Bar Dodô is champion of the Comida di Buteco 2022 in Goiás

Competition that was present in the palates of Goiás, Comida di Buteco 2022 announced the winner of this year in Goiás: Bar Dodô. The announcement was made on Monday (16/05), in Goiânia, in a meeting that brought together all 48 structures participating in this edition.

The bar won the competition with the snack Bem Bolado de Rabada, which was evaluated by the public who visited the place and by a jury. In addition to the dish, the participants also evaluate the hygiene of the room, the service and the temperature of the drink.

In second place the Dom Cirus bar, with the Sim’Pracidade snack. In third place the Retrô Bar, with the Retro Cake, followed by the Via 70 Bar with the snack Copa 70, in fourth place; and Vila Rica Bar and Restaurant, with the snack Mini Disco al Provolone, in fifth position.

The competition moved the bars in Goiânia and Aparecida between 8 April and 8 May. This year the theme of preparing dishes was free and all snacks, throughout Brazil, had a fixed price of R $ 27.

Bar Dodô moves on to the second stage of the Comida di Buteco, which begins in June. A new commission composed of three judges will visit the champions of each city, evaluating the performances in the same categories: snack, service, drink temperature and hygiene. There the “Best Buteco of Brazil” is elected, which will be known and awarded in July 2022.

According to the organizers, the aim of the competition was “to maintain the tradition of transforming life through basic cuisine, from the bar to the extension of the house”, promoting an appreciation of the culture of the bar. Since 2016 the competition has elected the ‘Best Boteco do Brasil’.

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See the complete list of participants in the Goiás circuit
(Click here to see all dishes)

1 – Bacabas Bar and Restaurant – Goiânia: Petisco Mini Breaded Tilapia Fillet (Mini Breaded Tilapia Fillet)

2 – Bar Cruzeiro – Goiânia: Petisco Frango Cruzeiro à la casa (Roast chicken, wrapped in pepper and spices)

3 – Bar do Chicão – Goiânia: Petisco Discoteca (Codfish disco, with house sauce)

4 – Bar Dodô – Goiânia: Petisco Bem Bolado de oxtail (oxtail cake filled with watercress and provolone)

5 – Bar and Petiscaria California – Aparecida de Goiânia: Petisco Coxas empanadas in California (Breaded and cheese-filled thighs)

6 – Bar Frango Gaúcho – Goiânia: Petisco Toscana sausage cake BLT 22 (Tuscan chicken sausage cake, filled with mozzarella, breaded with breadcrumbs and wheat. Served with special green sauce)

7 – Ponto 18 Bar – Goiânia: Petisco Spilled (Cassava croquette with beef ribs, covered with cheese sauce)

8 – Via 70 Bar – Goiânia: Petisco Copa 70 (Meatballs stuffed with cheese and olives accompanied by boiled cassava)

9 – Bento’s Bar – Goiânia: Petisco The owner of the bar (Bentos Bar country sausage croquettes, stuffed with mozzarella, served with guava barbecue sauce)

10 – Betos Bar – Goiânia: Snack Panceta do Betos Bar (Panceta do Betos Bar)

11 – Bicudo Carne de Sol – Goiânia: Snack Crackling strips

12 – Bistrô Chica Doida – Aparecida de Goiânia: Petisco Gole da Janta (Grilled picanha topped with strands of cheese, accompanied by homemade cassava and finished with a slice of golden and grilled pineapple)

13 – Boteco do Filhote – Aparecida de Goiânia: Petisco Disco Diou #Deoutromundo (Disquinho made with tilapia ribs and mozzarella stuffing. Comes with two sauces, pepper jelly with barbecue and capers)

14 – Botequim Manda Brasa – Goiânia: Snack Panceta do sertão (Panceta served with cassava, Tahitian lime and honey)

15 – Buteco do Zé Abílio – Goiânia: Petisco Espetos stuffed (beef skewer stuffed with bacon and cream cheese and pepper stuffed with guava, accompanied by pepper jelly and chipot sauce)

16 – Buteko do Leozinho – Goiânia: Petisco Hot Chicken do Leozinho (chicken thigh and thigh, accompanied by a special house sauce)

17 – Buteko do Peixe – Goiânia: Petisco Lombo de pirosca (grilled loin of steamer)

18 – Calambau Chopp – Goiânia: Snack Iscas de pork loin (Lures for pork loin)

19 – Imola broths – Aparecida de Goiânia: Cumbuca a hunter (hand-smoked pork knuckle cubes, caramelized pineapple on Italian bread)

