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The 12th Internet Forum in Brazil (FIB12), an event promoted by the Brazilian Internet Management Committee (CGI.br), will again be held in person this year, from May 31 to June 3 in Natal (RN), at the Hotel Holiday Cafe. The Forum, whose registration is free and available on the event’s website, will also be broadcast live on the NIC.br YouTube channel. The theme of this edition is “Diversity and gender in technology; platform regulation and compensation for journalistic activities; 30 years of ECO-92 and the future of the internet in Brazil”.

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The first main session of FIB12, entitled “Diversity and Gender in ICT: An Agenda for Inclusion and Representation”, will take place on Wednesday (1/6), from 10am to 12pm, and will address the impact of technology on society and the effects of the digital divide from a socio-technical perspective. Topics covered include: how the use of new technologies can reproduce gender and sexuality patterns, increasing social inequality; how technology can be used to reformulate stereotypes; what is the role of technology for the empowerment of vulnerable social groups, and how to strengthen their representation in the environment.

At the same time, Thursday (2/6) will discuss how cultural producers and journalistic vehicles have been affected by the growing advance of the digital economy based on content distribution platforms. Entitled “Regulation of platforms and remuneration for journalistic activities”, the session will try to reflect on the consequences of the formation of oligopolies, of major digital platforms in the competition for the advertising market and the economic imbalances in the sector; the disputes for advertisers between digital platforms and vehicles, and the mechanisms for redistribution of advertising resources.

On Friday (3/6), also from 10am to 12pm, the session “30 years ECO-92 and the future of the Internet in Brazil: a tribute to Tadao Takahashi” will present to the public part of the pioneering trajectory of the researcher and academic, who passed away in April. Tadao was involved in key processes related to the network’s origins in the country, such as the creation of CGI.br, the National Education and Research Network (RNP), and the provision of Internet to United Nations conference participants on environment and development, also known as ECO-92 or Rio-92. The session will also discuss the importance of the conference for the development of the Internet in Brazil, bringing together pioneers in the history of the network in the country and new leaders committed to the constant improvement of the network in Brazil.

“Tadao’s contributions to the development of the Internet in our country are many. In this session, in addition to highlighting the relevance of their work, we will also discuss the various individual and collective efforts to expand the network, create a space for debate and exchange of experience about the past, present and future of the network in our country,” reports Demi Getschko, CEO of NIC.br and one of the members of this forum activity.

In the FIB program, in addition to the main sessions, there will be an opening ceremony on 6/1, with the confirmed presence of Tanara Lauschner, coordinator of the FIB12 working group and advisor representing the scientific and technological community at CGI.br. Also participating will be Nivaldo Cleto (advisor representing the corporate sector), Percival Henriques (counselor representing the third sector), Maximiliano Martinhão (consultant representing the public sector) and Gustavo Paiva (local coordinator of the FIB12).

There will be a closing ceremony on 3/6, in addition to holding the 27 workshops proposed by the Brazilian community on Internet governance during the event, which will bring together representatives from different sectors such as government, business, third sector and scientific and technology community in the same space. † Topics that will be analyzed include: data, information and digital content; diversity and inclusion; infrastructure, access and connectivity; Internet, society and citizenship; including privacy and security and legal, regulatory and extraterritorial issues. See the schedule at: https://forumdainternet.cgi.br/programacao/agenda/2/.

“Once again, the FIB will open a vast space for discussions among government representatives, businessmen, academics, civil society members, technicians, students and other Internet users in Brazil, with the aim of presenting ideas and reflections on opportunities and challenges for the continued expansion of the network in the country”, concludes José Gontijo, coordinator of CGI.br.

Certificate of participation

The certificate of participation will be awarded to those who register and attend the event in person until June 3 (the last day of the FIB12). Those unable to participate on site can follow the discussions live at https://www.youtube.com/NICbrvideos. Registration is not required in this case. However, the tenderer is also entitled to a certificate of participation. For the issuance of this it is necessary to follow the steps indicated in the chat during the broadcast of the event on YouTube.


The FIB has been managed by CGI.br since 2011 and is a preparatory activity for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) promoted by the United Nations (UN). The Brazilian event contributes to debates on relevant issues for the consolidation and expansion of an internet that is becoming more universal, innovative and diverse in Brazil.

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12th Internet Forum in Brazil – FIB12

Days: Tuesday (31/05) to Friday (3/06)

Location: Holiday Inn Hotel – Avenida Senador Salgado Filho, 1906, Lagoa Nova – Natal

Hours: Tuesday (“Day Zero”, from 9am to 5.30pm); Wednesday (from 9:00 am to 6:40 pm); Thursday (10am to 6:40pm) and Friday (10am to 6:40pm)

Stream: https://www.youtube.com/NICbrvideos

Registration: https://forumdainternet.cgi.br/

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