MTur announces selected routes in the 2nd edition of Rural Brazil Experiences – Portuguese (Brazil)

After a qualification phase, the Ministry of Tourism released this Friday (20.05) the final result of the selection of routes that will participate in the 2nd edition of the Experiences of Rural Brazil project. In total, seven routes will be covered at the initiative of the federal government, with the Ministries of Tourism and Agriculture, … Read more

How birdwatching has become an ally of environmental conservation in Brazil | biodiversity

if aves they are everywhere, have different colors and shapes, emit different sounds and have the enviable ability to fly. No wonder we humans feel so connected to the symbolism of beauty and freedom. Knowing no boundaries, birds participate in seed dispersal, pollination, and pest control. They are also messengers of the level of environmental … Read more

What you need to know to master portions, according to an expert

The portions of some of our favorite foods are getting bigger and bigger. According to a December 2021 study in the American Journal of Public, ultra-processed foods and drinks, including chocolate, french fries, fast food burgers, and soft drinks, are sold in sizes up to five times larger than when they were launched for the … Read more

6 recipes to make in the cold

Trying these hot recipes can be a great idea with this cold one Photo: Shutterstock / Alto Astral The cold has really come in the last few days, huh? And of course, with this climate and winter approaching, it’s the perfect time to make those hot recipes that help keep us warm. Savory or sweet, … Read more