20 – Camargos Chopp – Goiânia: Disquinho de feijoada (mixed porpeta stuffed with feijoada)

21 – Capela Rangos i Biritas – Goiânia: Petisco Panceta is of the house (Panceta seasoned with fine herbs and rosemary accompanied by cassava sauteed in sertão butter, served with guava barbecue and pepper jelly)

22 – Casarão do Pastel – Goiânia: Petisco Stroganoff Lá Russia (Pastels stuffed with chicken and beef Stroganoff)

23 – Churrasquinho do Dedé – Goiânia: Petisco Pão Duro (Syrian bread stuffed with meat, ricotta and mustard and roasted on the barbecue)

24 – Costela e Cia – Goiânia: Snack Ribbon gaúcha ao sertão (Ribbon roasted in a puff topped with sertão cheese)

25 – Cumpadi Bar – Goiânia: Petisco Ribs de Adão (Smoked and fried pork ribs, wrapped in barbecue sauce and sesame, accompanied by French fries)

26 – Del Lest Bar and Conveniência – Goiânia: Manioc canapé snack with dried meat (cassava puree breaded in crispy flour and fried with grated sun-dried meat topping and seasoned with cream cheese)

27 – Dom Cirus – Goiânia: Snack Sim’Pracidade (Pastels filled with chicken)

28 – Dom Pedro Bar and Cozinha – Goiânia: Petisco Bacalhau do Dom (chopped cod, accompanied by potato mousseline, melted cheese and fried cassava straw)

29 – Espetoso Boteco de Bairro – Goiânia: Snack Kafta con i punch (Roast beef Kafta, covered with melted raclette cheese and accompanied by the famous potato punch)

30 – Gota Azul Bar – Goiânia: Petisco Surpresinha do Gota (Escondidinho de carne con catupiry)

31 – Gurupi Restaurante – Goiânia: Petisco Aglomerados (vegetable dumplings with minced meat and breaded with cassava flour)

32 – Jajá Drinks – Goiânia: Snack Discoteca do Jajá (discs filled with mozzarella and cheddar)

33 – Jantinha do Lipão – Goiânia: Petisco Panceta (Pork belly with skin)

34 – Limas Bar – Goiânia: Petisco Pastelito (sweets stuffed with tilapia with catupiry and shrimps)

35 – Macambiras Bar – Goiânia: Tilapia Tilapia Snack (Kiev Tilapia with provolone breaded with panko flour)

36 – Magia do Peixe – Goiânia: Fried Risotinho Petisco (rice dumpling stuffed with shrimp and cheese)

37 – Meninas Megacheffs – Aparecida de Goiânia: Petisco Porpeta de Spaghetti (Spaghetti Porpeta with maracutili sauce, stuffed with bolognese)

38 – Quintal de Mainha – Goiânia: Petisco Virgulino (green bean cake stuffed with rabbit cheese, served with lemon mayonnaise and cucumber vinaigrette)

39 – Mack Locoo kiosk – Goiânia: Petisco Cebola Recheada (meatball stuffed with cheese and covered with onion and bacon)

40 – Rancho 55 – Goiânia: Petisco Hot dog with panceta (roasted bacon with bacon ragout, homemade smoked sausage and guava barbecue)

41 – Village Restaurant and Bar 33 – Goiânia: Petisco Sabor Goiano (Pernil Disc)

42 – Retrô Bar – Aparecida de Goiânia: Petisco Bolinho Retrô (Mashed potato pie filled with cheese and dried meat)

43 – Arugula 07 – Goiânia: Pico do Cerrado Petisco (Pulled Pork covered with 3 cheese veil, accompanied by crispy cassava sticks and finished with fried garlic)

44 – Savana Cervejaria – Aparecida de Goiânia: Snack Bolinho do Cerrado (chicken muffin pie with cassava, cheese and ham)

45 – Toca do Dino – Goiânia: Petisco Amo Ela (escondidinho of inverted gizzards with tomato sauce and special house condiments on a bed of mashed potatoes)

46 – Toka do Véi – Aparecida de Goiânia: Petisco Isquinha Arrojada (tilapia bait accompanied by house sauce)

47 – Varanda Bar and Restaurante – Aparecida de Goiânia: Stuffed pork loin snack (Slices of pork loin stuffed with ham and mozzarella in soy sauce, breaded with breadcrumbs and potato straw and accompanied by spicy pineapple jelly)

48 – Vila Rica Bar and Restaurant – Goiânia: Mini disco Petisco with provolone (Mini discs filled with provolone)

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