The best blenders and food processors 2022

The best blenders and food processors 2022

While blenders are typically used for liquid-based recipes – think sauces, cashew creams, and soups – food processors are often used for anything from fruit puree to vegetable cubes. As someone who doesn’t have the best knife skills and even starts crying hysterically every time I cut an onion, I’ve found that a food processor … Read more

Worst restoration in art history

Worst restoration in art history

Loading the player Next to the altar of the Sanctuary of Mercy in Borja, a small town in northern Spain, is a twentieth-century fresco of little historical or artistic value that has become world famous in the last ten years. The work is called Ecce Homo, depicts half the length of Christ, measuring approximately 60 … Read more

Offer from some of the largest tour operators

Cover of PANROTAS Magazine 1.533 (read the full issue at the end of the news) BUT PANROTAS magazine this week brings Special Version Operators. Along with analytical content and interviews with experts on the sector’s scenario, travel agency relationships, trends and hottest destinations, this edition also features some of the best known operators in Brazil … Read more

Best Amazon Prime wholesale purchases 2022

Going to the supermarket every time I run out of toilet paper or laundry detergent is such a resistance. Don’t get me wrong, it usually means I can get some extra ice cream, but having to carry a large, bulky pack of TP or drive for 20 minutes just to get two things isn’t my … Read more

Summer exhibitions according to Artribune readers

We asked our readers for the exhibitions not to be missed in the summer of 2022: from Venice to Nuoro, passing through Trento and Riccione, here are the winners. From contemporary art to photography, from the history of the Serenissima to video games: Artribune readers did not spare themselves for a survey conducted on our … Read more

Samuel is in bad shape, Nordine leaves Sophie and Tristan takes a bullet – Tomorrow belongs to us August 19, 2022 (episode 1255) | tomorrow belongs to us

Discover the detailed summary of Tomorrow Belongs to Us in advance Season 5 of Episode 1255 broadcast on Friday, August 19, 2022 on TF1. Emma and Mylan arrested by the police. Victor gets mugged by his new car while Bart and Tristan have the Sponn’s car stolen…but things spiral out of control. The complete summary … Read more