Rule guaranteeing toy safety in Brazil becomes 30

Brazil was one of the first countries in the world to regulate toy safety. Thirty years ago, when the Brazilian market was experiencing a boom in imported products, the number of accidents involving children and toys aroused the need to create parameters that would provide greater safety for children’s products. For example, in 1992 the … Read more

Agência Brasil explains customer rights when exchanging products – 27-06-22 – News

Receiving a gift is not always synonymous with guaranteed satisfaction. The person who buys a product and it does not fit or has a defect has the right to exchange. The Consumer Defense Code determines in which situations replacement is possible. There are situations where the exchange is mandatory and in other cases it depends … Read more

The color wheel can be used when choosing a new hair color

Posted on 06/26/2022 08:00 (credit: Personal archive) Colored hair is the choice of the time for those who want to change their image and impose a personal style. However, the bleaching process often required to achieve the desired tone is aggressive with the strands. But it is possible to change pigmentation without resorting to the … Read more

Pet-friendly travel is growing in Brazil, but companies need to improve | Curiosities

Josh Rakower / Unsplash Knowing whether the desired destination offers options that are good for the animals is essential Overview Educators are increasingly looking for pet-friendly travel alternatives, which is directly reflected in the market There are many tourist cities that are already betting on the pet-friendly seal to attract tourists with pets. Before traveling, … Read more

Employee incentive trips help companies retain talent

The desire of Brazilians to travel has always been great, and the restrictions imposed by the pandemic have only increased this desire. According to a survey on the site Booking.com63% of Brazilians say travel is more important now than before the health crisis. Aware of this movement, some companies have begun to include incentive trips … Read more

Could the problem affect Brazil?

Europe is experiencing an acute problem with flights due to a shortage of personnel and strikes this summer on the continent. As a result, flights were canceled, and at one of the most critical moments, thousands of bags could not be returned to their owners at Heathrow Airport (London) precisely because of failures in the … Read more

Mayor and entrepreneurs focus on public-private partnerships to stimulate the sector

SÃO PAULO E CAMPINAS, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – Establishing public-private partnerships can be an alternative to improve destinations’ infrastructure, offer visitors more attractions and explore the potential of tourism in the state of São Paulo — along with its positive consequences for the economy. This is what the speakers evaluated during the first round of the … Read more

Eight types of escape

For several years now, the word “flight” has taken on a positive connotation, far removed from its original meaning of “surrender”, as militant rhetoric would like. Mediterranean SeaGabriele Salvatores’ Oscar-winning film over thirty years ago opens with a quote from the philosopher Henri Laborie (“At times like these, running away is the only way to … Read more


The Castelfranco Veneto (TV) studio, which won first place at the Design Oscar, among hundreds of European studios participating in the Art Catalogs category, won with the OMNE BEAUTY 2018-2020 project. The book, conceived as a box, contains, in addition to a text apparatus rich in contributions from teachers and experts, eight photo files with … Read more