Because spring!! Check out 9 perfect flower destinations to visit this season

Ah, spring has come! It’s time to say goodbye to cold days and prepare for the sun and milder temperatures… The flower season in Brazil starts today, September 22, and will last until December 21. This is the most charming and charming time in most of the country. To help you choose the best travel destinations this season, we’ve brought you nine blooming city options that could be great requests!

1. Holambra, Sao Paulo

Holambra, known as the city of flowers, is located about 130 km from the capital. The “Brazilian Netherlands”, as they are also called because they are one of the main strongholds of Dutch immigration to Brazil, present European architecture on the streets and avenues. Colorful houses, windmills, parks and bicycles are part of the tourist attractions of this place. In the region, visitors will find wide flowering fields, charming cafes, museums, restaurants and breweries. This is a great place to visit in the spring in Sao Paulo.

Those who will be there before September 25 can still enjoy Expoflora, the largest exhibition of plants and flowers in Latin America. Our colleague Daniel Ackstein was there and wrote down all the details in a post: Expoflora de Holambra flower festival is back after two years: stay tuned for news and sights! Verify!

2. Curitiba, Parana

Curitiba combines the beautiful scenery of over 30 parks and forests with the atmosphere of a big city. For contemplation of flowers, the main point is the Botanical Garden, where the most famous postcard of the city, the glass greenhouse, is located. This is a good place when you want to save money. Walks in forests and parks, for example, are free – curiously, many of them were built to protect against rain in places that were flooded on days of large numbers of people.

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3. Gravata, Pernambuco

It’s no secret that the northeast of Brazil is full of incredible places, especially thanks to its beaches and warm weather. But you can also get a different experience in Pernambuco by visiting the city of Gravata. It is located 84 km from the capital Recife and is called the most intimate in the northeast of Switzerland. Gravata is the largest producer of tropical flowers in the north and northeast, making it a great destination for lovers of natural beauty. For those who are not prone to very hot weather, this region generally has milder temperatures than the rest of the state.

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Photo: Allan Torres / Gravata Town Hall

4. Serra Gaucha, Rio Grande do Sul

The Serra Gaucha region is popular in winter as the mountainous climate is ideal for those who want to enjoy the cold. What many people don’t know is that in the spring, when the temperatures get milder, towns like Gramado and Canela turn into beautiful hydrangea fields. On every corner, tourists are captivated by its hues ranging from blue to pink, making the streets all the more enchanting!

Photo: Clayton Thiele

In addition, those who are in the region until September 25 will also be able to enjoy the Spring Festival – Frühlingsfest in Nova Petropolis. 23 exhibitors combine gastronomic services, flower trade and goods for the garden, garden and vegetable garden. They also have artistic attractions that this year are performing on a floating stage, which added to the charm of the production.

Another Serra Gaucha tourist hotspot that stands out during this time is Materia Park, it was specially designed for those who love flowers! Visitors find a 50 hectare space with over 300 plant species grown in 30 gardens. The park is located in San Francisco de Paula, one of the best places to visit near Porto Alegre, 35 km from Gramado. Entrance tickets can be purchased here.

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Photo: Joe Moreira

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5. Cunha, Sao Paulo

5. Cunha, Sao Paulo

Cunha is a small city in Sao Paulo, about 3 hours drive from the capital, located on the border between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – at the junction of the Serra do Mar, Mantiqueira and Bocaina mountains. This is the perfect tour for a relaxing weekend getaway or vacation. The main postcard of the city is just connected with flowers! Lavandário, opened in 2013, is the most visited place where the flowers grow all year round thanks to the rotational pruning. More than 40,000 plants have been planted here, as well as shops selling lavender products and a coffee shop. It’s very beautiful, it’s worth it!

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Photo: Disclosure

6. Joinville, Santa Catarina

Joinville, located 180 km from the capital Florianopolis, is known as the “City of Flowers” and organizes the largest flower festival in the state! Since 1936, the festival has brought together orchid and garden competitions, flower sales, growing workshops and cultural events. This year it takes place from 15 to 20 November and promises to give the public an experience full of colors, shapes and beauty.

Parque Dos Hemerocallis, located at 4257 Rua Tenente Antônio João, is also one of Joinville’s top attractions. In its 30 years of existence in the horticultural business, the family property welcomes many visitors every year to experience the flower production and recreational areas of the location.

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Photo: Disclosure

7. Campos do Jordao, Sao Paulo

Campos do Jordao is also very famous as a city where you can enjoy a colder climate, but in spring it becomes even more charming! The climate in the Serra da Mantiqueira region becomes very pleasant, and the fields bloom with beautiful and bright colors. There are many local species, so one can be enchanted by nature everywhere, especially when contemplating the planters of Vila Capivari.

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8. Foz do Iguacu, Parana

Foz do Iguacu is one of the most visited places in Brazil! No wonder, because its landscapes are breathtaking. Regardless of the season of the year, tourists are always in awe of their destination, but in spring, the landscape of the falls is adorned with a multitude of butterflies that mingle with the rainbow formed by the sun reflecting in the waters of the falls. A real spectacle!

9. Barbacena, Minas Gerais

About 170 km from Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, is Barbacena, known as the city of roses. One of the landmarks of the municipality is the Jardim do Globo, listed by the City Hall in 1996 due to its cultural significance. In the Praça do Conde de Prados square in the central area, there is an obelisk 20 meters high. The square now has a hanging garden which, when viewed from above, is shaped like a violin, making the visit all the more special.

There are over 70 rose growers and a variety of florists in the region. In fact, the city’s main tourist attraction is the Festa das Rosas e das Flores, which takes place annually, usually in October, in the spring, at the Parque das Exposições.

floral spring directions

Photo: Disclosure

Oh, what a pleasure to enter the best time of the year for me! Do you have any other suggestions for the perfect “flowery” place to visit during this time? Leave it here in the comments! And don’t forget that on our flights page you will find great deals on flights to all corners of the world, huh?

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