Azul, Azul Viagens and Tudo Azul launch four direct flights

At the event held this Wednesday (19) in Cuiabá, Azul, Azul Viagens and Tudo Azul, four new direct flights from the capital Mato Grosso to Porto Seguro (BA), Fortaleza (CE), Natal (RN) and Maceio (AL). ), from July 12. THE DIARY was present and tells how it went! Checking out!

By Caroline Figueiredo – DT Reporter

Next Wednesday the 18th is the AzulBlue travel e All blue conducted the . from “Cuiaba Ta ON”, in the capital of Mato Grosso. The unprecedented event held at the Pantanal Events Center aimed to bring together local tourism and bring Cuiabá closer to a number of destinations in the northeast of Brazil, with an emphasis on peak season.

In addition, at the event, Azul, Azul Viagens and Tudo Azul announced the launch of four direct flights from Cuiabá to Porto Seguro (BA), Fortaleza (CE), Natal (RN) and Maceió (AL) from 12 July.

According to Joselito Correa, Azul Sales Representative in Mato Grosso, flights to Porto Seguro, Fortaleza and Natal will take place from Saturday to Saturday and flights to Maceió, which the airline already has, will take place on Saturday and Sunday. Flights to these four destinations are now on sale.

In an exclusive interview with DIARYJoselito said that “the expectation of Azul is very high, not only to get people out of Cuiabá, but from Mato Grosso as a whole and nearby regions, such as Rondônia, who will eventually take the Azul flight in Cuiabá and to the northeast,” explained he explained, “So our expectation is to have a very high usage,” he concluded.

Joselito Correa, Azul’s sales representative in Mato Grosso. (Credits: Caroline Figueiredo for the DT).

With the new direct flights, Azul aims to ease Cuiabá’s access to cities in the northeast. Before the company’s new flights, tourists from the capital Mato Grosso who wanted to head northeast had to make a connection to reach their final destination.

New campaign “O Céu é Azul” and how this campaign appeals to all of Brazil

At the “Cuiabá Tá ON” event, Azul announced its new promotional campaign “O Céu é Azul”, which aims to “embrace the air of Brazil” and all its culture, taking into account its history, gastronomy, diversity and the attractions and highlights of each Brazilian destination where Azul operates.

O DIARY asked to Fábio Abud, communications manager at Azul, more details about the new campaign: “The new campaign “O Céu é Azul” is a new brand positioning. There’s something really interesting about her because the sky is actually blue. And it’s our big office. We have almost one a day, after all, we fly to 153 destinations today, that is, we are today the company that serves the most within Brazil. So not only do we have real estate to speak of, as we are the company that flies the most within Brazil, but we also appropriated the color blue, because it gave us our brand name and is also the color of the sky. So it’s a node that has everything to do with it’, he motivates.

Fábio Abud, Blue Communications Manager, spoke to DIÁRIO.
Fabio Abud, Blue Communications Manager. (Credits: Caroline Figueiredo for the DT).

“The great thing about this campaign is that we say that under this sky, that blue sky, there is everything: there are cultures, people, cuisines, in short, things that are very Brazilian. In the regions where we operate and under this sky, we have all this and we have Azul’s service in all these cities, so we are very happy with this new positioning. It opens a new cycle for the company. We have grown over the past ten years and have been through a very difficult time over the past two years. Because of the pandemic we had to reduce the number of flights and now we are already looking to the future and with a lot of optimism because before the pandemic we were operating to fewer cities than we are operating now, which is a very good thing. So we are very happy to launch this campaign and I’m sure it symbolizes the horizon that Azul has ahead of us,” he added.

Fábio also said that the Azul model is very different and very suitable for Brazil, “because Azul has a diverse fleet that can serve from very small towns to routes that are quite dense, even international ones”. The communications manager said that with the cooperation with Azul Viagens (the operator of Azul) in the launch of the 4 new flights to the northeastern cities, Azul meets a demand and also stimulates and creates new demands. The flights announced are initially seasonal, that is, designed to operate within a certain period of time, namely the July holiday, but he said Azul is studying the market and with a positive response, the flights could become regular.

Azul Viagens: Special Airplanes for Holiday Travel and How a Campaign Connects All of Brazil

O DIARY also spoke with Giulianna Mesquita, Product Manager at Azul Viagens. In Azul and Azul Viagens’ lecture to present the new direct flights, Giulianna spoke about the “dedicated planes”, which are aircraft chartered by Azul Viagens and available exclusively for leisure travel. In this way, Azul Viagens can offer an exclusive flight for leisure travel and both the operator and the airline can more easily identify passengers traveling for pleasure.

Giulianna Mesquista - Product Manager at Azul Viagens, gave an interview to DIÁRIO.
Giulianna Mesquista – Product Manager at Azul Viagens. (Credits: Caroline Figueiredo for the DT).

When asked how Azul e Azul Viagens manages to communicate with the whole of Brazil, a country so rich and diverse in customs and accents, and to reach different audiences, Giulianna replied: “In order to be able to promote different places in Brazil, we have a type of dynamics. This dynamic of Cuiabá Tá On is the first version that we make. The idea is to be able to bring this kind of dynamic to another origin. In this format, what is the main intention: the first is to promote the flights that we put here as Azul Viagens, the special flights, of course with all the exposure of the Azul brand that comes behind it, so both our loyalty program, which is Tudo Azul, and Azul as airlines and also Azul Viagens as operator .” explains the product manager.

In addition to the Azul, Azul Viagens and Tudo Azul spaces, the event featured 30 reception, hotel and resort booths, as well as a booth “+ Santander benefits”, a partner bank of the airline that offers the option of paying in installments for travel. on the ticket; and also representatives of the states of Rio Grande do Norte, Bahia, Ceará and Alagoas.

For more information, visit the websites of Azul, Azul Viagens and Tudo Azul.

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