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Before the start of the “real” vacation, there is still time to escape somewhere, at least for the weekend. The extended ones are already over – the next holiday is now celebrated on June 10, Portugal, Camões and Portuguese Communities Day – but you can extend them yourself by moving your remote work on Friday to a rural environment, closing the screen at the end of the day to start a two-day intensive holiday.

And for this we offer five types of rural tourism in Portugal, from Vieira do Minho to Tavira, and with some new features. This is the case of Quinta dos Perfumes in Tavira, which has a new bar, new bikes and new ways to make this agritourism even more sustainable.

We’re still talking about Cucumbi (it used to be part of Booking’s top rated rural tourism selection) because it really is a place not to be missed when you just want to relax for a few days. Anyone who follows the architect and creator of the Homestories project, Tanya Martins, who was part of the Querido Mudei a Casa team, knows how important this place is for children, as it is surrounded by nature and animals and promotes activities that develop the skills of the little ones.

However, there is an endless list of such spaces, from which we have chosen those that already bring us peace just by looking at the photographs.

1. House of time

In September 2021, he opened a house where he can do whatever he wants with the weather. You can take advantage of this to start the morning with a real feast overlooking Gerês, take a dip in the pool when it gets hot, or watch the sunset at this hotel in Ventosa, Vieira do Minho, from the front deck, with a sun lounger for three people.

This is the Casa do Tempo, with three double bedrooms (suites) that can accommodate up to six adults, a fully equipped kitchen, and outdoor areas that can be used without contesting a sun lounger or pool spot. The house is fully rented out and the sooner you do so, the safer it is to get a spot.

The price per night starts from 300 euros.

house of time

Location: Rua do Cartaxo, n.143, 4850-461 Ventosa, Vieira do Minho
Booking: +351 916 087 314/casadotempogeres@gmail.com
Instagram email site: @casadotempo.geres/ Casa do Tempo

2. Quinta Ponte da Capina

There are places whose simplicity is enough for a dream vacation. This is Quinta Ponte da Capinha agriturismo in Fundão, where furniture from the past is placed here and there to remind us of our grandparents’ home, a setting that is enough for a truly relaxing holiday.

The farm belonged to Grandma Prazeres and Grandpa Afonso, and now belongs to someone who wants to take a break from it by diving into the pool and at the same time in the countryside of this space, where the farm has been preserved from the time of the grandparents of the current owners.

In the tranquility typical of rural tourism, you can also enjoy a cocktail served in this antique tea set that belonged to Granny Prazeres (meaning that if you have more than one drink, no one will suspect).

One night costs 75 euros including breakfast.

Quinta Ponte da Capina

Location: Salgueiro Municipal Road, Capinha, 6230-145 Fundão
Booking: julia@quintapontedacapinha.com/(+351) 962 812 497

3. Life at Montum Farm

Alentejo is rich in many things, including rural tourism. Farm Montum Living in Melides tops the list and is well worth checking out. Starting with breakfast, with Alentejo bread and other delicacies left every morning in a basket next to the house where you are staying, at the end of the day that invites you to drink a glass of wine on the balcony to feel the serenity of the warm and less stuffy tones of Alentejo.

Rural tourism has 42 hectares of cork oaks, pines and olive trees, which are very close to the accommodation, which ensures full contact with nature. In addition, you can interact with pets loved by children and take a dip in the pool or in your own hot tub.

One night for two starts from 110 euros per night for two.

Life at Montum Farm

Location: EN 261 – km 30, 7 Melides, Melides, 7570-754
Booking: 915 226 199/herdadedomontum@gmail.com

4. Kukumbi

If we were to find a synonym for rural tourism, we would call it with just one word: Cukumbi. The rural part is that it is an estate in the village of Barrancao, in the municipality of Alcacer do Sal, with animals (miranda donkeys, merino sheep, partridges, owls, crows) and organic gardens serving homemade cuisine. The tourist part is connected to everything else you can do in Cukumbi.

Tanya Martins and her daughters featured some of the activities, such as visiting an organic farm joined by the Cukumbi trails, guest participation in the estate’s plantations and fruit picking, and cooking in the communal kitchen. Cucumbi is about life and nutrition in many ways, both from the point of view of the soul through contact with nature and sharing experiences with other people, and from the point of view of the body, which starts the day with a vegetarian breakfast, with homemade bread.

One night for two starts from 200 euros per night for two.


Location: Herdade Serra dos Mendes, 7580-701
Booking: (+351) 968 610 688/reservas@cucumbi.com

5. Perfume Quinta dos

After closing for several months, Quinta dos Perfumes in Cabanas de Tavira is back for a new summer season to welcome the planet and take better care of it. This is because the opening also brought news, some of which involves more sustainable practices: it now has a dual charger for electric or hybrid vehicles, informative displays with a QR code to avoid using paper, and new bikes for exploring the area without using a car.

In addition, the farm, which has been doing rural tourism since 2013, also added a note to a simple seawater pool in the middle of an orange grove: a bar that completes the guest experience as they relax on the sun loungers by the pool on hot days in the Algarve.

The stay costs from 200€ in May per night for two.

Quinta dos Perfume

Location: Mailbox 545 S Conceição and Cabanas de Tavira, 8800-058 Tavira
Booking: info@quintadosperfumes.pt/ +351 281 327 233
Website: Quinta dos Perfume

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