6 adventure trails in the Smoky Mountains

Is there anything more enjoyable than exploring the wild and magnificent landscapes with mesmerizing views? If you are also adventurous and like to explore the unknown, then my friend, we have the perfect place for you.

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Tennessee boasts the Smoky National Park, where adventure seekers can quench their thirst for adventure. This area sits on the Tennessee-North Carolina border and blends with wildlife, scenic vistas, and Southern charm. Despite receiving the largest number of visitors each year, the park remains a national treasure. The park attracts over 11 million visitors annually due to its proximity to much of the southeast. The Grand Canyon ranks second, with about 6 million visitors annually.

Almost no one will dispute the popularity of the long trails in the Smoky Mountains National Park. The park is a popular destination for those who want to see rushing waterfalls, explore fascinating ruins of historic settlements, take in breathtaking views, and simply relax in the wild.

Places to stay

If you are planning to visit the Smoky Mountain National Park, there are two main cities where you can stay: Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Gatlinburg is four miles from Pigeon Forge, but while Gatlinburg serves as the gateway to the national park, Pigeon Forge is right in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. Any city can be a great base for your adventures, but if you prefer living in a mountain town, google “places for recreation pigeon smithy”, find your ideal cabin and book it.

Adventure trails to explore

Trekking can be both easy and difficult. Visitors can go on a half-day, full-day, or even multi-day hike for more adventure. You can literally spend your entire vacation in Smokey.

But to make it easier for you to choose the best ones, we will tell you about some of the park’s most scenic and popular trails. Let’s take a look at them without wasting any more time, okay?

Mount Kammerer

Great Smoky Mountains National Park trails2
Photo by Phil Venditti. – CC BY 2.0

Mount Kammerer, located near Cosby Gate in the Great Smoky Mountains, is ideal for hiking. Often done as a round-trip hike, it’s also worth doing as a loop because you’ll have the opportunity to camp overnight outside the city.

Approaching Cosby Entrance Road, you will see a tourist parking lot on the left. Follow the Low Gap Trail past Cosby Campground to reach Cosby Campground. After crossing the creek, the Low Gap Trail intersects with the Lower Mount Cummerer Trail. Follow the Low Gap Trail counterclockwise to start the loop. After a few miles, you will be on the Appalachian Trail. After crossing the AT, you will come to a short branch leading to the top of Mount Kammerer.

Bursitis Charlie on the Appalachian Trail

Charlie’s Hill offers breathtaking views of the 8 Mile Appalachian Trail. Here’s a brief overview of the Appalachian Trail that can take you all the way to Maine. In addition to being the longest hiking trail in the world, the Appalachian Trail spans 2,190 miles from Maine to Georgia. Thousands of hikers each year follow their AT dream, stopping along the way in the Charlie area to take in the scenery.

On the Tennessee-North Carolina border, the Newfound Gap is a good starting point for hiking to Bourion. There is a marker at the start of the trail indicating that Maine is 1,940 miles away. Keep walking along the AT throughout the journey. For the first two miles you will have to climb steadily or thereabouts. The deeper you go into the forest, the more solitude you experience. The road is full of wild flowers during the warm season and scenic views throughout the year.

Klingmans Dome

Trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park3
Photo by Ed Ogle – CC BY-ND 2.0

There is nothing better than the Blue Ridge Mountains in summer with their endless views, beautiful sunrises and stunning sunsets that will make you want to come back again and again. The highest point in the park, Clingmans Dome, is also one of the most visited places. Walk a mile back to the observatory. Then explore the Clingman’s Dome nature trail and meet the gnomes on the way back.

Rocky peak and Mount Thunderhead

Among the songs popular in Tennessee are those that say, “Rocky Top, my eternal home.” You will sing the same song when you reach the Smoky Mountains. The hike is challenging but offers breathtaking views.

Thunderhead Mountain of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and Rocky Top, a ledge at the top of the range, are popular overnight spots. Mount Thunderhead, located in the western half of the park, has a height of 5527 feet. He was most likely named Thunderhead because of the unpredictable weather at the high altitudes of the Smoky Mountains.

Trail to Abrams Falls

Great Smoky Mountains National Park4
Photo mpnh08 – CC BY-ND 2.0

You can combine an easy hike to the falls with a bike ride on the Cades Cove Loop or camping at the Cades Cove Campground. There is no doubt that the Abrams Falls trail is by far the most famous waterfall on the way to Cades Bay. The bridge crosses Abrams Creek at the start of the track and is surrounded by rhododendrons at the start. Almost the entire path runs along the stream, making it the perfect spot to spot river otters, the park’s most adorable inhabitants. In addition to being a popular fishing spot, the area is also a great place to take a refreshing dip in the creek.

Chimney trail

Although this hike is short, it will make your heart race and leave you speechless. Climbing to 1,375 feet for over two miles, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views. Even though it is a short hike, it is quite strenuous. So don’t be fooled by the short distance of this hike: this 4-mile round trip hiking trail is anything but a walk in the woods. You climb about 1375 feet in the two miles to the top, about 960 feet in the last mile. Despite its toughness, the Chimney Tops trail in Great Smoky Mountain National Park is one of the most popular due to its short length and great 360-degree views.

Final words

After a busy week at work, the Great Smoky Mountains is the perfect place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Various experiences will remain in your memory for the rest of your life, including the environment, landscape, people and amenities. If you are looking for a place to spend time with your loved ones, consider visiting the Great Smoky Mountains.

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