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Returning in November, the Bustour Illumination Show is one of the main attractions of the Christmas season in Gramado, in Serra Gaúcha. On board, passengers follow the Christmas attractions in a panoramic tourist bus. All lit and themed with Christmas elements, the Bustour Illumination Show proposes to bring the joy, magic and hope of Christmas to the public.

Santa Claus – There are five vehicles per night, with a capacity of 53 passengers, driving through the Christmas-lit streets in Gramado and Canela. With special decoration, carols and artistic interventions along the way, the Bustour Illumination Show includes the presence of Santa Claus.

Broadway – The script is inspired by the panoramic bus The Ride, from New York, which offers an interactive show tour, in a mix of stand-up comedy and performances, in the style of Broadway musicals.

shows – The route, which starts at the Brocker Turismo store in Gramado, is an invitation to the magic of Christmas lights. The shows take place in the bus, where passengers stand very close to the performers. There are also performances in special places, which are the stage for performances by the artists. For Mundo a Vapor, in Canela, one of the most beautiful moments takes place, with the moving presentation of a soloist and a choir.

Fifteen thousand – The Illumination Show started during the Covid pandemic, in 2020, when there were no Christmas shows in Serra Gaúcha. “It was an encouragement to the artists, who were out of work due to the pandemic. In the first year we had 9,500 passengers. At the second edition, last year, there were 11 thousand people. The expectation for the current season is that , in the 70 nights show, we will surprise 15 thousand spectators”, says Adriane Brocker, CEO of Brocker.

Sustainability is central to Festunis

Environmental issues have become central around the world. The Festuris, which will take place in Gramado, in Serra Gaúcha, from November 3 to 6, understands the latent concern of the new generations with sustainability and believes that the transformation of tourism depends on sustainable proposals and practices.

hydrangeas – The 34th edition of the event has important news and partnerships. In addition to tree seedlings, Gramado’s town hall will donate eight thousand hydrangea seedlings to the participants of the event, through the Agriculture/Garden and Environment departments.

Green Peace – The Green Experience Space will be strongly reinforced, Greenpeace. The entity will develop awareness-raising actions and address the issue of how environmental conservation is important for tourism.

Plants – Another action in which the Festuris sustainability pillar, for a minimum of seven years, is included, is the Tree of Integration. The project highlights a destination with a sustainable bias and this year Portugal will be the guest to plant the tree in the Serra Park complex.

araucaria – An example in Rio Grande do Sul of corporate ESG actions is Calçados Beira Rio, from Novo Hamburgo. It is the only company in the shoe sector to have won the Sustainable Origin label. The company’s commercial and marketing manager, Maribel Silva, will participate in the planting of yet another araucaria at Festuris.

Religious tourism is growing in Brazil

Data from the Ministry of Tourism points to a trend that has been observed by the sector for several years now: the growth of religious tourism. According to the ministry, this niche of Brazilian tourism moves about R$15 billion a year in the country, in addition to 20 million annual trips and 8.1 million domestic trips driven by faith – tourists, day trippers not included.

aparecida – The pinnacle of religious tourism in Brazil is Aparecida, a municipality in the interior of São Paulo, which according to the sanctuary itself receives about 13 million visitors annually to the Basilica of Nossa Senhora da Aparecida, the largest Catholic temple in Brazil and the second largest in the world, second only to St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. Last Wednesday, for example, Day of the Patrons of Brazil, several municipalities in the vicinity of Aparecida had hotels full.

Believe – The dedication is due to the belief that the Paraíba do Sul River was seriously short of fish in 1717 when three fishermen rescued a broken statue of Our Lady. After the rescue, the nets full of fish began to return. With the miracle, the region became an important pilgrimage site, leading to the construction of the old basilica in 1888, which was later replaced by the current basilica.

Purple barrier promotes inclusion in Mãe Luiza

With a view to providing a joyful and welcoming experience for the surrounding community, Hotel-Escola Senac Barreira Roxa, in partnership with the Solidarity Love Project, Filhos de Mãe Luiza Surf School and Mãe Luiza Parish, will host a morning of leisure and recreation for children living nearby.

Alluding to Children’s Day, the social action will host about 160 people, including children, guardians and volunteers. The event integrates a series of actions that Barreira Roxa is developing in the community of Mãe Luiza with the aim of promoting social inclusion and regional valorization.

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