Eight types of escape

For several years now, the word “flight” has taken on a positive connotation, far removed from its original meaning of “surrender”, as militant rhetoric would like. Mediterranean SeaGabriele Salvatores’ Oscar-winning film over thirty years ago opens with a quote from the philosopher Henri Laborie (“At times like these, running away is the only way to … Read more


The Castelfranco Veneto (TV) studio, which won first place at the Design Oscar, among hundreds of European studios participating in the Art Catalogs category, won with the OMNE BEAUTY 2018-2020 project. The book, conceived as a box, contains, in addition to a text apparatus rich in contributions from teachers and experts, eight photo files with … Read more

Mixed arts festival in the medieval village of Casertavecchia.

@pepperagozzino Lots of activities in the magnificent medieval village of Casertavecchia with theatre, performing arts, music, dance and more with some free activities and shows from 8 to 15 euros. The first FAME Mixed Arts Festival will take place in Casertavecchia until 10 July 2022. BUT meeting between different art forms, theatre, performing arts, … Read more

Black, gay and feminist. Wagner in the eyes of politicians

Music and politics: the theme is ancient and at the same time relevant. This kind of renunciation, requested from the Scaligerian master Gergiev by the Mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala no later than February of last year, is not exactly the last episode in chronological order and which, in hindsight, has much deeper roots. Surprisingly, … Read more

5 destinations to enjoy the best of Minas Gerais cuisine

Among so many incredible places to visit in Minas Gerais, we have selected some destinations where you can enjoy the best of Minas Gerais cuisine. It is almost impossible to think of Minas Gerais without remembering its delicious cuisine. Cheese bread, dulce de leche, cheese, coffee, and cachaça are among the main delicacies produced in … Read more