Baker specializes in the production of banoffee and opens a second store

posted on 05/15/2022 07:10

(credit: Sibele Negromonte / CB / DAPress)

Ana Luísa Raw has also tried not to follow the path of gastronomy. She went on to study law, agribusiness management and even a private plane pilot course, but her passion for pastry spoke louder. As a teenager, the young woman, now 28, was always busy making cakes and sweets at school birthday parties.

Interest in pots, by the way, began in childhood, when he saw his grandmother, who is from Minas Gerais, cook. And he was always ready to help. “Since my parents spent the day out working, when I wanted to eat something different I went to the kitchen. At 10 I already knew how to cook rice, beans, meat. I also liked to experiment, to invent. I threw away a lot of food in these experiments “, have fun.

But the young woman’s parents wanted her to follow a traditional career, graduate and, who knows, even pass a public competition and conquer the long-awaited stability. “When I joined UnB, my father was satisfied, very proud. But I wasn’t happy,” she admits. It was at that moment that a cousin, who owned a brigaderia in Asa Norte, invited Ana Luísa to work with him, making cakes. “It’s been nine years. I made several cakes, trying to get away from the traditional ones, which at the time were not common, few bakers made them”.

Ana Luísa says that the moment she stepped into the brigaderia’s kitchen, she was sure this was where she belonged. “I have found myself.” She soon dropped out of class at UnB and, to the chagrin of her parents, she decided that she would take up the baking profession. “College no longer made sense.”

Allied with her passion for gastronomy, the young woman dreamed of being an entrepreneur. After a year in her cousin’s brigade, she thought she was ready to go on her own and she started getting orders for cakes, pies and sweets. She did everything in her parents’ kitchen. She began selling to family and friends and, after word of mouth, she gained a captive clientele.

successful business

In January 2020, Ana Luísa received an invitation from her uncles who lived in Arraial D’Ajuda, Bahia, which she found irresistible: to run the patisserie at the Ousado Café Bar, which they were opening in the famous Porto Seguro neighborhood. As soon as she arrived on the spot, the Brazilian started composing the menu. “I wanted the candy to have a tropical, beachy vibe.”

In research, Ana Luísa discovered banoffee. Despite being a typically English recipe, she thought that because it contains bananas and is cold, she had everything to do with the tropicalism she was looking for. The baker, however, decided to make some changes. The main one was to replace the caramel and cocoa powder, present in the original, with dulce de leche and whipped cream.

Soon, Ana Luísa’s banoffee became the restaurant’s flagship. “There were people who went there just to eat a slice,” she recalls. A cousin told the young woman that, in São Paulo, there was a house specializing in banana cake and she began to study more about the product. Then came the pandemic and Bold had to go into lockdown. “I spent a month standing still, waiting for the house to open,” she recalls. She then decided to return to Brasilia.

Ana Luísa says she has always been in favor of a business model that prioritizes a single product and thought she had finally found which one to invest in. She made the banoffee for the family to try and approval was immediate. The young woman then began to look for a commercial space to set up the banofferia. “It was at the height of the pandemic and everyone was closing and passing the point. And I was looking. We found a great shop, in Asa Norte, with a reasonable rent and I jumped at the chance.”

In September 2020 he opened Banoffee da Raw, the first banofferia in Brasilia. “Since it was new, there was a boom soon. I started with two refrigerators and a helper. In a short time I had two refrigerators and three helpers.”

The baker has come up with a perfect business model for those experiencing a pandemic: delivery only or in-store pickup. Recently, with greater disease control, he opened a branch in Águas Claras. Today Ana Luísa keeps on the menu, in addition to the traditional version of the cake, one with strawberries and the other with Nutella, a recipe that, among other things, the baker shares with the readers of the column. There is always a surprise banoffee too.

Banoffè with Nutella

Banoffee de Nutella, and Banoffee and Raw
Banoffee de Nutella, and Banoffee and Raw
(photo: Sibele Negromonte / CB / DAPress)



200 g of biscuits or shortcrust pastry with cornstarch without filling

100 g of butter


500 g of Nutella

About 5 dwarf bananas


500 ml of whipped cream of your choice

Method of preparation

Grind the biscuit well (it can be in a food processor or in a blender), add the melted butter and mix well with your hands.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and cook for 15 minutes, until the smell rises. After this time, let the base rest for at least 30 minutes out of the oven. Use a 25 cm diameter mold.

Add the Nutella filling and the sliced ​​or halved bananas.

With super cold whipped cream, whisk in blender until firm – follow
the manufacturer’s instructions.

Add the bananas on top and let the cake freeze for at least four hours.

Ready. Now enjoy!


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