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Discover the detailed summary of Tomorrow Belongs to Us in the preview of season 6 of episode 1298 broadcast on Wednesday, October 19, 2022 on TF1. Sébastien continues to fall in love with Claire… who doesn’t seem to really be in love deep down. What is he hiding? Régis’ killer is actively sought.

The complete summary of the telenovela ADN of the episode in advance of 10/19/2022. Find #TomorrowWeBelong spoilers in the preview, everything you need to know about the episode.

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The Dauniers in mourning after the death of Régis / TF1 screenshot from

Find the full summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1298 broadcast on TF1 on Wednesday 19th October 2022 (see summaries before tomorrow belongs to us ): the summary of the previous episode Tomorrow belongs to us from 10/18/2022 It is online. Nouvelletes-Télé.com offers you the full summary of the episode below.

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William tries to find out what really happened the moment he saw Régis. William and Bénédicte go to the morgue to identify Régis’s body.

Régis would have died between 4 and 6 pm from a punch, indeed he was attacked… he was the victim of a violent attack that caused him to hemorrhage. Lisa thinks it was an altercation gone wrong.

Karim found the taxi that took Brigitte to the station… that makes her innocent to Régis. On the other hand, Régis’ blue card used after his death.

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Camille tells her grandfather about her doubts about her relationship with Dorian

Audrey got Leo’s full adoption, Damien thinks she shouldn’t worry about him anymore.

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Charlie knows Sylvain Moreno’s secret / TF1 screenshot from

Sébastien and Claire spent a good weekend together getting to know each other. Sébastien had booked 2 rooms… Claire thought they would sleep together. To make up for lost time, Claire suggests that they meet again tonight.

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Claire is determined to sleep with Sebastien / TF1 screenshot from

Damien has given up his day so they can spend time together…but they’re always upset about Jack and then Alma, who forgot her headphones. Then it’s a beep that disturbs them… the fire alarm going off for no reason.

William and Bénédicte are devastated when they see Régis’s body. Their father’s personal effects are given to them.

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Marianne knows all of Sébastien’s little secrets / TF1 screenshot from

Manon calls Sofia to tell her about her grandfather’s death. Sofia can’t come to her funeral because of her broken leg.
Dorian tells Manon that he is glad they have come together so that Régis and Brigitte can get back together.

Nordine announces to Manon and Dorian that Brigitte has been exonerated… but they still don’t have a concrete lead on who was responsible for Régis’s death.

Marianne meets Sébastien at the Spoon, they share a coffee together. He tells her that she wanted to be a knight by taking 2 rooms. Sébastien explains that Claire would have liked him to be more entrepreneurial. Marianne judges that Sébastien was clumsy.
Marianne wants to prescribe Sébastien benzodiazepines so he can better manage his stress.

Camille meets her grandfather Sébastien: she tells him that she feels like she is at the end of the race with Dorian. A boy turns Camille upside down just as Dorian learns of her grandfather’s death.

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Hard blow for Dorian and Bénédicte / TF1 screenshot from

Tomorrow belongs to us in advance on October 18, 2022: Sylvain Moreno and Régis linked?

The vehicle that had an accident with Régis was a serigraphed utility vehicle. Georges identified the car with surveillance cameras: the car belongs to Sylvain Moreno.

Claire arrives at Sébastien’s office: she tells him that she wanted to see where he worked. They kiss and have sex in his office. Claire is not afraid.

William comes to apologize to his mother for wrongfully accusing her.
Régis sent an email to Brigitte on the day of his death: he did not completely close the door on returning to Paris. Brigitte doesn’t understand why she didn’t tell him about her debts.

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Georges advances in the investigation / Screenshot TF1 by

Charlie is convinced that Sylvain is not going to see Alex… but to his circle of players. Sylvain confesses…but Christelle doesn’t know.

Highlights Tomorrow belongs to us from October 18, 2022: what to remember

– Brigitte is no longer charged for the death of Régis
– Georges has utility advantage on Sylvain Moreno
– Sylvain Moreno plays poker but Christelle doesn’t notice
– Sofia will not come to Régis’s funeral because she broke her leg
– Claire and Sébastien sleep together

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Our opinion

the +

  • Emilie and Sébastien… the relationship doesn’t seem very healthy. She is quite cold and he is madly in love. It’s interesting to see where this story will take us.
  • William and Bénédicte are the perfect brother and sister: the duo is well matched Honorine Magnier and Kamel Belghazi are excellent recruits in the series…even if they weren’t present at launch. They are 100% integrated
  • Sylvain Moreno’s return: what else does he have in store for us? Will he squander all the wealth gained on poker?


  • Audrey and Damien trying hard to make love… a little fun but nothing more. We would have been fine without his scenes.

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