The exhibition “Disney, the art of telling timeless stories” arrives at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa.

Genoa. Telling timeless stories that have managed to captivate the audience is considered true art, but behind the immediacy inherent in the perfect artistic result lies – as is often the case in the art world – a work of creative search, lasting years, usually unknown to those who listen. to these stories. After success … Read more

Art, gastronomy and tranquility in a fun weekend in São Paulo

posted on 10/16/2022 06:20 (credit: Sibele Negromonte/CB/DAPress) Now that the pandemic is under control, the pent-up desire to travel has gained momentum among Brazilians. According to the Narrativa Travel – 2022 study, released by Meta – administrator of some of the major social networks used in Brazil – 55% of respondents believe that travel is … Read more

Théo teaches Mehdi and Greg a lesson, Vic wrongfully accused – It all begins here October 18, 2022 (episode 511) | Here it all begins

Discover the detailed summary of Here it all begins Season 3 advanced with episode 511 broadcast on Tuesday, October 18, 2022. Théo and Vic have the same methods, anything goes to get Double A back and have control of the situation. Samia and Ethan, it’s I love you, neither do I. The full recap of … Read more

M6 whistleblower on “new placed children scandal”

Prepare to be angry. Sunday, at 9:10 p.m., restricted area will focus on “the new foster children scandal”. “New” because, two years ago, the magazine M6 had already investigated the worrying failures of Social Assistance to Children (ASE). The report had the honor of being screened in the National Assembly but, despite the strong emotion … Read more

Theo teaches Greg and Mehdi a lesson, is Ambre about to discover the existence of the circle? (Summary before episode 511)

“Here it all begins” preview with the detailed and complete summary of episode 511 of 18 October 2022 + Video. In this new episode of ITC broadcast on Tuesday, the tension between Louis and Charlène rises. For his part, Theo teaches Greg and Mehdi a lesson. Advertising Capture TF1 The summary of the previous episode … Read more

BTS gives Busan their concert of the century

BTS offered an exceptional free concert on Saturday in the city of Busan transformed throughout the week into a true festival for fans of the South Korean group. The objective of this event was to promote the city’s candidacy for the Universal Exhibition 2030. In Busan, it is impossible to miss the streets decorated in … Read more

Brigitte acquitted, Sylvain Moreno in trouble for Régis’s death – Tomorrow belongs to us October 19, 2022 (episode 1298) | tomorrow belongs to us

Discover the detailed summary of Tomorrow Belongs to Us in the preview of season 6 of episode 1298 broadcast on Wednesday, October 19, 2022 on TF1. Sébastien continues to fall in love with Claire… who doesn’t seem to really be in love deep down. What is he hiding? Régis’ killer is actively sought. The complete … Read more