry and the furniture, wood and knitting segments, Canela was influenced by the German settlers of the 19th century. Bavarian style houses.

With just over 42,000 inhabitants, the city has a calm indoor climate and there are plenty of points of interest worth visiting. And one of the most important is the imposing Stone Cathedral, the name by which the Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora de Lourdes is known.

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Located in the central region of the commune, it has an English Gothic style with a striking 65-meter tower, a carillon of 12 bronze bells made in Italy and stained glass windows that are authentic works of art, as well as the decorations and the altar, with the theme of the Lord’s Supper.

Inside there are panels depicting the “Appearance of Our Lady”, the “Allegory of the Angels” and the “Annunciation”. That beauty led to the Church being a candidate for one of Brazil’s Seven Wonders in 2010.

Mundo a Vapor Park


Theme Park ‘Steam World’

the theme park Mundo a Vapor is one of the most popular attractions in Canela. The facade attracts a lot of attention, which mimics a famous railway accident that happened in Paris in 1895, when a high-speed locomotive crossed Montparnasse station, crossed one of the walls and hung 12 meters high.

In the park, which was built in the 1950s, visitors will find a collection of miniatures that represent mankind’s great achievements in steam power.

Omar Urbani, creator of Mundo a Vapor, began producing miniatures using materials discarded by his parents’ mechanical workshop. Finally, there is also the option of a locomotive ride for the enjoyment of adults and children.

Canela also has many other tourist sites. Among them, the famous Castelinho Caracol, one of the first houses in the city with Germanic architecture and trying to save the customs of German immigrants in the region, the fashion, automobile and Beatles museums, Vale dos Dinossauros, Parque das Cequoias, Ecoparque Sperry, Estação Verde Park and Mundo da Vela.

Lookout for stone slabs

For those who want to enjoy the view of the Canela region, the recommended place is the Mirante Laje de Pedra. From the top it is possible to admire and photograph the mountains of Vale do Quilombo, with its crevices, walls and small towns in the background. The viewpoint is located next to Hotel Laje de Pedra (which has ceased operations), in a condominium with beautiful houses, tree-lined streets and lakes. Entrance is free.

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Christmas presentation in the town of Canela
Christmas decoration is an attraction in Canela


christmas dream

Held 32 years ago, the Christmas Dream event integrates beautiful Christmas decorations with shows and other attractions. How could it be otherwise, the main show is the arrival of Santa Claus. And the “good old man” arrives in style, descending through the tower of the Catedral de Pedra, amid a grandiose show of lights and fireworks.

Station ‘Campos de Canella’

The city’s iconic train station is one of the tourist attractions in the Serra Gaúcha region. The historic locomotive, built in 1909 in Belgium, has its carriages open to the public. The traditional theme park Mundo a Vapor is a partner in the project that carries the passion for trains.

The locomotive received special effects and now imitates the same sounds of the tinkle of gears on the rails, the hiss of the chimney and the sound of the brake on arrival at the destination as in the past. The smoke that came out of the chimney when consuming the wood to move the train is also back, this time artificial.

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The public-private initiative saved the municipality’s relationship with trains and rails, while freeing up space for new places of culture, entertainment, commerce and a gastronomic center. Built by João Correa, between 1913 and 1924, the old railway transported wood and connected Canela with Taquara, then with São Leopoldo and Porto Alegre. The entire line was shut down in 1964.

Tip: Bus tour

Canela has a hop-on hop-off bus line, which, in addition to Gramado, also runs past the city’s main tourist attractions.

Places to stay

  • Pousada Cravo e Canela

Luxurious mansion with 11 suites and thermal pool. Daily rate for couples, with breakfast. It integrates the Association of Luxury Hotels and Inns, Roteiros de Charme.

The centuries-old hotel is located in a park with an area of ​​85,000 m2. Daily rate for couples, with breakfast.

Cinnamon gastronomy

The municipality is also a gastronomic destination, with bars and restaurants of different typical cuisines, mainly German, Italian and Gaucho. The traditional barbecue, delicious colonial coffee, romantic fondue and homemade chocolate are also available.

*By Luciano Emiliano and Roberto Maia

Text originally published in Qual Viagem magazine (Edition 78).

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