Arte Fiera Bologna to find an artist who will make a career –

from Francesca Pini

This 45th edition, in a sign of physical recovery and an influx of the public, showed a desire to return to see and buy the art live. Here you can find between modern and contemporary art, from 100 euros and then even over a million.

Arte Fiera certainly has its own fans and a large number of the public (which made itself felt immediately after the preview) that supports it even in suboptimal situations (three other product fairs at the same time in the Bologna Fiere complex, then Covid, which has contracted programming and therefore also art passed from classical dates of January to May). Only two pavilions to pass search for contemporary and contemporary art, on the 18th, with structural advantages and disadvantages, several galleries failed to present a truly poignant curatorial offer at their booth, succumbing to the ease of potpourri to be able to sell on multiple fronts. Of course, fairs become markets, but perhaps we need to change this very notion towards a new cultural future. Pavilion 15, on the other hand, is dedicated to modernity and is more “centered” in its objectives, here, in fact, something new appears, especially in painting, which goes beyond the “ordinary” galleries.

In this 45th edition, under the direction of Simone Menegoi, almost all 142 galleries are Italian. (for some with offices in Crans, Lugano, Zuoz, Lisbon, London, Paris, Miami, New York), excluding Diehl, Gadcollection of Paris and Richard Salton that an office in Rome has opened from London, and from here we begin to enter Pavilion 18. In this London stand, we see the works of Silvia Giambrone (also chosen by Dior for the installation in the Palace of Versailles), which question the female identity and suffering, with mirrors (opaque covered with wax), from which acacia thorns sprout (prices from 10 to 20 thousand euros). Art of Invernizzi stands for consistency with the work of Gianni Asdrubali, of which he has already made a solo exhibition in Milan, an artist who works on the texture of color, painting upside down on plexiglass (about 30 thousand euros).

Artwork by Jeff Ippsketch for 100 euros

Gallery polite
pushed into the NFT world and cryptocurrencies, with its own platform

(, but still opting for a combination formula, physical and digital work to satisfy those who are not yet familiar with this new genre, here is a work by Jeff Ippsketch for 100 euros (250 piece series). Dep Art focuses on Turi Simeti, Salvo and the German artist Regina Schumann, who works with fluorescence in both sculpture and paper. De Chirico is the undisputed figure of metaphysics and modernity, Doublets puts a historical picture of 1927/28, My room on Olympus (sold twice at Sotheby’s in ’75 and ’79) for 1.3 million euros. There Large GAM, in Bologna, dedicates a whole space to Pirro Cuniberti, but among the works of modern art we can see an oil on canvas by Massimo Campiglia from 1943, which already belonged to the director Vittorio de Sica. Paintings and graphics by Giorgio Morandi remain the cornerstone of their specialty, and in the gallery, in the city, they present a comparison between the famous Morandi roses and the roses in the ceramics of Bertozzi and Casoni. From Tonelli, which often offers works by Fontana in terracotta (one also for 350,000 euros), we find an interesting work by Mario Schifano from 1979 on brown paper for 28,000 euros.

Objects that breathe

Mazzoleni continues its exploration between contemporary and contemporary, with the restoration of Vasarely (large painting for 180 thousand euros) and two living artists, the now famous Marinella Senatore with her neon works (48 thousand euros) and an interesting installation. Chromophonics David Reymondo, in which the artist associates letters and sounds with colors (38 thousand euros). Among the galleries that have chosen a “pure” curatorial line, Allegra Ravizza which he exhibits here along with the German Dil (focus on ArteFiera curated by Marco Meneguzzo) the “personal” (if I may say so) of the late artist Weseler (whose entire archive was jointly seized by the two galleries), whose practice was entirely devoted to the creation of these breathing objects (objects that breathe mechanically), perhaps starting with a personal problem, acute asthma, that haunted him since childhood. Spiral Art brings monumentality to Arte Fiera with Mimmo Rotella’s wonderful collages, including historical pieces such as the manifesto of the American airline PAN AM. Not all works have to be on canvas, others can be woven. Gallery Verolino Modena has been distinguished by this genre for decades, here we find numerous “transpositions” on a loom, including a pretty Lger (circulation of 4 copies + PDA, 80 thousand euros), an artifact made by the historic French atelier Pinton, dating from before 1860.

The realm of great painting

Pavilion 15 cumulatively received strong support for both the Painting Section XXI (curated by Davide Ferri) and the Photography and Moving Image Section (curated by Fantom). A painting that doesn’t necessarily express itself with a canvas.Attai Chen colors the paper in a special way to make it look like glazed ceramics (€40,000 installation) by Antonella Villanova, who also offers works by Helen Britton, who makes roses and flower petals bloom in concrete, and, like a booth print, ceramics by Diego Cibelli . Luca Tommasi rightly insists on the English artist Ian Davenport (from a well-known group of young British artists that arose in the 80s), who paints on aluminum and offers a job for 100 thousand euros. South African proposal made Osart Gallery (owner Andrea Cirio Ortolani, new president of the National Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries) with two artist friends, 1990 to 9500 euros). Michela Rizzo (gallery in Venice), tells the story of the recovery of the great artist Lucio Pozzi, while not forgetting a new generation such as the Turkish artist Nazim nal Yılmaz.

Bears, elephants, kittens Misaki Kawai

There is no doubt that Francesco de Grandi experiences the happiness of painting, possessing an extraordinary technique that allows him to turn to subjects steeped in pictorial (in the style of Carpaccio), historical, biblical quotations, with an approach to the theme of the sacred (as in this Crucifixion of Eastern influence) , on the stand Rizzutogallery. Also from Rafaelli a lot of interesting painting by the Japanese artist Misaki Kawai, a thick brush, rich colors, almost childish subjects (bears, elephants, kittens), as well as a sculpture of two plush emojis. Gallery Gaburrowho for many years offered the work of shareholder Herman Nitsch (recently deceased), known for his reference to Christological symbolism and the use of animal blood in painting, surprises us here with a canvas made of thick oil, from pink to wisteria.

Tribute to architecture by Aldo Rossi

In the “Photos and Moving Images” section, the gallery owner Antonia Iannone focuses on the portraits Santi Kaleka makes of Aldo Rossi’s architecture, capturing its metaphysical value through his black and white images full of hues. AT Galry Gadcollection from Paris, Cassio Vasconcellos takes us into the Amazonian jungle with his photographs, images so complex that they seem to be painted, although they are all obtained using photographic techniques. And indeed it Scenic Journey Through Brazil 45 (6400 euros, 5 editions and two artistic samples). The gallery’s Art and Project award from the law firm Jacobacci & Partners is well-deserved Vistamare for the consistency of his path, which also stands out here, with the installation of black and white photographic works by Mimmo Jodice and, on the contrary, the tuning forks with traces of color by Mario Air. Ranges that also act as a counterpoint to Spalletti’s dream work, in the pale blue of the sky above Maiella, whom the artist always watched from his room.

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