Big! Earn 15 Livelo Points for every dollar spent on Ciclic Travel Insurance.

Planning your next trip but haven’t taken out travel insurance yet? OUR alive offers an incredible 15 points per dollar spent on getting any insurance from Cyclical. The offer is valid only today (14).

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15 Livelo points for every dollar spent on Ciclic Travel Insurance.

*Livelo Points will be credited within 30 days from the date you return from your trip.

how to enjoy

To purchase Ciclic travel insurance, simply follow these steps:

  1. Access the Ciclic website in partnership with Livelo;
  2. Fill in the details of your trip;
  3. Choose the plan that best suits you;
  4. Complete your travel insurance contract!

purchase example

In the example below, we are simulating the purchase of travel insurance for Australia (7 days on the road).

Company plans will be displayed on the next screen. The 55% discount is applied automatically. Note that the parity score of 15 points per dollar spent is displayed just below the prices.

After choosing a plan and filling in your details, you just need to sign a travel insurance contract!

PP Discount Coupon

If you prefer an additional 10% discount instead of accumulating Livelo points, you can use our exclusive discount coupon. See step by step below:

  1. This site is cyclic;
  2. Click on the icon “Travel insurance“;
  3. Fill in the details of your trip;
  4. add coupon “FIRST PASSENGER [sem aspas];
  5. Complete your travel insurance contract!

Additional coverage for COVID-19

All Ciclic travel coverages can be upgraded with additional coverage for COVID-19.

Features of Ciclic Travel Insurance

Ciclic offers full coverage so you can travel with peace of mind. See below the main features of the company’s plans:

  • Emergency medical and dental care without putting your hand in your pocket

In the event of a medical or dental emergency, you simply need to contact the company who will refer you to the nearest hospital to you. You don’t have to pay anything at this location. The insurance covers medical and hospital care during the trip, including those due to pre-existing or chronic illnesses.

The insurance offers coverage up to 1200 reais in case your bag gets lost along the way.

If your flight is delayed, you can also count on Ciclic Travel Insurance. Food, transportation, and/or phone calls are capped at $100 per contracted plan. You will be eligible for this coverage from the 6th hour of the delay.

  • Refund in case of bankruptcy of the company

If the airline you are flying with closes its doors, you will be protected and Ciclic will refund your ticket.

The insurance has a list of 25 reasons for cancellation and covers you if you need to return earlier than expected.

If there is an extension of your return on medical advice, the insurance will cover your stay.

  • The world’s largest accredited travel assistance network

Over 17 thousand cities with 24/7 support, 16 languages ​​and 190 countries with direct service.

  • Whatever the reason for your trip

Study abroad, for the family or play sports at your leisure.

  • Coverage for any journey

In addition to air coverage, insurance offers sea and land coverage.


This is a great opportunity for you to guarantee safety and peace of mind on your next trip while earning 15 Livelo Points for every dollar you spend! It is worth noting that the offer is valid only today (14th) and that Livelo points will be credited within 30 days from the date of return from the trip.

Are you thinking of using it? Click here to purchase travel insurance.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance

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