Campos do Jordão, a trip to do in winter

The city of São Paulo is one of the most sought-after destinations by Brazilians from all over, when temperatures begin to drop

In many regions of the country, temperatures are already starting to drop and winter tourism is already becoming popular with travel agencies, of course for those who like to chill in front of the fireplace and drink a good wine. And Brazil has many very cozy destinations for this time of year, especially in the South and Southeast regions, where temperatures drop slightly more than in the other regions of the country.

If you like the cold and coziness, your destination might be Campos do Jordão, a town in the Paraíba Valley, in São Paulo.

At this time of year, the main attraction of the city is the cold weather. Sub-freezing temperatures predominate in the early hours, giving way to frost-covered mornings. The ice melts little by little with the first rays of the sun and the fresh air refreshes your breath. Tourists fill the streets of one of Brazil’s most visited winter cities in search of relaxation, coldness and the bustle of the high season. Fireplaces, hot drinks, and dozens of dining options await visitors. The International Winter Festival spreads music throughout the city in the main churches, outside on the Praça de Capivari, in the auditorium “Cláudio Santoro” and in the Palácio da Boa Vista, enchanting residents and tourists. A good wine and fondue complement the visit to the mountains in the long-awaited season of the year.

July sees the famous Campos do Jordão International Winter Festival, considered the most important classical music event in Latin America. Among the national attractions, it is worth mentioning the orchestras conducted by prestigious conductors and accompanied by renowned soloists of international renown. If you like music and culture, a visit to the city during this period is a must. But if all you think about is resting and enjoying the cold weather, Campos do Jordão is still the option.

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Campos do Jordão is located in Serra da Mantiqueira, 180 kilometers from the capital São Paulo. Considered the highest city in Brazil, there are several tours surrounded by nature in a mix of colors and hues, to the sound of the wind and birds, as well as cultural attractions. Pure mountain air in a city of just over 52,000 inhabitants, the winter seasons are the peak with freezing temperatures and frost, in the fall the city prepares with dry leaves on the sidewalks. In spring and summer, the pleasant temperatures and the color of nature invite you to days of rest, peace and conviviality.

The city is part of the tourist circuit of Mantiqueira, which consists of seven cities: (Campos do Jordão, Monteiro Lobato, Pindamonhangaba, Piquete, Santo Antônio do Pinhal, São Bento do Sapucaí and São Francisco Xavier – district of São José dos Campos) , located in the state of São Paulo, on the border of the states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro and share the exuberant nature and richness of culture and handicrafts.

See some of the cultural, adventure and ecotourism attractions and production related to tourism that Campos do Jordão offers and plan your trip.

If you like altitude, a tip is to ride a cable car and reach the top of Morro do Elefante, at an altitude of 1800 meters. Built in 1972, it was the first to be commissioned in Brazil. From there, the tourist has a privileged view of the city.

Another great tip is to visit the “Felícia Leirner” Museum, the only open-air museum in Brazil. In the buildings of the auditorium “Cláudio Santoro” about 100 bronze and granite sculptures are housed in perfect harmony with nature.

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It is also interesting to visit the Xylography Museum. The museum’s collection includes works by more than 400 xylographers. It also has a wood carving workshop, a typography workshop and a specialized library.

For children, a good time is to visit Parque da Floresta Encantada, a children’s theme park where you can find houses with different characters that live up to the imagination of the little ones.

With a rich cultural and artistic collection, Palácio da Boa Vista is the official winter residence of the governor of the state of São Paulo and houses sculptures and paintings by famous artists, in addition to beautiful furniture. Built in a medieval style, it is a must to visit.

The Monastery of São João, known as Convento das Beneditinas, is a space for those seeking tranquility and integration with nature and good music. And the best part is that they sing Gregorian chant every day.

A must-see is to take the train in the center of Capivari, in Campos do Jordão, at Emílio Ribas station and go to Eugenio Lefévrè station, in Santo Antonio do Pinhal, through Vale do Lageado, with a height of 1743 meters. is considered the point highest railway in Brazil. From there you can see the Pedra do Baú complex and the Boa Vista Palace. In addition to this train ride, visitors can opt for two more different routes: the funicular that runs along the central axis of the city; and Maria Fumaça, who leaves Capivari and goes to Abernessia.

For beer lovers, the Baden-Baden brewery opens its factory to visitors to learn more about the entire artisanal production process. The guided tour also includes tastings and a visit to the store to purchase produce.

The nature of Campos do Jordão is beautiful and enchants every tourist. There are several forests with trails that are ideal for ecotourism. Don’t miss Rancho Santo Antonio, a place specialized in adventure tourism; the Flores que Voam Butterfly Garden, with numerous live species of butterflies; the Mountain Fishing Eco Park; the Tarundu Leisure Center and many other places that will make your trip unforgettable.

A visit to the Ducha de Prata complex is a moment of distraction and relaxation for the whole family. Tourists can take very cold baths in the various water jets that emerge from the waterfall channel. The place offers a wide infrastructure with snack bars, handicraft and chocolate shops. Checking out!

There is still time to enjoy winter in Campos do Jordão, after all, the coldest season has not officially started yet. Enjoying!

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