13 beaches to visit in Sao Luis and the region

Sao Luis is also a place for those who love the sea. And to help you find out which places are worth visiting, we have prepared this selection of the best beaches in Sao Luis and the region.

Usually when programming trip to the northeast if you are immediately looking for which beaches to visit in a selected location. And no less. The coast of this region is famous for some of the most beautiful sandy strips in Brazil and even in the world. And, although the sea is not the main attraction of the capital of Maranhao, for example, there are excellent beaches to visit in Sao Luis and the region.

So, if you want to go to the city, know that in addition to exploring its historical scenarios, you can also enjoy wonderful moments by the sea. Situated on an island in Archipelago of Golfao MaranhenseSao Luis has beaches for all travel profiles, whether those who prefer more structured stretches of sand or those looking for more sheltered areas away from the hustle and bustle.

Beaches in Sao Luis and the region

And the beach options to visit in San Luis are not limited to the urban outskirts of the city. Neighboring municipalities and nearby islands also have excellent stretches of sand. And to help you figure out which ones deserve to be included in your itinerary, check out our selection of the 13 best beaches to visit when traveling to the capital of Maranhao.

Calhau beach

Beaches in Sao Luis

Photo: Luciano CTA/Wikimedia Commons

Callao Beach is located in the most modern part of Sao Luis, bordering Avenida Litoranea. Therefore, this is one of the best options for those who want to enjoy the sea with good infrastructure around. It is also considered by many to be the most beautiful beach in the capital of Maranhao, with an extensive stretch of sand surrounded by dunes and coconut trees. The sea is calm, ideal for water sports such as stand-up paddleboarding.

San Marcos beach

Beaches to visit in Sao Luis

Photo: Setur/Massachusetts

San Marcos Beach, also bordering Avenida Litoranea, is ideal for surfing as the sea is quite rough. Its view is very beautiful, with dunes covered with sparse vegetation and a few coconut trees. There you will find the ruins of Fort San Marcos, hence the name of the beach. In addition, in its surroundings there is a good infrastructure with kiosks and bars that guarantee fun on the beach.

water eye

Olho d’Água beach has a wide stretch of thick golden sand and is surrounded by preserved natural forest. As such, this is one of the best Sao Luis beaches to visit if you prefer more tranquility to enjoy the sea. The waters are crystal clear and rough, with good waves that are conducive to the practice of surfing. And while Ollo d’Agua Beach has a bit more space than others, there are good options for kiosks.

Ponta d’Area

Ponta d'Areia beach in Sao Luis

Photo: MTour

The Ponta d’Areya beach is the closest to the center of Sao Luis, only 4 km away. Therefore, it is the most visited in the capital of Maranhao, despite the fact that it is not suitable for swimming. As a rule, locals and tourists look for it for sports and hiking. Here is the famous Espigao, a walkway that goes out to sea and offers one of the best views of the city, especially at sunset.

Praia do Meio

Praia do Meio is also one of the most visited places in the capital of Maranhao, especially during the high season. The reason is its excellent tourist structure and good sea conditions for swimming. It has a wide strip of golden and broken sand, covered with gravel in one part and in the other. With clear and clean waters, the sea is usually calm, but depending on the weather, there may be good waves.

Praia do Caolho

Like other beaches in Sao Luis, Caolho Beach has a good tourist infrastructure on and around the sand. There you can easily find kiosks and bars. In addition, the beach has a large area of ​​lost golden sand and several dunes surrounded by native vegetation. The sea is a bit rough, great for water sports like kite surfing. In addition, it is ideal for swimming.

love beach

Praia do Amor in Sao Luis

Photo: Disclosure

A little further from the city center, Praia do Amor is ideal for those who want more contact with nature and tranquility to enjoy the sea. And despite the distance, this is one of the best Sao Luis beaches to visit. Since it is located in a military zone, access is only allowed from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. There the sea is calm, and the strip of sand is vast and strewn with stones.

Praia da Guia

Praia da Guia

Photo: Disclosure

Praia da Guia is different from other Sao Luis beaches. In its surroundings you will see mangroves, reddish rocks and high dunes. In addition, its waters are more muddy, but great for swimming, especially at low tide, when it is possible to go out to sea to its natural reservoirs. In the left corner of the beach, the strip of sand is clean and has many stones, where natural pools also form at low tide.

Praia do Caura

Located in Sant José de Ribamar, Caura Beach has an incredible view. Its strip of sand is clean and has many dark rocks. There is a large red wall in its vicinity which makes the place even more beautiful. The sea has warm and clear water, great for swimming. In addition, its coast has an excellent tourist structure. Along its entire length there are rest houses, hotels, kiosks and restaurants.



Photo: Sophia de Omena/Wikimedia Commons

Also in San José de Ribamar, Panakquatira Beach is one of the best beaches to visit in Sao Luis and the region. As with the entire outskirts of the island, its strip of sand at low tide is very large due to the retreat of the sea. Therefore, it is great for hiking and sports. Its waters are calm and ideal for swimming. But that’s not all, there are several restaurants, kiosks and bars on the beach.

Mange Seko Beach

Located in Raposa, near San Luis, Mangue Seco Beach is a very peaceful place. It has a wide strip of sand and calm waters with few waves.

The territory also has a river and a trail through the mangroves. And at low tide, the waters of the sea and rivers form incredible natural pools. In addition, the beach has a structure with bars, restaurants and kiosks.

Kurupu Island

Kupuru Island

Photo: Disclosure

Even in Raposa you can take a boat trip to Kurupu Island. There you will find some of the best beaches in Sao Luis with natural pools, dunes, mangroves, a river and preserved vegetation. Therefore, it is ideal for those who seek contact with nature while traveling to the capital of Maranhao. However, when visiting it, take something to eat and drink with you, as there is no tourist structure on the territory.

island of fear

Beaches to visit in Sao Luis

Photo: Edmilson Pinheiro

To complete our list of beaches to visit in Sao Luis and the region, we couldn’t help but mention Ilha do Meda. Known for its natural pools formed at low tide, the island also has beaches ideal for those seeking tranquility. And it’s not just that. The island has caves, rocks, dunes, cliffs, mangroves and trails. Therefore, it is also a place for those who love adventure in contact with nature.

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